Gram Flour vs Chickpea Flour: Which One Is Better?

Gram flour and chickpea flour have always been used interchangeably however research claims these two are not the same but are practically made the same way. Gram flour is a staple in many Indian dishes and the same can be said about chickpea flour.

Gram flour is also known as besan and has been called chickpea flour for years too. There are lots of flour out there however not all contain essential nutrients like gram flour.

Chickpea flour has no exact origin and it can be said to just become popular in US.

This flour is made from grounded white chickpea which is known as garbanzo beans and while the same can be said of gram flour, there is still some confusion on if these two are the same or not.

Gram Flour And Chickpea Explained

Chickpea and gram flour are made from the same chickpea bean which is called garbanzo bean flour or benso. Both gram flour and chickpea are made from chickpea beans, although different types of chickpea, it can be said that they have the same nutritional value.

Gram flour and chickpea flour are the same types of flour, although India gram flour is not the same as their chickpea flour. The gram flour is made from brown chickpeas while chickpea flour is made from while chickpeas. Hence, that can be regarded as the only difference between these two.

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If you are on a gluten-free diet, gram flour or chickpea flour are considered great alternatives to wheat flour. Research shows that both have a similar flavor, but the brown chickpea (Gram flour) tend to come out smoother and finer while white chickpea (Chickpea flour) is light, coarse, and more fluffy.

Gram Flour vs Chickpea Flour: Which One Is Better?

There has always been some confusion understanding the difference between gram flour and chickpea, so knowing which is better is often said to be difficult as well. Both have similar flavors and are used in the same recipes. While deciding which is better between the two is quite complex, there are slight differences that can help decide which is better.

Gram FlourChickpea Flour
Gram flour has a finer smoother and more texture. Chickpea flour is light, coarse, and fluffy.
Finer ground hence needs less water.Chickpea flour needs more water to make a batter and usually provides a dryer result.
Gram flour has a less bitter flavor when it’s raw and cooking out the nutty tasty pleasing flavor won’t take much time.Chickpea has a stronger flavor when it’s raw and it takes time to cook out into a tasty flavor.
Gram flour will work in recipes that don’t need to be fully cooked or roasted.Chickpea can work in volume base but not in all baking products.

How should you use chickpea flour?

Chickpea flour can be used as a replacement for wheat flour in bread making. You can swap in chickpea for lots of recipes but it’s not as versatile as other types of flour. Chickpea flour lacks gluten hence it can’t be used in some baked goods. But here are some amazing recipes that work well with chickpea flour.

  • Omelets
  • Pizza
  • Coating seafood or fish
  • French chickpea flatbread
  • Savory crêpes
  • Chocolate chip cookies.

What is gram flour best used for?

Unlike chickpea that has specific ways it can be used, gram flour is a bit more versatile. The flour made from brown grounded chickpeas can be used in making flatbread or coating vegetables for pakoras. It can be a great alternative to wheat in many recipes and it is widely used in Indian cookery as well.

Can I use chickpea flour as a substitute for wheat flour?

Chickpea flour is an excellent source of essential nutrients which are more than what can be found in wheat flour hence it can be a perfect substitute. It contains fewer calories and it’s a suitable flour for weight management as well.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to have gram flour and chickpea flour confused with each other and it won’t matter since they both have the same nutritional profile and are used in pretty much the same recipe. The raw flavor of these two differs though and gram flour produces a tastier and more pleasing flavor.