What’s The Black Stuff Under Carpet Pad?

Having a clean well-structured environment is not only beautiful but ideal for your health as well. However, there are some parts of the house that are often ignored when it comes to cleaning and under the carpet pad is one of those places.

Floor carpets need to be cleaned regularly especially the area around and underneath them however, it’s not the main reason for black stuff discovered under the carpet pads, but cleaning regularly can ensure they are not there every week.

The black stuff under the carpet pad can be small rubber pieces or remnants of glue from the old carpet left behind or moisture build-up. If it is moisture build-up then you need to find the source of the leak and remove it. To get rid of the mold, turn over the carpet pad, and scrape the black stuff off.

Lots of people care for the surface of the carpet while ignoring the under and this can be the wrong way to look at things as lots of things can be going on under the pad.

The black stuff can sometimes be bonded to your pad and a house cleaner might be needed to get rid of it without damaging your carpet. If you have recently noticed black stuff under your carpet pad, this article discusses what it is and how to get rid of it.

using a steam cleaner
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What’s The Black Stuff Under Carpet Pad?

There are actually a couple of explanations for those black stuff under the carpet pad, but the common one is glue or rubber remnants left behind from your old carpet. Rubber residue from previous carpet padding eventually turns black but in some rare cases, it can be mold or mildew from moisture buildup.

Water stains occasionally can also appear black after the carpet has been shampooed. Another reason for the black stuff will be dust accumulation after a long period of time. If you raise the spot and there is a rubbery texture then it’s glue residue but if there is any unsettling smell then it’s probably mold.

Your carpet padding is needed for absorbing and retaining moisture which can also provide a favorable environment for mold to germinate hence the black stuff that appears there. Carpets can also attract grease and dirt easily which is another explanation for it, fortunately, it is a common issue that can be fixed quickly.

How to Clean The Black Stuff Under Carpet Pad

Padding is added to the carpet to offer convenience, and thickness and help retain moisture as well, but it is often neglected.

Black stuff under your carpet is one very vital reason to clean the pad regularly however if it has spread vastly then there is no use cleaning it, consider changing the carpet to a new one. But if the black stuff is stuff, there are ways you can remove it.

1. Clean With Mineral Spirits

If you try to scrub off the black stuff under your carpet without any softener then you are likely to damage it so the most preferred method of cleaning is to apply mineral spirit to it using a cloth. Then get a scrapper and scrape off the black spots gently.

You can also try removing it using a cloth before using the scrapper then there will be no need to use a scrapper but if the cloth doesn’t remove it then use a scrapper.

2. Scrape The Black Stuff Away

The common cause of black stuff under carpet padding is a result of glue residue from the previous carpet. So, if the black stuff is rubber residue then you can simply clean it using a scrapper. Simply get a good scraper and flip over the carpet and start scrapping off the black stuff, you have to be diligent while scrapping so as not to damage the floor painting.

3. Use Sand Paper

While scrapping is the highly recommended way to get rid of black stuff under the carpet but if it is vastly spread and can’t be removed easily, sanding will be a great way to get rid of it. Sanding is a great way to remove excess black stuff, and you will have to refinish the wood flooring after.

4. Hire A Professional Cleaner

Black stuff accumulating under your carpet will not only damage your carpet after a while, but it is also unhealthy and not so great for your health.

Removing glue residue underneath the carpet pad is simple but if the stain covers a wide range of your carpet, or it’s too difficult to handle then hire a professional floor cleaner.

Wrapping Up

Usually, the black stuff can be the residue from a previous carpet or the present carpet pad, this can be resolved by scrapping and disposing of the black stuff. However, if it is mold caused by a leak, find and fix the leak as soon as possible.

The process of removing black stuff under your carpet pad is not exactly a difficult one, but you can have it coming back in a week if the major cause is not eliminated. You need to have your carpet cleaned regularly and consider replacing it when it is worn.