What’s The Crackling Noise Under The Carpet?

Crackling and crunchy sounds under the carpet can drive one crazy especially when you can’t figure out where the sounds are coming from.

We have to admit that cracking noise under the carpet can be very annoying, and luckily you can work right through it. Your weight can also be the one stressing your carpet, and you might not notice them during the night, however, do not get intimidated, it can be fixed.

There are many types of fiber used in the making of carpets but the most common ones are polyester, nylon, polypropylene, wool, and acrylic, and they are made in similar ways as sewing buttons to a shirt, so this is unlikely the reason for cracking sounds but can be linked to sagging of the material.

Professional cleaning of your carpet needs to be done every 12 to 8 months and this is to remove embedded dirt and grime while also making sure not to wash it too often and wear it out. This also mean maintenance is one of the first steps to avoiding issues with your carpet.

While maintenance is an important part of having a long-lasting carpet, it might not be the reason for the crackling sound. So, read on to understand what the crackling noise under your carpet is and how it can be fixed.

What’s The Crackling Noise Under The Carpet?

A crackling noise under the carpet that announces you with ear-splitting resonance can be because of leftover cleaning residue, high humidity, uncleaned spills, foot traffic, or a faulty vacuum.

However, if it’s a squeaky noise, it can be caused by gaps that happen between the subfloor and the floor joists. The crackling noise under the carpet can also be a result of the hard water used in cleaning.

Also, if your carpet squeaks only when you walk on it could definitely be that the subfloor has been detached from the frame and the trick will be to reattach it while making sure there is no damage done to your wall-to-wall carpet and also locate where the joists it.

Residue leftover from cleaning has been identified as the major cause of cracking noise under the carpet. The carpet might have taken too long to dry out completely and that can also come with some crunchy sound to indicate there is still residue left.

So, as the name crackling implies, it is a form of residue left under your carpet.

As stated earlier, it can be caused by cleaning residues that could have been from any cleaning method. Maintenance is important for your carpets and so also is the need to ensure there is no leftover residue.

How do You Fix Crackling Noise Under The Carpet?

If you are tired of hearing your carpet crackle every time you step on it? Or can hear every move that is made in the room above you? Fixing any kind of noise from carpets is relatively easy, although it might require you to take note of the exact kind of noise you are hearing.

If it is crackling from under the carpet, your carpet padding is where to check and cleaning should get rid of it.

1. Clean Carpet With Heavy Foot Traffic More Often

First, you have to locate the exact point where the crackling noise comes from.

However, If your house has heavy foot traffic then you should have your carpet cleaned regularly as that can be the reason for the crackling or crunchy noise. Regular maintenance will help extract dirt that can be trapped under while also keeping the fivers in the carpet from getting compressed.

To get foot traffic out of your carpet, wash with vinegar mixed with dishwashing liquid and baking soda. This mixture can help dissolve stains on top of the carpet as well and combining it with a powerful cleaner can remove tough carpet stains as well.

2. Remove Residues With Towel And Vacuum

Check out the padding under your carpet, it is likely to have not dried out completely after washing.

Your carpet might have extracted residues from the shampoo used in washing it, and eventually, it reacts with dust in the air and turns into sticky residue under the carpet. Since the sound is coming from under, check the carpet padding to clean and dry it thoroughly.

If it is dry, use a vacuum to remove any leftover residue and that should fix the crackling noise. But if it is still wet, blot out as much as possible shampoo from it with the towel, or you can put it out to dry.

3. Turn On Your Dehumidifier

If the crackling noise is a result of high humidity then the best way to fix this is to turn on the dehumidifier, it will help remove some of the moisture in your home. It will also help prevent mildew from forming under your carpet and keep the area dry and fresh. If mold is the cause of the crackling noise, remove all the affected areas.

4. Carpet Or Padding Is Old

Crackling or crunchy noise from your carpet can simply mean the carpet is old. The carpet age has to be put into consideration when you are planning to replace the padding although how long it lasts often depends on the quality, material, and room traffic.

Hence, consider if the carpet or padding is old and replace them, this is usually around 5 to 7 years.

There is a high chance of the carpet padding being made of rubber or urethane and that might have become old, dry out, or wet. Take a look at the carpet padding and see if is thinking or discolored, if there are any signs of torn, mold, or mildew, consider replacing it.

Final Thoughts

Crackling noise from under your carpet should not be ignored and this is because it can also be alerting you to small leaks in your appliances. Your dishwasher, water heater, or washing machine could be leaking which in turn could be causing moisture build-up under your carpet.

There are also high chances that your carpet padding needs to be replaced, so be sure to check it out properly and replace it if there are signs of wear, mold, or mildew.