Does Oregano Grow Back Every Year?

Oregano is a flowering plant that belongs to the mint family, and it is a woody perennial plant. This herb is not just of good use in the kitchen but happens to be a great antibacterial agent which is just one of its many benefits.

This herb is a great one to have in your culinary garden and its benefits are not limited to the kitchen alone, it is also a good companion to all vegetables as well. Oregano is a plant that can pretty much grow with little to no help from the gardener.

This pungent spicy herb was first used for antiseptic purposes and was chewed on to alleviate toothache, rheumatism, indigestion, and cough. It is really famous for a lot of things and in recent years, gardeners have it planted to attract beneficial insects and pollinators.

It also does a good job of repelling common garden pests like caterpillars, cabbage moths, and cucumber beetles.

Yes, oregano is a hardy perennial, and it does grow back every year. Oregano is quite an easy to plant and cultivate herb, it will regrow itself with no effort from you. This is one of the few herbs that can withstand snowstorms and continue to thrive and produce. So, it will grow back every year for more than two years.

While oregano is a perennial hardy plant and can withstand harsh conditions, it still requires certain care in winter. This plant is a really beneficial and beautiful perennial herb but just like every herb, it has certain requirements. Read on to learn more about oregano!

Oregano Planting Needs

The oregano plant is a very easy plant to grow but just like every other herb, it does have its plant needs and requirements.

There are also certain conditions the oregano plant needs to grow in and knowing this makes it easier to plant, grow and cultivate healthy oregano plants.

Below are the basic needs and information to know about the oregano perennial herb.

Botanical nameOriganum vulgare
OriginMeditteranean countries and western Asia
Plant TypePerennial herb
WateringModerate watering
LightFun sun
Spacing8 to 10 inches apart
HumidityAverage room humidity
Propagation StyleIndoor and Outdoor propagation
SoilLight well-drained soil
ToxicityToxic to pets

Does Oregano Grow Back Every Year?

ow long does oregano plant last?
Source: The Spruce

Oregano will definitely grow back every year, but it tends to thrive more in warm weather which means it is not going to tolerate harsh cold weather for too long. However, it does have the ability to withstand snowstorms and will keep growing during the season.

It is a perennial plant hence it will grow back every year for at least 2 years or more and the only thing it needs is to be watered regularly.

While this perennial plant is not as vulnerable as some herbs, it might not show any sign of life in winter, and you don’t have to water it at all during that. Oregano herb always grows back in spring so there is no reason to worry. but you might have to stimulate its growth by placing it in a place with full sun.

Note that oregano may not overwinter well in cold climates, but it tends to bounce back by spring, ensure not to prune it at the end of the year, so you do not damage or stunt its growth. You can get rid of all the dead branches when the plant regrows itself.

Can Oregano Survive Winter?

Oregano can survive winter in some zone but in zones with harsh cold weather, it is likely to go dormant.

Oregano can become well adapted to winter but the colder the weather, the higher the risk of oregano plants not surviving. In areas with frost, this herb tends to go dormant but comes back with new growth in spring without the need to revive it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do oregano plants spread?

Oregano spreads really fast, although they are not entirely invasive. It takes about a week for the seed to germinate, and it can spread about 18 inches or more in spring. You can always cut it back to about 1/3 of its size to make it look bushier.

How much sunlight does oregano need?

Oregano perennial herb loves the sun, but it will do well in partial shade as well. The flavor intensifies when it gets a full sun a day so ensure it gets adequate heat and sunlight during the day. This herb requires 6 to 8 hours of sun a day so when planting indoors, place it near the window or use plant light.

Does oregano grow well in pots?

Oregano grows well in pots and containers just like most perennial herbs. It just needs enough light and warmth if you are planting it indoors.

How long does oregano plant last?

Oregano has a long lifespan, it should keep growing back every year for 5 to 6 years. It is an easy to grow plant with little to no effort, one harvest is often done in the first year and two in the following year.

Wrapping Up

Oregano is a plant that is loved for its strong pungent taste hence why it’s popular in many vegetable and herb gardens.

This is a hardy plant that will surely come back every year for at least 2 years, the older it gets, the more delicious the leaves become but the potency is likely to reduce in 3 or 4 years.

You can grow oregano from cuttings or seeds, and you just have to let it do what it does best on its own which is to Grow!