Does Lice Spray Kill Pinworm Eggs?

Do lice spray kill pinworm eggs? There are lice spray for hair which is meant to get rid of lice and unwanted pests in your hair and also nix lice spray for getting rid of lice in furniture, but there is no evidence that this can be used to kill pinworm eggs on surfaces

Pinworms are tiny parasitic worms that are also known as threadworms, and they can be treated with over-the-counter prescribed medication for the infection but not pinworm eggs. Pinworm eggs can be found anywhere, from your couch to countertops, remote controls, toilet seat, doorknobs, cell phones, and even in hairs.

There are lots of home products specifically for killing lice, but the same can be said for pinworm eggs. The pinworm eggs can survive both inside and outside the body, and they don’t always cause any symptoms, but you can notice them around the anal area.

You need to keep an unfriendly environment for pinworm eggs, they do like cool damp places, so you need to make sure the place is heated and run a humidifier if you can. So if you do have lice spray in the house, read more about it to know if they kill those annoying pinworm eggs or not.

How To Clean The House Of Pinworm Eggs

Immediately pinworm infestation is noticed, you need to think of ways to clean your house and get rid of them. Pinworm spread their eggs fast and will continue to cause worm infection as long as they are n the house. Pinworm infections are high contagious too but not to worry, regular clean hygiene can help get rid of them.

  • Shower each morning to remove the pinworm eggs from your body. The shower is much preferred to bathe as the pinworm eggs can flow into the bathwater causing reinfestation so best to shower and wash it all away at once
  • Wash your hands with soap and water regularly especially after using the bathroom or toilet
  • Clip your fingernails short to avoid pinworm eggs getting under them
  • Vacuum and wash the floor daily
  • Wash bedding, underwear, and clothing in warm or hot water and avoid shaking them before washing
  • Clean toilet seat and was surfaces every day with warm water and pinworm cleaner.

Does Lice Spray Kill Pinworm Eggs?

There is no study to show that lice spray can be used to kill pinworm eggs but since they are made for killing lice and pests then yes, they can be effective against pinworm eggs. If you do have pinworm eggs in your hair, while there are recommended shampoos that can get this out, lice spray for hair can also be used to get rid of them.

Pinworm eggs can survive anywhere for 2 to 3 weeks and to avoid reinfestation, you need to keep clean personal hygiene and sterilize common surfaces. Lice spray for furniture can also come in handy for killing pinworm eggs that hide in couches, countertops, doorknobs, and furniture generally.

How long does it take for pinworm eggs to hatch?

It can take pinworm eggs 1 to 2 months to hatch, but it can take longer for the adult gravid female. Although the pinworm infection can only be found in humans, pets can carry the eggs in their fur till it hatches. Once the female pinworm matures, it migrates to the colon and lay eggs around the anal region when their host sleeps at night.

In Conclusion

Pinworm is not the same as lice, but both can be quite annoying and can be found in kids and adults.

A common symptom of pinworms includes anal itching while lice are found in hair which means you are going to get a lot of itching n your hair. Lice spray is made to kill all kinds of pests, so you might as well try it on those annoying pinworm eggs.

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