Can You Use Steak To Make Stew?

Can you use steak to make stew? Steak is a meat generally sliced from the muscles and doesn’t need much seasoning to make it tasty and yes, it can be used to make stew. However, to use steak in a stew, it has to be perfectly cooked.

There are lots of techniques that can be used for tenderizing steak before using it in a stew.

Steak happens to be the most common type of meat and although many people enjoy it grilled, it can be pan-fried as well. Using meat in stew is perfect for creating many recipes and even with a dash of salt and pepper, steak still tends to taste good.

From soups to stews, meat has always been the perfect choice for lots of budget home cooking. Also, high-end restaurants serve high-quality meat in their stew and the perfect way they tenderize steak is to marinate it.

Meats used for stew mostly come from the large shoulder of a cow and it’s called a chuck.

Stew meat does have lots of recipes and various types of meats can be used in creating this. Steak is best enjoyed grilled but if you are looking to include this meat in your stew then read to understand how to cook the perfect stew-worthy steak.

Can You Use Steak To Make Stew?

Although there is no perfect meat for stew-like chuck meat steak is quite delicious as well and can be used for stew. Lots of people love steak for its juiciness and tender texture, most importantly, steak delivers a flavor that is satisfying than other types of meat.

Marinating steak on a board
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Marinating is the perfect way to tenderize your steak before cooking. Steak is not the easiest meat to prepare, but there are simple basic rules like not overcooking it that can help ensure it turns outright.

A well-cooked steak can definitely be used in making stew and all you have to do is make sure it is tender enough and not overcooked either.

The lower part of the caw is called chuck however both roast and steak can come from this area of them meat hence it can be used in making stew depending on the recipe.

How do you make stew meat tender?

Steak meat is a lot easier to cook than it sounds, although this is a tough part of beef hence it needs to be tenderized before cooking. There are lots of recipes for cooking steak stew how there are simple basics that can help cook juicy steak stew.

When making stew meat, it’s best to skip the lean part of the meats and go for the tougher cuts like steak. The long slow cook is needed to make break down the tough parts and make it chewy. For really tender stew meat, cook the stew slow and on low heat for approximately two hours.

5 Beef Stew Recipes

While you can go for the regular homemade stew beef, other homemade recipes taste better and are more fun to cook. Most beef meats need time to cook and mistakes like rushing the cooking process can leave you with tough chewy meat. However, here are 5 beef stew recipes worth trying at home.

1. Old Fashioned Beef Stew Recipe

Old fashioned beef stew
Source: Insanely Good Recipes

This is the perfect homemade recipe anyone can try and you don’t need to be a professional chef to make this. It’s a classic beef stew and you can make use of ribs for the meat or steak depending on your preference.

This recipe enables you to cook your meat to a juicy tender finish. It is a great beef stew to try on weekends and share with family and friends.

Get the full recipe here.

2. French Beef Stew

French Beef Stew
Source: TheDaring Gourmet

This is another easy homemade recipe that can help make the weekends with family an interesting one. This is a typical beef stew with carrots and potatoes added to make it the perfect comfort food. It does take time to make but worth it and the ideal meat for this is chuck that is well-marbled.

Get the full recipe here.

3. Beef Stew With Chocolate

Dark chocolate beef stew
Source: Willamette Living

With so many stew recipes out there, choosing one can be confusing but on days you need something simple yet classic, beef stew with chocolate is the perfect one to go for. This recipe includes basic stew ingredients like pepper and garlic.

Get the recipe here.

4. Irish Beef Stew

Irish beef stew
Source: Pinterest

Irish Beef stew is one beef recipe that has been around for a long time and it’s an ideal cold-weather stew. This provides you with a thick bowl of stew that can be enjoyed straight from the bowl or poured over a biscuit. It contains essential stew ingredients and some herbs.

Get the recipe here.

5. Classic Homemade Beef Stew

Classic homemade beef stew
Source: Healthy Fitness Recipe

The list of amazing beef stew recipes to try at home won’t be complete without the classic homemade beef stew recipe. While lots of people have their specific ways of making this dish, here is a simple and better one.

This recipe is suitable comfort food and doesn’t take that much time to prepare either. It can be easily made in an instant pot, stovetop, oven, and slow cooker.

Get the recipe here.

What is so good about steak?

Steak is not just juicy meat that goes well with any recipe but it is also an excellent source of protein.

Steak contains protein that is important for every cell in your body and the tender juicy flavor is a combination that equals no other meat part.

Final Thoughts

People love steak for the crispy tender taste they get from it. Steak is a versatile meat and although many enjoy it grilled, there are so many recipes it can be included as well.

Classic steak stew is a dish that can’t go out of style and make sure to have adequate liquid in the pot to ensure the best texture and flavor.