Can You Grill On A Vinyl Deck?

Investing in the looks of your backyard deck with lovely plants and a suitable deck material for hosting a barbecue afternoon or night out should top the list of your plans while you figure out fun activities you can organize in your home.

If you’re aware of the effectiveness of a vinyl deck and you’re planning to use it for your backyard decking where you have plans to grill, you should be asking the question “ can I grill on a vinyl deck?”

Yes, contrary to popular belief you can grill on a vinyl deck as long as the vinyl deck is not being exposed to too much heat. And to be completely safe, especially if you plan to grill on your vinyl deck often, use a protective heat shield underneath your grill.

It’s always important to make adequate findings before trying out a new flooring or decking material, in this case, we’re referring to a vinyl deck in your backyard.

Many people boast of how advantageous vinyl materials are for flooring and roofing, and all their claims can easily be proven to be right when you try them. But would the case be different when you grill on a vinyl deck?

Vinyl Decks Explained 

A Vinyl deck or decking is a type of flooring material that is made out of synthetic material known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or simply high-density plastic.

It is said to be the best material for flooring and roofing. It is waterproof and maintenance-free. They do not splinter like wood because they do not contain any organic material that could be easily damaged by water or other objects.

This vinyl decking also gives your home a look and feel of absolute luxury, despite being easy to maintain.

Grilling On Your Vinyl Deck

Cooking on your backyard deck or porch is always fun to do, and organizing a barbecue cookout is a great way to encourage bonding within the family or among family and friends.

If your backyard deck was made using vinyl decking, you must be familiar with the rumors about how grilling on a vinyl deck is a bad idea, and just like many others, you must be wondering if this is true. 

As long as you adhere to the necessary instructions to avoid a fire breakout ( which will only occur in rare incidences), you can enjoy cooking on your vinyl deck as much as you would like to. The Vinyl material is known to have a high chance of melting when it is exposed to high levels of heat, this is why people are convinced that it is not safe to grill on a vinyl deck.

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This still raises concern on whether it is truly safe to grill on a vinyl deck, it is important to note that grills are not low enough to be the cause of your vinyl deck’s exposure to heat that would be high enough to make it melt. Grills are reasonably elevated off the floor to prevent your vinyl deck from conducting an overwhelming amount of heat that would damage your deck. 

To ensure maximum safety precautions are being put in place while you grill on a vinyl deck, you can place heat shield tiles beneath your grill before you heat it.

Heat shields are crafted specially to serve as a protective base for objects they a placed on, they are guaranteed to prevent overheating when applied to a surface. Heat shields are effective for reflecting, absorbing, or dissipating heat such that the surface beneath it does not suffer any form of heat damage at the end of the day.

For this reason, a heat shield is your best bet at being completely safe from incurring damages on your vinyl deck while grilling.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does a vinyl deck last?

A vinyl deck can last for as long as 10 to 15 years as long as it is being managed properly, and it is low maintenance so it does not require too much attention to last as long as 10 – 15 years. In situations where your vinyl is high quality, was installed properly, and is being maintained correctly, it could even last as long as 20 – 30 years.

How much does a vinyl deck cost? 

The cost of a vinyl deck including materials and installation could cost between $450 – $840 depending on how many square feet of your home you need to cover with vinyl PVC. 

Can you put a grill on a vinyl deck?

Yes, you can place a grill on a vinyl deck without worrying about a fire hazard or the possibility of your vinyl deck melting from exposure to extreme heat. Make sure you place heat shield tiles between your grill and the vinyl deck and you’re good to go! 


Experiencing a barbecue cookout on a cool day on your backyard porch or deck should be something everybody gets to enjoy every now and then.

But before you decide to organize a bonding and fun activity such as a cookout in your backyard, there are a few things you might have to take into consideration and one of such things is your decking material.

For a hot minute, vinyl floors, roofs, and decks have been boasted of as one of the very best for every home and this has been proven to be true. However, vinyl decks are said to be unfit for grills because they can melt when exposed to extremely high heat. 

This should not dissuade you from grilling on your vinyl deck, as long as your grill is far enough from the deck that it does not contact too much heat and you use a heat shield to be extra secure, you can have a damage-free deck after you’re done grilling and you can repeat the process as many times as you would like.