How to Get Rid Of Frigidaire Oven Smell [2022 GUIDE]

Old or new, frigidaire ovens can sometimes have an odd smell that will get you wondering if there are ways to eliminate the smell. The odor from the oven can be alarming in most cases, especially when you just got it new.

The Frigidaire oven is known to be an excellent appliance in the kitchen, it is obviously a kitchen update as it works perfectly and brings out the inner culinary skills in you. However, the odd smell from this brand of the oven can be upsetting.

And the only thing on your mind at this point is to get rid of the smell, but before we discuss how to eliminate this issue, you should know the reasons why such odor can occur with a frigidaire oven.

In this article, we will be revealing the causes as well as the ways to put an end to the smell.

Can You Remove Bad Smell From Frigidaire Oven?

If your new frigidaire oven has an off smell about it, you might be wondering if it is possible to get rid of the smell from the oven for good reasons of course.

Fortunately, the upsetting smell from a frigidaire oven can be easily eliminated, most times, the smell can be eliminated with constant use of your frigidaire oven.

A lot of people have reported this issue with their frigidaire oven and even other ovens, so you shouldn’t be alarmed as to whether you just purchased a bad oven, as it is obviously a general error with this oven.

Why Does My Frigidaire Oven Smell Bad?

The awful or terrible smell from the frigidaire oven can not only be upsetting but can make one feel sick. It usually smells like burning plastic and can be strong enough to cause the eyes to sting. What causes the oven to have such a disturbing smell? Not to worry, you are about to find out.

It is very common for a new frigidaire oven to have this similar odor, so if yours is new and has a terrible smell about it, rest assured that it is very normal. The major reason why a new frigidaire oven usually smells bad is because of the protective oil coating used to provide the oven with high heat resistance.

Another reason why a new frigidaire oven will smell is also due to the first time exposure to heat to the insulation around the oven cavity. And most times, the smell eventually goes away after constant usage of the oven.

How To Get Rid Of Frigidaire Oven Smell

The smell from the frigidaire oven will gradually fade away with consistent use however not everyone would want to inhale it for too long. The great news is that there are quick ways you can eliminate the horrible smell from your frigidaire oven and they are as follows;

Run The Self Clean Cycle

The best and easy way to get rid of any kind of smell in the oven is by setting the oven to self-clean.

Some ovens do not have the self-clean feature but luckily the frigidaire oven has it. Although it is advised to use the feature for a maximum of 6 months, you are good to go if the frigidaire oven is new.

Also, the number of times you use the oven to cook determines how often you can use the feature.

Before you run a self-clean cycle it’s best to consult your oven manual to have good knowledge of how this should properly be carried out. That being said, the following are basic steps on how this should be done;

  1. Make sure to empty out the oven by taking out the oven racks, aluminum foil, and cookie sheet.
  2. Increase the ventilation fan in the kitchen and open all the windows in the kitchen to help reduce the heat or fumes.
  3. Ensure that the oven door is locked.
  4. Turn on the self-clean cycle on the control panel.
  5. Once done, allow the oven to cool to a safe level.
  6. Use a clean cloth and vinegar solution to clean out the interior of the oven to eliminate the ashy residues from the self-cleaning.

Final Thoughts

The bad smell from the frigidaire oven is a very common issue and it is really not about the model or the range. Most of the time, the smell is an indication of a new frigidaire oven and will fade out as you constantly use the oven.

However, there is no doubt that it will be very hard to keep up with this terrible smell, which causes you to search for quicker ways to get rid of the smell.

In this article, we recommend running a self-cleaning cycle on your oven as it is the major way to put an end to the bad smell. Also if your oven is not new but suddenly begins to smell like plastic, you should try and figure out if the wire insulation is burning.