How Long Does Oven Fan Stay On?

One of the most crucial and frequently used appliances in most kitchens is the oven. This is hardly surprising considering how many capabilities the oven has and how many purposes it performs directly in the kitchen. The oven is made up of many components, but one crucial component is the oven fan.

The amount of information available on how to properly maintain an oven and all of its components makes it acceptable to have questions.

The length of time the oven fan will run is not specified. As long as the oven is operating and for a while afterward, until the oven is cooled, the oven fan will be active.

Since you and other interested people have wondered “how long does the oven fan stay on?” we did some research and the following is what we learned.

How Long Does Oven Fan Stay On?

The oven fan is housed in a compartment designed just for it at the back of the oven. It is also thought to be one of the oven’s most crucial components.

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How so? The fan’s task is to spread heat in the oven in a uniform manner. When the oven is about to be used, the temperature is set, and the heating element and fan work together to transfer heat throughout the oven.

This process continues throughout the oven’s use including during preheating. The fan ensures that the same temperature is maintained at every level of cooking in the oven. This not only makes your food gets done on time, but also allows you to cook in batches, and bake multiple foods in the oven.

While it is common for most ovens to have fans, especially electric ovens, there are specific ovens that do not come with a fan. These are mostly gas ovens. If you intend to purchase an oven with a fan, you might have to inquire more about the oven you’re purchasing.

Why Won’t The Oven Fan Turn Off?

Have you ever experienced your oven fan not turning off? Here are possible reasons your oven fan isn’t turning off.

1. Defective Thermostat

The fan thermostat is responsible for sending voltage to the fan, as it heats up. If there is a problem with the thermostat, there is a high chance that it will keep sending voltage to the fan, even after the oven has cooled down.

To identify this problem, make use of a multi-meter, to test the thermostat. If the fan thermostat does not have continuity, then it is time to replace it.

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2. Oven Control Board

The work of the oven control board is to regulate and send power to the fan, broil, and bake circuits based on the user settings. The problem can arise if one of the relays has shorted out. The control board may continuously send voltage to the oven fan, making it work over time.

However, before deciding that this is the problem, ensure it is properly checked as this rarely occurs.  

In determining how to fix it, you mustn’t do this yourself as you may not have a good knowledge of this, and tampering with the oven or its fan can worsen the case.

We recommend that you allow a technician to check for the problem and fix it for you. You can also return the oven to where you got it from if it is within the warranty years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take An Oven To Cool Down After Turning It Off?

The cooling-down time for most ovens is between 30 and 90 minutes. This is because; different ovens have different cooling times, the cooling time for an electric oven differs from that of a gas oven.

Similarly, the cooling time of big ovens is different from that of smaller ovens. Finally, the temperature on which your oven was set while cooking can determine how long it will take to cool down.

How Long Does The Oven Stay Hot After It’s Turned Off?

How long your oven stays hot after it is turned off is dependent on the temperature it was set while you were cooking. However, the oven can be hot for a minimum of 30 minutes, after it has been turned off; this is mostly for electric ovens. If you are using a gas oven, you should be able to touch it 20 minutes after use.

Should I Leave The Oven Door Open After Cooking To Cool Down?

Yes, leaving the oven door open after cooking can speed up the cooling process of the oven, it can also help get off after the smell of the cooked food. However, you must take note of the weather and your kitchen ventilation before doing this.

This is because opening the oven door will send in warm air into the kitchen, leaving your kitchen to be hot; it is recommended that you only do this during the winter. Also, ensure you have large windows and a good ventilation system in your kitchen before you do this.

Final Thoughts

How long your oven fan stays on is dependent on a lot of factors, such as temperature, the size of your oven, and the type of your oven.

If your oven fan is faulty, we recommend that you allow a technician to check, identify the problem and help you fix it. This can limit the damage and get you to use your oven back on time.