Does Dettol Kill Pinworm (Threadworm) Eggs?

Dettol is one of those highly assumed household cleaners that kill pinworm eggs on the surface but do they really work? While medications are readily available for getting rid of pinworm in the body, it is also important to find ways to kill it on pinworm eggs on the surface to avoid getting reinfected.

Pinworm eggs are believed to live on the surface for 2-3 weeks and touching that area again can lead to getting the worm inside your body. The pinworm eggs can survive both inside and outside the body which is why killing them completely is vital.

Most people who have pinworms do not show any symptoms but might eventually get itching around the anal area. Pinworms are annoying and happen to be the most common type of worm infection in children. The major cause of pinworm is inadequate hygiene and to get rid of it completely, you need to have your whole household clean and

Contaminated surfaces are the fastest place to get re-infected with pinworms as the eggs can be easily ingested. Pinworm infection is common in every part of the world and one of the ways to kill it is to keep your home and environment clean. Although it is not considered a serious disease, it can be annoying and spread fast.

Do pinworms go away on their own?

Pinworm eggs can be transferred from a surface to the person’s mouth thereby infecting them all over again, hence it won’t go on their own unless proper treatment is done.

Pinworms will not go on their own as immunity against them so not build-up, so it has to be treated either with medication or home remedies. This infection is typically treated with two doses of anti-parasite medication.

Does Dettol Kill Pinworm Eggs?

The pinworm infection is spread by the eggs, hence why getting rid of the eggs is just as important. Dettol can be an infective disinfectant for cleaning your surfaces of any bacteria and studies also claim that they can help remove pinworm eggs as well.

However, Dettol alone will not kill pinworm eggs, you will have to mix this disinfectant with hot water and spray on contaminated surfaces. To carefully remove pinworm eggs from hands and clothing in the house, clean your
fingertips with Dettol and cut them short as well.

Wash all the sheets and clothes in hot water with a little Dettol in it, and it can be used to scrub kits toys as well.

Dettol won’t provide you with a 100% pinworm egg-free household, but it comes in really handy in keeping your hands and surfaces disinfected. To get rid of pinworms completely, it is important your whole household gets treated and maintains healthier hygiene.

How do you know when pinworms are gone?

They can be easily seen in a person’s bowel motions, but this can disappear a week after treatment has been started. It takes approximately 72 hours for the medication to take effect and get rid of pinworms.

If there is no reinfection, pinworms should be gone completely in a week and have the entire household clean and bed sheets washed. When there are no signs of pinworm eggs or dead pinworms around then they are gone.

Does Dettol spray kill threadworm eggs?

Pinworms are also known as threadworms and it’s essential to have them cleaned from your surfaces.

Threadworms happen to be the name this worm infection is known as in the UK and if left untreated it can affect the pelvic organs. Dettol spray might not be as effective as using hot water with Clorox wipes but it can be used to kill threadworm eggs on surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom if used daily.

To get rid of threadworm eggs on your kid’s toys, wash them in Dettol wash liquid, and to avoid getting reinfected, regularly wash your hands with Dettol hand liquid wash.

Wrapping Up

To remove a large portion of pinworms from your home, you do need regular healthy hygiene. Taking your bath morning and night can help prevent the infection and reinfection as well.

Hot steam can also help kill basically everything. Pinworms are the type of parasites you want to avoid at all costs, while they might show no serious symptoms, they can be annoying, and you should talk to your doctor immediately there is any intense itching around the anal area.