Will Sidewalk Chalk Wash Off Wood Deck?

Sidewalk chalk does capture the texture and color of a wood deck hence you can find yourself writing with it. Kids really do enjoy playing with sidewalk chalk as well and we have to admit they look colorful and go so well with wood decks however many homeowners wonder if it will wash out before painting on a wood deck with it.

While you can’t often stop your kids from playing with sidewalk chalk, you can find out a way to wash it off the wood deck in the article.

There is a difference between regular chalk and sidewalk chalk. Sidewalk chalk is often used outdoors while chalkboard is often used in instructional settings and can be removed with a special eraser. Sidewalk chalk is made from the mineral gypsum and comes in multiple colors.

Quick answer: Yes, sidewalk chalk will wash off the wood deck but store-bought ones tend to last a while. You need to brush and rinse much of the stain from the sidewalk chalk from the wood deck out. Sidewalk chalk comes in bold crayon colors but luckily it is easy to wash off and there are also washable ones so you don’t have to worry about your kids coloring your deck with them.

There are specific brands that are recommended cleaners for removing chalk however this might not be ideal for wood as it can wash off the paint. However, it has been discovered that side chalk is lethal on hardwood and might not come out.

What Is Sidewalk Chalk Made Of?

Sidewalk chalk is used outdoors which is why it is made with a combination of calcium carbonate, iron, phosphorus, alumina, sulfur, manganese, copper, titanium, gypsum, sodium oxide, silica, alumina, arsenic, strontium, fluorine, sodium oxide.

Calcium carbonate is the main ingredient in sidewalk chalk which is a form of limestone.

Will Sidewalk Chalk Wash Off Wood Deck?

Will Sidewalk Chalk Wash Off Wood Deck?
Image: Tercea

There are basically different types of colorful sidewalk chalk and kids love playing with them but luckily you can get rid of them by simply washing them with water and soap. The old-fashioned way to remove side chalk from a deck is to scrub with diluted detergent and water.

Since Sidewalks chalks are made to be used outdoors so they can easily be washed away with water.

If your wood deck gets occasional hosing or drenched in the rain, it will surely wash sidewalk chalk away.

The call may stay pretty for about 10 minutes and then come off but it happens to be lethal on the hardwood floors and carpeting, you will need warm water and detergent to wash it off or a vinegar solution.

What Surfaces Can You Use Sidewalk Chalk On?

If you are looking to make any outdoor product resistant to scratch, you should consider using sidewalk chalk.

It can be used on surfaces like wood, concrete, glass, metal, drywall, and other outdoor furniture material.

Sidewalk chalk is designed to be used on sidewalks and driveways but it does contain colorant and can easily stain household surfaces or even clothes.

Wrapping Up

The colors of sidewalk chalk are really beautiful so you can enjoy using them to draw things on your wooden deck.

Although you should avoid using it on any recently poured sidewalks, driveways, or concrete patios. Sidewalk chalks are typically made for writing on concrete patios and wood decks but it eventually washes off.