[HOW TO FIX] Frigidaire Dishwasher Spray Arm Melted

Frigidaire dishwashers are like a perfect finish in every kitchen, there is a wide range of models that can fit into your budget. Manufacturers of frigidaire dishwashers made sure to provide a long list of options that would be suitable for all.

There is no doubt that when buying, you can get a little bit lost, but it is always worth the buy. All products are worth the purchase as they all have amazing and unique features that do the job excellently well.

However, you might experience a problem with your frigidaire dishwasher every once in a while, and one of the common issues is usually with the spray arm.

When the spray arm melts, you may wonder if there is an easy and quick fix. Before we look into how to fix this issue, let’s provide you with why this can happen.

Why Does Your Frigidaire Dishwasher Spray Arm Melt?

The spray arm is an essential part of a dishwasher, once there is something wrong with it, the functionality dishwasher is compromised. This is because the spray arm is responsible for washing the dishes clean.

There are a few reasons why your dishwasher spray arm would melt. And it is best to be aware of these reasons to prevent it from happening again.

1. Spray Arm Isn’t Fixed Right

One of the few reasons why your spray arm will melt is the fact that it is not correctly fixed in the pump. This would cause the spray arm to fall into the heating element, which eventually causes it to melt.

Also, if the spray arm is screwed too tight and can’t spin freely as it should, the chances of it coming in contact with the heating element increase. The wrong installation of the left spray arm will definitely cause issues like it melting, so it is best to fix it appropriately.

2. Water Or Spray Water Issues

When the dishwater doesn’t fill with water or spray water or isn’t adequately secured to water flow, it can cause the spray arm to heat up excessively and melt. Sometimes this has nothing to do with installation but the fact that the frigidaire dishwasher spray arm is worn out and needs to be changed.

Troubleshooting Frigidaire Dishwasher Spray Arm Issues

Fixing a melted frigidaire dishwasher spray arm isn’t a herculean task, as all models of frigidaire dishwasher don’t have complicated designs so it is quite easy to figure it how to fix the issue when it occurs. Now let’s get you started;

1. Remove The Spray Arm

This is actually not a tough job, with or without prior knowledge of how to fix appliances, you can do it yourself. All you will be needing is a screwdriver, the following are steps on how to get the job done;

  • Unplug the dishwasher from power; this is a safety measure to prevent you from getting electrocuted in the process.
  • Take out the top rack from the dishwasher to get easy access to the spray arm.
  • Pull out the lower spray arm by holding on to the center.
  • Locate the wash arm support as well as the trap assembly beneath the lower wash arm.
  • Turn the trap assembly to the right and pull it out of the dishwasher.
  • Make sure to separate the wash arm support from the trap assembly.

2. Replace The Spray Arm

Observe the spray arm well enough to see if it needs a replacement and if it does be ready to buy a new spray arm. The following is a guide on how to replace and fix the spray arm;

  • Make sure that the spray arm support sits properly on the trap assembly.
  • Place the unit in the position whereby the lever is facing downward.
  • Press it down and rotate it to the left till you hear a click sound.
  • Place the spray arm on the washer arm support and force it into place.
  • Spin the spray arm to be sure it moves freely without touching the heating element.
  • Return the dish rack back to its place.

Now that you have successfully changed your spray arm, your frigidaire dishwasher is set to wash your dishes squeaky clean. Connect the dishwasher back to power, and turn on the water supply.

In Closing

Every now and then people are faced with issues like a melted spray arm, especially with their frigidaire.

However, it is great news that fixing this issue can be easily fixed, and even ways to prevent it from reoccurring, by doing regular routine checks.

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