Can You Cut A Steak in Half Before Grilling?

Different techniques for seasoning, marinating, and cutting a properly cooked steak have a large role in determining how tasty your steak will be. People often wonder if a steak can or should be sliced in half before grilling because cutting is such an important consideration.

Yes, a steak should be sliced in half before grilling for even flavoring, moisture retention, tenderized consistency, and a quicker cooking time.

We have provided vital information on why you should cut your steak in half before grilling. We have also included information on how to cut your steak perfectly, and recommendations for before, during, and after grilling.

Everything you need to know about steak cutting is right here.

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Can You Cut a Steak in Half Before Grilling?

Yes, you can cut a steak in half before grilling. You may be hesitant to cut your steak because you are concerned that it may lose its moisture. Your steak’s size impacts how flavorful and well-grilled it will be. These are the reasons why cutting your steak in half before grilling is a good idea:

1. Even Flavor

It is recommended that you cut your steaks into smaller pieces so that they are evenly flavored and cooked. Thick steaks require more time to marinate and grill evenly. In most cases, some areas of a thick steak may be tastier and tender than others.

can you cut a steak in half before grilling
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2. Moisture Retention

Most individuals make the mistake of cutting their steaks after they have finished cooking. After grilling, cutting your steak in half allows the liquids to escape, diminishing moisture and flavor. Allow the steak to rest for about 7 minutes before cutting it if you need to cut it after grilling.

3. Tenderized Consistency

Thick steaks are difficult to chew, but smaller steaks are easier to eat due to their tenderness. This is because cutting your steak in half, especially correctly, reduces the effect of the muscular fibers that make your steak tough.

4. Shorter Preparation

Thinner steaks take less time to prepare than thick steaks, which can take up to two hours to thoroughly cook. Thick steaks need a longer preparation time because every part needs to be properly marinated and grilled for a tasty experience.

How to Perfectly Cut Your Steak

When it comes to cutting your steak, there is a general strategy to follow to achieve the right cut. This method is known as “cutting against the grain.” The muscle fiber that runs across your steak is called the grain of the meat. Cutting the meat against the grain means cutting it in the opposite direction of the grain.

This is the ideal steak-cutting technique because it breaks up the muscle fibers in your steak, making it tender and quicker to grill.

What You Need to Know Before Grilling Your Steak

These tips would be needed before, during, and after grilling your steak.

  • When shopping for steak at the grocery store, choose a steak with the tag “ribs” or “strip”.
  • Buy the best meat available.
  • Never grill your steak immediately after taking it out of the freezer or refrigerator. Thaw the steak for at least 30 minutes before grilling it. This prevents the middle part from remaining cold after grilling.
  • Allow your grill to heat up before placing the steak on it.
  • Tenderize your steak by cooking it slowly and on low heat.
  • Avoid cutting your steak immediately after cooking it. Allow your steak to rest to allow the juices to soak in. This prevents the tasty moisture from spilling.
  • Wipe off your grill with a wire brush after each use. It aids in the sear of your steak and keeps it from burning. A dirty grill can also change the flavor of your meat and expose you to dangerous bacteria and toxins.
  • If you are on a diet, trim excess fat from your steak before grilling it. Steaks with more fat, on the other hand, are juicier than lean steaks.
  • Before grilling, oil both the grill grates and the steaks. This keeps your meat from drying out too quickly.
  • Tenderize your steak by cooking it slowly and on low heat.
  • Avoid flipping the steak too many times so that heat is equally distributed on all sides.
  • Flip with a tong rather than a fork.

Final Note 

Since you now know why it is important to cut your steak in half before grilling, it is also important to be skilled at perfectly cutting your steak.

Every tip we have provided would help you enjoy grilling a tasty steak.

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