Can Strawberries And Peppers Grow Together?

Can strawberries and peppers grow together? Strawberries and peppers do not make good neighbors hence they should be grown far from each other. Companion planting is meant to improve the health of your plants but planting strawberries with pepper will only attract more harmful pests to the garden.

Peppers need plenty of light to encourage growth just like strawberries, but just like strawberries, they are prone to pests that feed on them at night.

Planting pepper in your garden will ensure you have fresh pepper at hand every time your recipe requires it. However, you need to have pest control measures put in place to grow healthy peppers.

Growing fruits and vegetables together often requires considering certain growing requirements. To successfully grow any plants as companions from seed to parent, you need to take note of the harvesting period, purifying and storing.

Strawberries are prolific growers which need to be put into consideration when choosing their companion plant. Strawberries and peppers do well when taken from fruits into maturity but before planting these two together, there are things you should know.

Can Strawberries And Peppers Grow Together?

No, strawberries and peppers should not be planted together. Strawberries are prolific growers are also prone to certain diseases and pests, planting peppers close to it only makes things worst. Some infections can attack your peppers when planted too close to your strawberries, so it’s best to keep those two apart.

Companion planting means growing beneficial crops near each other to improve your crop, but studies show this will not be the case with strawberry and pepper.

Avoid planting strawberries with plants that are heavy feeders as this plant doesn’t like competitions. However, some studies claim that strawberries and peppers can be planted together provided you choose disease-resistant varieties. Knowing what disease is attacking your plant will also help determine what plant to grow with that as companions.

Peppers are best grown from seeds and thrive in soil pH of 6.2 and 7.0. Most importantly, the planting site for these two plants needs to be carefully selected.

In addition, strawberries should not be planted where peppers, eggplants, or tomatoes have been grown as these plants can harbor verticillium wilt which can be a serious disease to strawberries.

What can I plant next to peppers?

Can Strawberries And Peppers Grow Together?
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Pepper tends to be a great companion plant with many vegetables, and it may be an ideal plant for offering some plants shades. Planting suitable plants alongside peppers can also help repel some of the pests they are known to attract. Here are some of the best plants to grow near peppers.

  • Basil wards off insects, mosquitoes, thrips, and flies
  • Nasturtiums help repel squash bugs, beetles and squash bugs
  • French marigolds repel aphids and nematodes
  • Tomatoes
  • Chives
  • Petunias repel pests such as tomato horns and asparagus beetles
  • Spinach
  • Chard
  • Lettuce help maximizes garden space.

Can I plant different peppers together?

Planting different peppers together will not affect the taste of your peppers and thanks to bees and pollinators carrying pollen from one to the other, different varieties can maintain their taste. Many gardeners plant sweet and hot peppers together, and they will grow well without any complications or damages. Planting peppers with other types of peppers will still produce successful harvests.

What conditions do strawberries need to grow?

To harvest healthy tasty strawberry fruits, it needs a well-drained soil high in organic matter. Strawberries need full direct sunlight of at least 6 hours per day for the highest yield and ensure to keep them away from wet areas if you are planting in spring.

Can you plant tomatoes and strawberries together?

Tomatoes and strawberries are both common garden plants, but it’s best not to have these two planted together. You should avoid planting strawberries with any plants that can compete with them for nutrients such as broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, potatoes, mint, peppers, and tomatoes. However, with careful management, you can still have it planted in the same garden but not close together.
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Wrapping Up

Companion planting is often referred to as a garden magic method for increasing yield. While there is no scientific claim that strawberries and peppers can be planted together but gardeners over the years claim these two don’t do well together.

Peppers thrive in full sun and partial shade while strawberries thrive best in full sunlight and will only tolerate partial shades.

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