Can You Marinate Chicken And Beef Together?

Can you marinate chicken and beef together? Beef and chicken happen to be the most common meats often marinated, so yes you can marinate both together. However, you have to ensure to cook both thoroughly and ensure to marinate it in the fridge and not on the counter.

A marinade is a mixture for smoking meat especially beef and has recently been used to create all kinds of tasty chicken recipes. Marinating is the faster way to impact flavor in your dish and various kinds of ingredients can be used in making a marinade.

However, before marinating any meat together, you need to understand if they are healthy together or not due to concerns about salmonella or other kinds of bacteria.

The process of marinating chicken is the same as beef and other poultry meat but might require a different amount of time for the marinade to take effect.

A marinade is a perfect way to keep your meat moist and while they are store-bought marinades, you can create your own recipe at home as well. Chicken and beef particularly taste better when marinated, so read on to know if these two types of meat can be marinated together.

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The Makings Of A Marinade

A marinade is pretty much simple than it sounded. There are two ways marinades can be prepared which include the acidic marinade and the non-acidic marinade. You can decide to keep the marinade simple and you can decide to go overboard with the ingredients.

The basic marinade includes three essential components which are acid (wine, fruit juice, or vinegar), flavoring agent (spices, ginger, or herbs), and oil (sesame or olive oil). However, you can create our own signature marinade with any acid, oil and, flavoring agent of your choice.

Marinating is meant to add flavor and tenderize your meat hence it has to be made with ingredients that do just that.

In addition, you don’t need many ingredients to create a marinade that will impact flavor in your meat however ensure to go with the basic rule of choosing one each from the three essential components.

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Can You Marinate Chicken And Beef Together?

The simple answer is yes, you can marinate chicken and beef together. There is no harm in marinating chicken and beef together, but due to the fear of salmonella, which is a common cause of foodborne illness, you should only marinate them together in the fridge and cook thoroughly.

While chicken and beef can be marinated together, keep in mind that both require different seasoning and chicken also takes longer to marinate. Hence, it might be best to marinate them separately.

While marinating chicken and beef is considered safe, you need to keep in mind that improper cross-contamination can lead to food poisoning which is why you need to cook it thoroughly to avoid spoiling. In addition, you should avoid marinating chicken and beef together longer than 6 hours.

Can you marinate chicken with other meats?

While many claims there is no harm in marinating chicken with other meats but it all depends on some basic rules like what type of meat and how long you plan to keep them together. Chicken and beef can be marinated for 2 to 4 hours and not turn mushy. But fish and other kinds of seafood only need 15 minutes to absorb so they can’t be marinated with chicken.

Can you mix raw chicken and beef together?

Raw chicken and beef are totally safe to be marinated together since they will be cooked thoroughly before being consumed. But, you need to be extremely careful and grill at extremely high temperatures to get rid of any foodborne bacteria.

How long can I marinate steak and chicken?

Steak mild and bland flavor tend to go really well with that of chicken but the recommended amount of time to marinate them together is 2 hours. You can marinate both together in the refrigerator for 24 hours but anything more can lead to getting a really bold flavor or turn the meat mushy too.

Can I use steak and chop marinade on chicken?

The steak and chop marinade has a bold exciting taste and yes it can be used on your chicken. This marinade provides you with an enjoyable restaurant taste and it can be used on beef, chicken, and ribs. It contains a blend of pepper, mustard, garlic, and a splash of lemon juice.

Final Thoughts

Chicken and beef are not exactly different and not only can you safely marinate them together but can be grilled together as well.

Chicken and beef are both popular dinner weeknights meat so marinating them together is quite understandable. Simply avoid putting in too much seasoning and discard the marinade after cooking the meats.