Miele Gas Stove Igniter Won’t Spark (Fixed)

Miele gas stove is one of the best kitchen companions for every home chef. It remains one of the sophisticated gas stoves, that has advanced over time. Miele gas stoves are built with quality products and are long-lasting.

It provides convenience as there are options for traditional mechanical control and intelligent electronic controls. However, a lot of homemakers are quite comfortable with gas stoves than the electronic kinds.

And it can be a kind of setback to try and turn on the heat on the gas stove and the igniter isn’t responding or sparking flames unlike other solutions like the solo stove.

There are several reasons why this can happen, and it is best to know the cause to fix this issue. However annoying it can be, it is great news that Miele gas stove issues are never so much of a big deal to troubleshoot and fix.

In this article, we will be highlighting the potential reason why your Miele gas stove igniter won’t spark as well as recommend ways this problem can be resolved. So let’s get started, shall we?

Potential Reasons Why Miele Gas Stove Igniter Won’t Spark

Figuring out the problem with your Miele gas stove is the first step to take as this will help solve the issue. The following are the reasons why the igniter won’t spark;

1. The Burner Is Clogged

A clogged burner is one of the common reasons why the gas stove ignition is not responding or sparking. The accumulation of food debris and grease over time can get the burner clogged and unable to light up. As we all know gas stove igniters and burners work hand in hand and when one gets dysfunctional, it affects both.

2. There Are No Gas Flow

Another thing to consider is if the gas line was closed and there is no free passage of gas into the stove. The igniter will definitely not spark due to this, you have to be sure there is a free flow of gas to the cooker.

3. No Connection To Power Supply

Some Miele gas stove needs electricity for the igniter to spark, however when the connection to electricity is lost or there is no power supply the igniter will be unable to do its job.

4. The Igniter Is Faulty

This is the ultimate cause of the igniter not working. When other issues mentioned don’t seem to be the problem. Try to be quite observant about the igniter, if it is sparking blue or orange flames then you have a faulty igniter in your hands that’s due for a change.

Quick Fixes For Miele Gas Stove Igniter Problems

Let’s now take you down the road of the simple ways you can get Miele gas stove igniter problems solved without breaking a sweat.

1. Clean Out The Burner

If you identified that you have a clogged burner the next thing to do is to get rid of those specks of dirt and clean out the burner. Here are necessary steps to take when cleaning your Miele gas stove burner;

  • For safety reasons make sure the gas is turned off and the burners are completely cool.
  • Carefully disassemble the burner cap from the gas stove.
  • Clean up the burner by gently washing and scrubbing it until you get rid of all the existing dirt.
  • Dry out the burner cap; make sure it is completely dried.
  • Properly fix the burner cap in its place.

2. Ensure Adequate Gas Supply

It is not rocket science, your igniter won’t spark if there is no gas supply. Once you have identified the issue with your Miele gas stove igniter has something to do with the gas flow or supply, the obvious thing to do is to

  • Open the gas line if it is closed.
  • Refill the tank if it is empty or below 5%

3. Change The Igniter

This should be your last resort after all the other fixes aren’t the solution. It’s best to change the faulty igniter and this should mostly be done by a professional.

Miele gas stoves are very sophisticated high-end gas stoves and replacing a faulty igniter must always be executed carefully and accurately.


It is not unusual to have issues like this, Miele gas stove may not ignite flames due to several reasons mentioned in this article.

However, this troubleshooting can be easily resolved by simply cleaning out dirt from the gas stove burner and ensuring that the stove is connected to electricity or gas supply.

But if the igniter isn’t still sparking flames, you should definitely get a new gas stove igniter, we recommend hiring a professional to help replace the old igniter with the new one.