Can You Microwave Progresso Soup?

For the love of Progresso soup, it is common to wonder if one can microwave this deliciously good meal. Progresso soup comes in different recipes and flavors, there are about eighty-nine Progresso soups and each is very unique, rich, and hearty.

This meal is a convenient food, it provides the warmth and comfort that is required after a busy and long day. Progresso soup is one of the quickest dinner options as it is precooked and ready to serve at all times.

All you have to do is reheat it to enhance and incorporate all the flavor as well as make the soup as delicious as ever.

On that note, microwaving meals has been the order of the day, a lot of people would prefer popping their Progresso soup in the microwave to enjoy the intense and comforting flavors but is it a good idea? Can you microwave Progresso soup?

In this article, we will provide all the information regarding whether Progresso soup can go in the microwave as well as if it is safe to do so.

Can You Microwave Progresso Soup?

Heating up Progresso soup is quite important as the flavors are pretty much more intense when it is heated. However, what comes to mind most times when considering heating up Progresso soup is if it can be done in the microwave.

Short answer: Yes, you can microwave Progresso soup as microwaving this meal is highly recommended and still remains the best way to reheat or warm up your Progresso soup.

That being said, Progresso soup should always be transferred from its can to a microwave-safe dish for proper reheating. This will ensure that any potential risk is avoided. Microwaving Progresso soup unlocks all the aroma, and flavor of your meal, it also is the quickest and easiest heating method for this delicacy.

If are very passionate about Progresso soup and don’t wish to go through the trouble of heating it up on the stovetop, rest assured that you can microwave and enjoy your meal all the same. It is possible that some flavor and nutrients can leech out in the process of cooking Progresso soup on the stovetop.

However, the microwave heats up this meal evenly and perfectly whilst still retaining the taste and nutrients as much as possible. So do not be surprised when microwaving Progresso soup is highly recommended and referred to as the best heating method for your canned soup.

Is It Safe To Microwave Progresso Soup In Its Can?

Microwaving Progresso soup in its can is not ideal. While it may not exactly cause the can to explode in the microwave, it can affect the taste of the Progresso soup.

The Progresso soup can is made of metal and it is common knowledge that metals are not supposed to go in the microwave.

This is because the electromagnetic waves from the microwave can cause the metal to overheat which in return can potentially cause damage to the microwave. Another reason not to microwave Progresso soup in its can is that the metal doesn’t circulate enough heat to the food, so the Can just heat up but the food doesn’t.

How Long Should Progresso Soup Heat Up In The Microwave?

How long you leave your Progresso soup in the microwave depends on the soup recipe, the direction on the package as well as how hot you want it to be. If your Progresso soup is cream based, it may require a longer time in the microwave.

As a general rule of thumb, Progresso soup should take about 4-5 minutes in the microwave. If the soup was stored in the fridge or freezer it will definitely need a lot more time to reheat.

Once the Progresso soup has reached your preferred temperature, you can safely bring it out of the microwave.

Guidelines On How To Heat Up Progresso Soup In The Microwave

The following are easy guidelines on how to properly heat up your Progresso soup using the microwave method;

1. Transfer Soup Into A Microwave-Safe Dish

It is best to transfer your Progresso soup to a microwave-safe plate, to ensure that the meal is properly heated up. You must know that microwaving Progresso soup in its can potentially damage the microwave.

2. Place The Dish In The Microwave

After ensuring that the dish is microwave safe, you can now safely place it in the microwave to heat up.

Pro Tip: You might want to cover the dish with a saran wrap or a lid to ensure that the heat stays within the dish and also to avoid splatters.

3. Turn On The Heat

It is okay to heat up Progresso soup for about 3-5 minutes to help bring the flavors back to life. However, you can leave the soup in the microwave for as long as you’d like it hot. Make sure to stir the Progresso soup constantly.

4. Remove The Dish

Once the meal is hot enough, you should carefully bring it out of the microwave and leave it to cool at room temperature for 2 minutes and enjoy your Progresso soup.


The best and quickest way to heat up Progresso soup is in the microwave, as this heating method helps retain the flavor and nutrients of the soup.

However, microwaving Progresso soup in its can is not ideal or safe as it can potentially cause damage to the microwave or worse spark up a fire.

You can heat up Progresso soup for about 3-5 minutes but if your soup requires a longer heating time, you should leave it in the microwave longer.