Can You Use The Solo Stove On A Wooden Deck?

Your solo stove might be expensive but you will be amazed at how efficient it can be. Solo stoves are currently the ideal option for all kinds of bonfire nights and it’s not so surprising that any firewood log will work.

Solo stove lets you enjoy all your outdoor entertainment and it is more suitable for camping compared to a traditional fire pit. However, there are a couple of precautions you have to take when using the solo stove.

Solo stoves emit less heat than other types of fire pits but this is more reason you have to be careful with them. This bonfire is also very expensive however it is considered to be for very good reason, it is very durable and most come with a lifetime warranty as well. Solo stoves are designed for adventures.

Yes, you can use the solo stove on a wooden deck but you will have to use the solo stove stand or have a heat-resistant barrier placed underneath. Placing your solo stove on a wooden deck is possible but prolonged use without the solo stove stand can cause the heat to damage the deck. So, never place your solos stove directly on a wooden deck, it can weaken or potentially damage the deck.

One of the ways you can enjoy your solo stove is to have it placed in the right place that won’t have you worried about fire. The solo stove is so unlike other fire pits and while it’s quite amazing, you want to protect your deck from it as well.

Solo stoves are virtually smokeless so you can have all the fun of a fire pit without getting choked with smoke one question you might need an answer to is where to place your solos stove safely.

So, If you have a deck, let’s learn all about using a solo stove on a wooden deck and just how hot the stove can get.

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Is It Safe to Use The Solo Stove On A Wooden Deck?

The solo stove can be used on a wooden deck but that is if you are not planning to place it directly. Placing a solo stove directly on a wooden deck will only damage it hence you have to make use of a solo stove stand or place a fireproof mat under it but the solo stove stand is really necessary.

You should choose a solo stove that comes with a stand option and if your solo stove doesn’t, you should consider getting a model that is compatible with your stove.

You can also get a heat-resistant barrier such as a fireproof mat which can be placed underneath your solo stove and can stop the heat from causing any damage to your deck. Heat is the main concern associated with using a solos stove on a wooden deck so the solution to that is using your solos stove stand.

Solo stoves do not radiate as much intense heat as other models but prolonged use can still heat up enough to damage your wooden deck. Temperature from solos stoves can heat up to 1000 degrees and this type of heat can ruin your deck. This pit fire tends to spark as well so you have to find a way to protect your wooden deck, we recommend using a solo stove stand and a fireproof mat underneath as well.

Can You Use The Solo Stove On A Wooden Deck?
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Does Solo Stove Get Hot Outside?

Solo stoves might be smokeless but they get hot on the outside. Hence, why you can’t place it directly on a wooden deck.

The heat from solo stoves can help warm up your backyard and makes it ideal for a cozy night out with friends. This fire pit is designed as a metal box with a fire in it so it will get hot on the outside but it is not as intense as other fire pits.

It is highly recommended that you do not touch any part of the solo stove when it’s burning. This pit produces a lot of sparks though so you might want to get a fire pit spark screen to guard against it especially if there are kids around.

Should I Use A Stand Of Fire Pit Mat?

You can go ahead and use both the stand and fire pit mat.

The stand is however considered a much more suitable and vital option and this is because the stand is made of 304 stainless steel and is made to radiate heat residual from the fire pit which means you can worry less about the effect of the heat touching your deck or anything it’s placed on.

The only type of mat you can use under the solo stove is a fireproof one and in addition, some solos stoves come with a stand so you don’t have to worry about getting the mat. So, the stand is not just suitable but highly effective in preventing damage, stain, or scorch marks.

In Conclusion

Solo stands are designed for a reason and It’s to give an adequate amount of space from your solo stove and any delicate surface you placed it on. Hardwood and composite decks are the best type of deck you can place your solos stove on but this doesn’t mean you can skip the use of a solo stand either.

Safety precautions should be at the utmost no matter where you choose to place your solo stand and while the stand will ensure better airflow, they do act as a shield and help reduce the heat from the solo stove.