Growing Strawberry In Fall (All You Should Know)

What month is best to plant strawberries? The ideal month to plant strawberries is often March or April, which is often after the threat of frost is past. Strawberries are perennial plants hence they are likely to come back year after year, however, they are susceptible to several diseases that can accumulate over time and cause them to wilt and die.

Strawberries are sturdy plants hence they are likely to survive the cold winter month, but this is not the case, and they tend to go through a period of dormancy in winter and only return in spring.

The nutritional benefits of strawberries are enough reason to have them planted in your home, and they tend to do well in hanging baskets and strawberry planters.

Understanding how strawberry plants grow and what season it thrives best is one of the easiest ways to ensure you harvest tasty juicy berries. There is no excuse not to grow strawberries as they can be grown practically anywhere from barrels, backyards, and even front lawns.

Picking your strawberries does have some of its benefits and while it’s never too late to plant strawberries in any season, understanding the best time to plant them goes a long way in increasing yield.

Helpful Guide For Planting Strawberries

The first stage to growing any crop is to understand how it likes to be planted. Strawberries are an excellent choice for beginners since they are a lot easier to plant compared to other types of berries.

There are ever-bearing strawberry varieties that will produce light crops in summer and a larger batch in early autumn.

While another variety produces only in summer. You can choose depending on the weather condition of your area.

To plant strawberries, you need rich nutrient soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.8. It should also be planted in areas where plants such as tomatoes, eggplants, pepper, or even strawberries themselves as been planted before. Keep in mind that to grow healthy berries, a steady even fertilizer, and a proper irrigation regimen are needed.

Watering is another important aspect of planting strawberries, they do have shallow roots, so you must keep moisture in at all times. Some zones will also need to protect strawberries during winter.

fresh strawberries

Growing Strawberry In Fall: Best Time To Plant Strawberries

The best time to plant your strawberries is often in spring or fall depending on your area.

Gardeners tend to plant various varieties of strawberries together which allows you to harvest at different times. Growing different varieties is likely to spread out throughout the harvest season if you want berries all year long. However, growing strawberries in the fall can also ensure strawberry fruits all year long.

If you plant strawberries in spring, they are likely to need more care than having them planted in the fall. But planting in the fall has its disadvantages as well, hence the best time to plant strawberries is early fall month when there is no threat of frost anymore. However, you can plant strawberries in the fall if you stay in zone 7 upwards.

Planting strawberries in the fall is a great idea and since strawberries are hardy perennials then waiting till spring before you plant can only delay your production. But if you stay in colder regions, then the recommended time to plant your strawberries is in spring.

Strawberries might be hardy perennials that can survive winter but planting them during fall in cold regions might not give the roots enough time to establish.

Winterizing Strawberry Plants

Protecting your strawberries during winter is essential. Winterizing happens to be a simple process of mulching, but it is important to time it and do a proper job of it as well. Apply mulch 6 to 8 inches deep to winterize your strawberries and when growth resumes in spring, remove the mulch.

Strawberries need to be winterized when they have entered dormancy and the cold can damage them.

Frost can easily damage your strawberries and since they are prone to lots of diseases, winterizing is the best way to keep them safe. Be careful not to apply too much mulch though as this might put the crown at risk.

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How late in the fall can you plant strawberries?

Fall strawberries can be planted as late as December month. Planting strawberries late in the fall can make sure your berries row faster and without any hurdles. Ensure you plan if you are planting in late fall but if you live in a cooler climate then plant in summer to give the root time to grow.

Final Thoughts

Your zone area and strawberry variety have a lot of roles to play when it comes to the best time to plant strawberries. Fall is the best time to start your strawberries and the only disadvantage to this is that plants are not usually available.

However, this isn’t much of an issue since nurseries dig strawberry plants in the spring, and they can be stored safely in refrigerators. These sturdy plants only need the best care in fall to keep them snug and warm all through.