Does Alcohol Kill Dust Mites? (GUIDE)

Are you having a dust mites situation in your home or office area, and you’re looking for a simple efficient solution? Do you have some alcohol or rubbing alcohol at home and wonder if that would do the trick? Well here’s a simple write guide on if alcohol can kill dust mites. 

Yes, Alcohol (ethanol-based or rubbing alcohol) can get rid of dust mites. Simply mix equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. Mist the mixture along affected areas or around the home to kill dust mites. Also, ensure the room is well ventilated until the alcohol evaporates. 

Remember to test the fabric beforehand for stain resistance by misting a tiny area with it. 

Sometimes we suffer from allergies, fall sick, or are simply uncomfortable when tackled with dust mites crisis around our household. Here’s a simple guide on how to use alcohol to kill dust mites and the advantages of using it.

FYI: They’re also effective for killing pinworm eggs at home.

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How To Use Alcohol (Ethanol Based) To Kill Dust Mites 

Dust mites are tiny-looking spiders that are found in hidden dark areas of places such as mattresses, curtains, carpets, furniture, beddings, etc. They feed on dead skin cells left from both human and pet shedding and are extremely tricky to fully eliminate. 

Dust mites infestation leads to several allergies (such as cough, itchy skin, runny nose, puffy eyes, etc.) and is simply a disturbance to the aura of your homes or office areas. That is why there is a need for thorough cleanliness and elimination of these disturbing mites. 

Dust mites can easily be killed by ethanol-based solutions or isopropyl alcohol, they are simply explained as alcohols we cannot consume, but are very effective for industrial, cosmetics, and household cleaning used.

Furthermore, let’s highlight how to thoroughly use ethanol-based alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to get rid of dust mites: 

  • Start with mixing equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle.
  • It is best to use a spray bottle for easy and effective misting of infected areas or surfaces.
  • Try a test run on the fabric or infested area beforehand for stain resistance by misting a tiny area with the solution.
  • Effectively and thoroughly mist all affected surfaces or dark areas, furniture, bedding, curtains, or upholstery until satisfied.
  • While doing this, make sure the room is well ventilated for the evaporation process of the alcohol.
  • You may decide to include this method into your cleaning routine on an occasional basis. 

Here are some advantageous reasons for using rubbing alcohol Or ethanol based solutions to kill dust mites;

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Pros Of Using Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) To Kill Dust Mites 

1. Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol is affordable and easily accessible.

2. It is organic and chemical-free, and safe to spray around living areas. However, it’s advisable to use nose and glove covering whilst spraying. 

3. Rubbing alcohol also possesses disinfectant and antibacterial qualities, helping you to sufficiently maintain a clean and healthy environment while handling the dust mites infestation.

4. It is safe for the environment, safe to be misted around the home,  and is home friendly, seeing as it is organic and chemical-free. 

5. Remember to keep the house ventilation as the alcohol evaporates to reduce the risks of suffocation. 

There are other recommended methods of eliminating a dust mites infestation around your home, they include simple tasks like;

1. Make a homemade mite spray by mixing two tablespoons of eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. Mix both oils into a dark spray bottle and add two cups of distilled water as a homemade antibacterial and anti-fungus method of killing dust mites. 

2. Using air purifiers is an effective way to cleanse your air, and remove Pericles if dust mites in the air while cleaning the affected area. 

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3. Thorough washing (on high heat), vacuuming, and steaming of your pet’s bedding or playing area, to simply get rid of the dust mite situation. Then sanitize the area afterward

4. It is best to repeat the same process for your stuffed toys, drapes and blinds, furniture, beddings, curtains, and any dark area. It is as advisable to clean afterward with rubbing alcohol. 

5. Lastly, reducing the humidity levels or lowering the temperature of your living area, is an effective way to reduce the spread of dust mites and eventually kill them. Investing in dehumidifiers or reducing the humidity of the affected area to below 50 percent, is an effective means. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lysol kill dust mites?

Lysol is a disinfectant that comes in various forms, which are used as cleaners, sprays, or wipes. Due to its potent ingredients, Lysol helps kill dust mites, but there is a need to clean up thoroughly afterward to remove dead mites and other wastes.

Does salt kill dust mites?

Yes, salt can kill dust mites. Experts recommend that you distribute a generous amount of salt, in the affected area. Salts would function as an acaricide to kill the mites.

Does ironing kill mites? 

Yes, due to the high temperature of iron, it would play a hand in killing dust mites. It is advised to iron beddings or clothes, after washing them on high heat to reduce dust mites.


Dust mites are tiny-looking spiders or similar to bed bugs, that feed on dead skin residue from humans and pets as well. They cause allergies, and sickness, and also leave off an unhealthy aura around your living area. 

Although they can be difficult to completely get rid of, dust mites can be killed by mixing equal parts of rubbing alcohol or ethanol-based alcohol solutions and water into a spray bottle and misting on the affected area.

Remember to clean up thoroughly afterward to remove dead mites and other wastes.