[HOW TO FIX] Microwave Light Won’t Turn Off

When the light is on in the microwave, it usually indicates that the microwave is working. However, it will be quite strange if you are not putting the microwave to work but the light somehow still stays on regardless.

There is no doubt that it may cause you to assume that there is something wrong with your microwave. As we all know the microwave light is as important as every other part of the microwave, it turns on when the door is opened or when the microwave is heating a meal.

But when it refuses to go off even when the is closed and it is not cooking any food or working, you will be forced to wonder what is the cause and how can you fix the issue. One thing for sure is this problem can be easily fixed and the best way to find an effective solution is by figuring out the cause of the problem.

This article is not only providing you with ways you can turn off the light in your microwave, but you’ll also find out the possible reasons why this can happen to help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Reasons Why Your Microwave Light Won’t Turn Off

For several reasons, your microwave light might refuse to turn off. In some cases, this is not a problem or a malfunction as some microwaves are manufactured to have double lights.

One of these lights turns on when the door is opened or the microwave is in use while the other one automatically comes on when the kitchen is dark.

You will need to examine the users’ guide to be sure if your microwave has this function. If it does, you should know that you do not have control over turning this light off or on. And if your microwave doesn’t have this amazing feature, the following are the possible reasons why the light won’t go off;

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1. The Door Is Not Properly Closed

The first thing to cross-check is the microwave door, as we all know, the obvious reason why the microwave door would come on is when the door is opened. And it would remain on as long as the door is even slightly opened.

Pro Tip: Get rid of any obstacle that may be causing the door not to latch properly and ensure that there’s that click sound that indicates that the door is fully closed.

2. Faulty Control Board

The control board is like the brain box of your microwave, as it is responsible for sending out signals to the microwave. And when there is even the slightest issue with it, it will begin to manifest its malfunctions in different ways.

Most of the time, the microwave buttons do not function as a result of this, but also the microwave lights too can be affected as certain signals remain undelivered by the control board of the microwave.

3. A Button Is Stuck

If you are sure that your microwave control board is not faulty and that the door is properly closed then another thing to have a look at is the control panel. A stuck bottom in the control panel can cause the lights in the microwave to remain on.

With the buttons stuck a signal is continuously being sent to the control board which in return assumed that the microwave is in use and gives signals to the lights to stay on.

Troubleshooting Microwave Lights Not Turning Off

The microwave lights are quite sensitive, and they come on only when it is heating or cooking a meal or when the door is left open. When the lights refuse to go off, then this indicates that there is a problem.

The following is how to fix this issue;

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1. Clean Out The Door Latch

On occasions when you notice some food residue around the door latch. Make sure to get every single piece of food out of the microwave and around the door latch. If doesn’t solve the problem, the internal component of the door latch may be faulty, you should consider calling a repairman.

2. Fix The Control Board

Once the control board is faulty, it is best to change it to a new one. If you are quite experienced in fixing kitchen appliances, you’ll be needing a screwdriver.

Go through the user’s manual to locate the position of the control board of your microwave, most times the control board is located just behind the keypad.

Once you have unscrewed the exterior part, if you notice any fault with the control board you should probably change it.


Every once in a while it is common to experience one or two issues with your microwave. Most of the time the issue is usually with the control board. However, a faulty door latch can also be the cause of your microwave refusing to turn off.

We advise that you make sure the door is properly closed and that there is no food residue around the door latch. If this doesn’t solve the problem, we strongly recommend putting a call through to a professional or a repairman.

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