Does Lysol Kill Mold? (What Disinfectants Kill Mold?)

It is no doubt that mold can be unsafe to have around and in your house. But how do you get rid of the mold? What do you do to keep your home mold free? Is Lysol even capable of killing mold? All these questions will be answered in this article.

Yes, Lysol can kill Mold. Lysol is a brand of disinfectant that makes a cleaning solution that contains hydrogen peroxide which is quite effective in battling mold and mildew. Lysol also contains strong germ-fighting chemicals like ethanol, isopropyl alcohol,  and potassium hydroxide. 

However, Lysol makes a mold and mildew remover, which also contains bleach, and this solution is meant to exterminate mold. Additionally, some products would be recommended in the article, that have great reviews on killing molds and mildew lingering around your home and surface areas

Here is an article guiding you on the cause of mold growth, how Lysol can be effective in killing mold, and recommended products that are great for killing molds. 

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What Causes of Mold Growth?

Mold can be found at home usually be found in bathrooms, kitchens, stores, plumbing spaces, and areas with poor ventilation.

When molds are present in large quantities, they can be hazardous to human health, possibly causing headaches, itchy eyes, chronic cough, rashes, nasal blockage, and respiratory complications.

It forms and spreads on surfaces of several types of moist/damp or decaying organic matter. Mold is in different colors, and is often associated to the cause of unwanted food spoilage or damage to property.

1. Moist and dampness

Moisture is the most common reason of all other reasons for the formation of mold. Mold will find it difficult to thrive without moisture because fungi that cause mold also grow efficiently in the presence of water. 

2. Perishable Foodstuffs

Perishable food has a limited shelf life which can be significantly shortened if not stored properly through the entire product life cycle. Hence why it’s advisable to store your perishable foodstuff in a good way. Remember that mold also needs food to survive and reproduce, but don’t let it reproduce or survive on your food.

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3. Bad Ventilation

Just like any other organism mold cannot live without oxygen, they need oxygen to survive and reproduce. Particularly, airflow is also part of the principal way of dispersing mold spores. This dispersal process does not involve large amounts of air to transport the spores. 

It’s impossible to remove oxygen from anywhere which makes almost anywhere vulnerable to mold infestation. A properly ventilated area will be a measure to prevent mold infestation.

4. High Humidity

If you live in an area where humidity is consistently high, you may have a problem with mold. This is only natural due to the high moisture content in the air. This type of mold infestation may occur in specific places in the house like on walls, ceilings, poorly ventilated closets, etc.

What Disinfectants Kill Mold?

Listed and discussed below are products that can help eliminate any bacteria, mold, and  mildew situation in your home and surface area; 

1. Lysol Mold & Mildew Blaster with Bleach Cleaning Spray 

Lysol Mold & Mildew Blaster w. Bleach, Bathroom Cleaner Spray, 28oz (Pack of 2)

This product has several great qualities; such as destroying stubborn mold and mildew stains, disinfecting and killing bacteria, molds, and bathroom viruses in your home. This product is very helpful in bleach-whitening surfaces and gives off a shiny look to your bathroom and surface area. It is also reusable and budget friendly. 

2. Clorox Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover

Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover Spray, 32 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2)

The above-mentioned product is great for killing about 99.9% of household mold and mildew, it is easy to use and doesn’t require scrubbing. This product delivers a powerful deep cleaning quality while being budget-friendly and eliminating stains right before your eyes. 

3. Mold Armor Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover 

Home Armor; Mold Armor Instant Mold & Mildew Stain Remover, 32 oz - Pack of 2

This is a powerful bleach-based formula, which is great for removing tough stains and stubborn mold and mildew stains around your home. Its appliance doesn’t leave any residue instead gives a shiny appearance to any applied surface. Simply spray on the mold, wait 5–10 minutes and rinse stains away. 

4. Star Brite Mold and Mildew Stain Remover and Cleaner

Home Armor; Mold Armor Instant Mold & Mildew Stain Remover, 32 oz - Pack of 2

This mildew stain remover helps to quickly remove unsightly mold and mildew stains from various surfaces around your living area. Although it is designed for touching marine environments, it can be used around the house but is not advisable to use on fabrics.

 Simply spray on the affected area, do not rinse until the mold disappears, it may require light scrubbing and the second application, and afterward, you rinse. 

How To Kill Mold With Lysol

Lysol Mold and Mildew Remover disinfectant kills and cleans mold before it spreads to another part of the room. Below are steps on how to use Lysol Mold and Mildew Remover to exterminate mold effectively:

  1. Spray the mold with Lysol spray, to soak the mold completely with the spray.
  2. Allow the cleaner to work on the black mold for about 10 minutes.
  3. Scrub with forceful pressure the black mold loosening all the mold.
  4. Rinse the area away from the mold and Lysol cleaner.
  5. Clean the portions of the mold that remain, spray again with the Lysol cleaner and scrub the stains until removed completely. 

Safety Precautions When Using Lysol To Kill Mold 

Lysol itself can cause eyes and skin irritation, and prolonged exposure is also harmful to the lungs.

When you want to apply Lysol, ventilate the room properly, or wear a respirator, it is advisable to wear protective gear like gloves to protect your skin from irritation, and goggles to make sure it does not get into your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you kill black mold with Lysol?

Lysol disinfectant can effectively kill a small to medium-sized black mold colony. However, when the black mold colony has grown to a large size, it is best to leave it to a professional. 

How long does it take for Lysol to kill mold?

Lysol can effectively kill about 99.99%  of all the bacteria and germs lingering around your home, including mold and mildew. The best way to kill molds with Lysol is by spraying the affected area until it’s soaked and letting it sit for up to 10 minutes. 

What kills mold better than bleach or Lysol?

Lysol disinfectant is one of the many household agents that can be used to clean mold, also bleach is another effective way to clean mold in your home. However, Lysol is a much safer cleaning agent to use, than bleach due to its harmful side effects. 

Is mold harmful?

Mold may cause sneezing, runny nose, headache, and skin rash, and can also instigate allergic reactions. The more exposure you have to mold, the more severe the symptoms are likely to be. 


Mold or Mildew can be found in homes usually in wet places like bathrooms, kitchens, stores, plumbing spaces, and areas with poor ventilation. Mold can trigger allergic reactions, and cause sneezing, runny nose, headache, and skin rash, just by Inhaling or touching it. 

Lysol Mold and Mildew Remover is effective in killing my mold as well as other high-quality products suggested in this article. 

Mold formation can also be prevented by putting certain measures in place, a properly ventilated room, and getting rid of moisture/water in the possible areas of the house can help prevent mold formation.