Can Strawberries And Roses Be Planted Together?

Can strawberries and roses be planted together? Strawberries and roses can be planted together however there are a couple of gardening rules you need to follow. These two plants prefer loamy soil and fertile ground, so they should do well planted together.

Growing roses in your garden have some benefits and strawberries are also known to be the most common fruit in many gardens.

Roses are also known to do well alongside many garden plants while strawberries are considered to be a bit picky. Companion planting is as old as farming itself and the purpose of companion planting is to give your plants the necessary tool needed to grow, increase yield and improve your garden’s health.

Planting strawberries with crops that can be of great benefit to it is often the ideal way to prevent pests that feeds on the strawberry fruit. Strawberries are also susceptible to many diseases hence it’s important to carefully select the plant to grow near it.

Both roses and strawberries are great plants to have in your garden. Planting compatible plants together is a gardening method that can be of benefit to your plants. So read on if you are planning to grow strawberries and roses together.

Companion Planting For Strawberries

Strawberries are easy plants to grow, but they are more prone to pests and diseases hence their companion plants have to be carefully selected.

If you want to increase strawberry yield then companion planting can help with this improvement. Learning about companion planting also means experimenting with different plants and finding ones that work for each other. Here are the most recommended companion plants for strawberries.

  • Thyme helps get rid of aphids
  • Borage adds traces of minerals to the soil
  • Marigold improves strawberry growth
  • Lupin fix nitrogen in the soil and looks great with strawberries
  • Garlic and onions aromatic smell repels pests
  • Spinach keeps weed down in your garden
  • Peas to fix the nitrogen in the soil.

While strawberries are happy with lots of plants, they are also some varieties you shouldn’t plant with strawberries. Below are companion plants that are going to stunt your strawberry growth.

  • Tomatoes can spread fungal diseases with strawberries and vice versa
  • Potatoes can stunt strawberry growth
  • Eggplants
  • Brassicas, such as cauliflower and cabbage will with strawberries for nutrients.
Growing strawberries

Companion Planting For Roses

Roses are a plant that is made to be companions to quite a lot of plants. Roses tend to look great with any plant, and it also helps suppress weed in the garden. When choosing companion plants for roses, ensure to choose ones that don’t compete aggressively. So, here are some of the best plants to grow with your roses.

  • Lavender makes a classic pair with roses
  • Marigold attracts pollinators
  • Parsley help deter unwanted insects
  • Sage prevents beetles and aphids from feeding on your roses
  • Foxgloves
  • Alliums
  • Garlic and chives
  • Lily
  • Oregano.

Just like every garden plant, there are some plants you can’t keep together with strawberries. Roses will grow with practically any plant but avoid planting them with crops that compete with other plants for nutrients.

Can Strawberries And Roses Be Planted Together?

A good companion is meant to encourage each other’s growth hence while strawberries and roses tend to look good together, the varieties have to be carefully selected. Strawberry plants make a reliable landscape in a rose bed and both tend to prefer the same soil requirement.

Many companion plants grow well with rose bushes and together with strawberries, it can bring benefits to a spring crop.

Strawberries and roses are great companion plants but planting them together might some garden setbacks as they prefer different soil pH. Getting the right pH level of any soil can be hard but keep in mind that large roses have deeper roots than common strawberries. Hence, you should ensure not to pick varieties that overwhelm each other.

To plant strawberry and rose together, test the soil pH to make sure it’s suitable for both plants. Roses and strawberries thrive in organic matter which should feature a slightly acidic pH of 5.5 to 6.5. A commercial soil test kit can be used to determine this.

Wrapping Up

Both strawberries and roses are going to do well together and planting together have many benefits.

These two plants act as round cover and roses will ensure your strawberries produce fruits all year long. Roses and strawberries can be planted in the same garden and these two also have similar companions that can be tucked in between them.

As long as it’s done properly, strawberries and roses will do great together.

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