Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Pinworm Eggs On Surfaces?

Does rubbing alcohol kill pinworm eggs? Rubbing alcohol has disinfectant properties so yes, it can be used to kill pinworm eggs outside your body but not on surfaces. But it is important to note that it is not as effective as soap and water.

Due to the small size of pinworm eggs, they are hard to detect which is why healthy personal hygiene is essential. To kill pinworms on surfaces, you do need a strong cleaner to kill the eggs and while bleaches are effective too, you need to have it diluted with hot water.

Pinworms are quite annoying, but the good news is that they can be treated with over-the-counter or prescription medication, however, you need to get rid of them on surfaces to prevent getting re-infected. Heat produces a 100% killer rate of pinworm eggs and some cleaners are effective as well.

Rubbing alcohol is meant specifically for bacteria treatment, and it is commonly used as a general household cleaner. It also has lots of potential uses in personal hygiene, but read on to find out if it can e used to kill pinworm eggs.

How To Kill Pinworm Eggs

After getting rid of pinworm in the body, you need to rid your outside and hoe surfaces of the eggs too. Pinworm eggs can live up to 2-3 weeks outside, and to prevent getting re-infected, it is vital to get rid of them. The easiest and fastest way to kill pinworm eggs is by using hot water with rag or Clorox wipes.

The goal is not just to get pinworms out of your body but also on your surfaces as well.

Does Vinegar Kill Pinworm Eggs?
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The easiest way to kill pinworm in the body is to treat it with a common medication known as albendazole (Albenza). The natural way to kill pinworms is using home remedies such as garlic, lemon, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, wormwood tea, and onions.

A daily bath is also essential if you want to kill pinworm eggs outside the body. Heat and ethylene acid has lots of effects on pinworm eggs. Furthermore, you should wash your bed sheets, towels, underwear, and washcloths in hot water to kill pinworm eggs.

Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Pinworm Eggs?

Yes, rubbing alcohol can kill pinworm eggs outside your body since it contains disinfectant properties, but it’s not effective on surfaces. To get rid of pinworm eggs on surfaces, it has to be with soap and water or hot water. Keep in mind that the surefire way to kill pinworms is through heat.

Rubbing alcohol has antimicrobial and disinfecting properties hence it can be used to wipe the infected anal region thereby killing the pinworms and preventing the recurrence of the infection too. Make sure you don’t have any reaction to it before using it on your skin though.

To effectively kill pinworm eggs, you will need to use steam. Pinworm eggs are irritating and if proper care is not taken, it can cause reinfection. While rubbing alcohol will slow it down on surfaces, you will need a stranger cleaner and hot water to kill it completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to get rid of pinworms?

Pinworms can be quite difficult to get rid of, but it is not impossible. Although pinworm infection can’t lead to any serious damage, it can be a distressing nuisance, but not to worry general treatment and personal hygiene should get rid of it in two weeks.

Can pinworms disappear by themselves?

Pinworms are not known to disappear by themselves unless treated. Pinworms rather will continue to increase unless you get rid of them in your body and household generally. People do not build immunity to them either so to get rid of them totally, they must be treated.

How do you know when pinworms are gone?

A strict hygiene measure is important if you want pinworm eggs completely gone. Pinworm infection can take within one week of treatment to disappear and signs of irritation or pinworm eggs are sure to be gone with it. Dead threadworm in one’s bowel movement is the effect of the medication, and it eventually stops when there is no infection anymore.

Wrapping Up

Pinworm eggs are discovered to survive up to 3 weeks on surfaces which is why you need to keep your house clean at all times.

Threadworms will not tolerate heat so while running alcohol will be a great disinfectant for killing the worms on your anal area, heat will be more ideal for killing their eggs’ surfaces.