Can I Use A Steam Mop on Lifeproof Flooring?

In a bid to make cleaning seamless and effortless, a steam mop was invented. This essential home tool which can be compared to a magic wand is one of the best innovations directed at home cleaning, as they possess an amazing work-rate with to clean fast and efficiently. 

Although, steam mops are brilliant innovation so is Lifeproof flooring, can you use them together? Can the steam mop do its magic on Lifeproof Flooring?

No, steam mops are not advised to be used on a Lifeproof flooring. The heat from the steam mop can damage the adhesive of the flooring.

About Lifeproof Flooring

Lifeproof flooring is a vinyl plank flooring brand, a composite product that comprises several layers, with each layer working together to create low-maintenance and water resistance flooring. 

The bottommost layer is made of PVC and the flexibility aids the firmness of the flooring. In recent years, flooring has grown largely in popularity for its usability both in homes and offices.

using a steam cleaner
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Caring For Your Lifeproof Flooring

Here are some tips for maintaining your LifeProof flooring.

1. Cleaning with Vinegar

Vinegar does an excellent job at cleaning Lifeproof flooring, maybe you also do not like those tacky stains on your floor, then cleaning your LifeProof floor with vinegar will do the trick. Note that this is a very cheap and safe process with an impressive result. 

The procedure is quite simple, mix a cup of vinegar and moderately warm water, get yourself a dry regular mop, and finally, mop the floor with the mixture of vinegar and water you prepared. It is very important to note that you have to be careful, the water must be moderately warm, to avoid damaging the floor.

2. Cleaning with Baking Soda

Since Lifeproof flooring does not respond positively to steam mop or even concentrated water, just like vinegar it is ideal to use baking soda, this solution has proved effective to remove the stains quickly. 

Below are simple steps to execute this process:

  • A mixture of baking soda with water
  • Mix in a way to create a paste-like solution
  • In care for your floor, use a soft rag to apply the paste-like solution to the stain
  • Rub the solution gently on the stained area until the stain disappears
  • Remove excess paste on the floor surface
  • Clean the area with a damp cloth to dry it

3. Use A Ph Neutral Floor Cleaner

A Ph-neutral cleaner is an ideal choice for daily cleaning surfaces that are lightly stained.

After removing dirt from the surface of the floor, you can apply a Ph-neutral floor cleaner to make sure it doesn’t cause any discoloration or damage. 

Avoid soaking the floor, the right application will be light and damp mopping, simply spray the solution and go over the flooring with light strokes using your regular mop. 

4. Wipe Spills Instantly 

You can only try, but you cannot avoid spilling stuff on your floors. But what will be ideal and normal to keep your floors looking sparkling is to make sure to wipe any spills as soon as it occurs. 

This act when mastered prevents stains from setting into the surface of the floor, hence preventing permanent stains which may instigate damage to the floor.  When this spill occurs, you want to simply clean it up with a soft clean cloth.

Protecting Your Lifeproof Flooring from Dirt

Here are some tricks to keep up your sleeves for this.

1. Regular cleaning

If you make it a habit of cleaning your flooring regularly, the dirt will not accumulate and you will be able to detect stains easily and regularly. Thereby, this will help you clean stains before they become permanent and difficult to clean.

2. Use of rugs and foot mats

This is advisable for situations when you have identified areas in your home to generate more traffic, these are areas where most activities are carried out. Ideally, putting a foot mat at the doorstep helps reduces scratches on the floor.

3. Use of furniture pads

Similar to the above point, the use of furniture pads can come in handy as they protect against scratches.


Lifeproof flooring is low-maintenance, water resistance flooring, with a PVC bottom layer that aids the firmness of the flooring. But this flooring beauty can be cleaned with a lot of stuff but not a steam mop. 

Steam mops generate heat that can damage the adhesive of the flooring. While steam mop cannot do the job, other cleaning agents can do it perfectly.

The mixture of vinegar with moderately warm water, baking soda, and a Ph-neutral cleaner can all be effective ways of cleaning a Lifeproof flooring.