How Often Should You Water Aloe Vera Plants?

Aloe vera is one of the plants that is used both topically and internally. This plant is quite easy to care for but gardeners are often found to be confused about its water requirement.

Aloe vera is a great indoor plant with lots of benefits attached to it, it is also a great companion plant for your fruits and vegetables. It is important to know when your aloe vera needs water as it is a succulent plant species and will dry out really fast from direct sunlight.

You need to make sure you are planting aloe vera in an area with bright indirect sunlight. How you care for container-grown aloe vera is also quite different from the one planted in the ground.

To make sure your aloe vera thrives, you need to know how much water they require and since they are often seen thriving in dry deserted conditions then you should know how often they ought to be watered.

Watering Aloe Vera

Aloe vera just like every other plant needs water but watering happens to be the most difficult part of caring for aloe vera. Aloe vera is quite used to being in a dry environment and thus, it doesn’t require much watering.

But since it’s a succulent plant, the thick leaves need water to stay healthy. The type of soil used in planting also determines how much water your aloe vera needs.

Generally, aloe vera needs watering when the plant dries out and when the soil is moist, it doesn’t need to be watered. For planting outdoor aloe vera, choose the right soil to prevent it from rotting out due to lack of water.

You need to also ensure you are not overwatering your aloe vera. Aloe vera stores excess water in its leaves hence you need to water it when the soil looks completely dry in drought season.

If you are making use of pots for your aloe vera plant, make sure you are using a pot with bottom drainage holes to make sure your plants get enough water without overwatering it either. Lack of drainage can easily cause wilting and rotting of the aloe vera plant so choose a container that is wide and deep.

How Often Should You Water Aloe Vera Plant?

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How often you water your aloe vera plant is going to depend on whether it is planted in a container or ground and the type of soil used.

Generally, you should water aloe vera once in two or four weeks on average but if you have them in full sun, you may need to water it every week. If you are growing it indoors or in shade then it can go months without water but they tend to dry faster in direct sunlight.

Aloe vera plants do better in partial shades than in the full sun. To avoid the sun hitting your aloe vera directly, plant it in a pot near the kitchen window and allow the plant to dry completely before the next watering.

You should water aloe vera in the garden regularly and this is because the soil absorbs in the leaves faster hence you can have it watered in 2-3 weeks. However, ensure that the aloe vera plant doesn’t have excess water stored in its leaves before watering again.

Finally, how often you water aloe vera is going to depend on location, climatic conditions, and season. However, below are few watering tips to guide you.

Watering Tips For Aloe Vera Plant

If overwatering occurs, your aloe vera plant is likely to turn soft and mushy at the bast, and eventually, it tends to wilt or rot away. So, to make sure your aloe vera plant is getting the right amount of water, here are simple watering tips to follow.

  • Water more frequently in summer and for drought period
  • Always allow the top third of potting to dry completely before between waterings
  • If you are growing your aloe vera in direct sunlight during summer then it should be water more frequently. Every 4-5 days should be fine.
  • For planting outdoor aloe vera, choose sandy areas that dry out quickly
  • Use pots or containers with drainage holes at the bottom to help get rid of excess water
  • If your aloe vera is overwatered, allow it to dry completely before irrigation or have it pulled out to be planted in succulent dry soil.

In Conclusion

Aloe vera is a plant that is fairly easy to care for outdoor and indoor. However, you need to ensure you are watering it the right way.

Most aloe vera plants will do well with filtered sunlight while some are likely to thrive with direct sunlight, regardless of the sun requirement, you need to make sure it’s not watered too frequently. In addition, choose slightly sandy soil as this is the ideal soil type that prevents overwatering your aloe vera and helps it grow.

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