Do I Need To Defrost Steak Before Cooking?

Do I need to defrost steak before cooking? Defrosting steak tends to take a very long time which is why most people go to cooking it directly. So, you can a frozen steak without thawing it first but keep in mind that it is going to take twice the time it takes to defrost it before cooking.

There are tons of ways steaks can be cooked and enjoyed, but the process of thawing frozen steak can be a bit discouraging. There are a few common mistakes people make before cooking frozen steak and will only lead to an additional cooking time for the steak.

Cooking the perfect steak is not impossible however everyone has their methods as well. The no-thaw frozen steak method is ideal for days when you are too lazy to defrost first or there’s simply not time for that.

Steak is that type of meat that requires careful cooking and a slightly different method from cooking chicken. Not surprisingly though which is also why many can’t help but ask if you need to defrost steak before cooking. Read on for tips on how to cook frozen steak.

Do I Need To Defrost Steak Before Cooking?

You don’t need to defrost your steak before cooking although this has a different method of cooking, it does turn out just as amazing as defrosting ones would and research even claims it tastes better. Frozen steaks will take longer to cook finish in the oven which is not surprising but this will result in a juicier piece of meat.

Grilling your steak without defrosting also protects it from overcooking and cooking frozen steak fares better than thawed steak. The extra moisture from frozen steak also helps the interior temperature rise and it cooks slowly.

Furthermore, frozen stead won’t have the dreaded gray band and rather you get a uniform pink interior.

Tips For Cooking Frozen Steak

There are simple and easy ways to thaw steak and not ruin it however another easy method requires you to cook it without defrosting. Frozen steak tends to retain more moisture when cooking.

So, if you have forgotten to bring out the steak the night before then here are simple tips that can guide you in cooking frozen steak.

  • Cook only thick frozen steak cuts, thinner ones like skirt or flank can easily become overcooked
  • You may not be used to the timing of cooking frozen steak so ensure to monitor the temperature
  • The skillet should be large as frozen steak will splatter more than thawed steak
  • Remove the steak to a wire rack in a rimmed baking sheet, this is to enable hot air to circulate around the steak.

How do you fry a frozen steak?

To fry your frozen steak requires more care to ensure it is fried evenly. First, pour some oil into your skillet to preheat it, it should be at least 1/8 inches deep. You need that much oil to deep fry it and counteract the chill from the frozen steak too. Fry for 90 seconds turning it once until all sides are deep brown and crispy crust.

Final Thoughts

While defrosting steak has always been the first step you need to take before cooking, it can be skipped with the right cooking technique. Not only can you cook steak without defrosting it but it tastes better as well.

However, to prevent excess splattering when cooking, leave it uncovered overnight. The fastest way to cook a frozen steak is to grill it.