How To Prune Pothos Plants The Right Way

Do you wish to learn how to properly prune and care for the sturdy pothos plant in your home? Pothos are prolific and easy-to-care-for plants, to use in decorating your house and boosting the natural flair in your home. 

However, because they are fast-growing and in need of seasonal care, pothos plant owners must be aware of certain tips and methods for caring for and pruning the houseplant, the right way. 

For you to prune your pothos plants correctly; you should start by locating the damaged, darkened, or dying leaves and vines. Then use sterile pruners to neatly cut the affected leaves off the stem, just close to a healthy leaf node. You can also trim any overgrown section, or style the shape of your plant to your liking. 

Pruning your pothos plants is necessary, to keep them growing, looking good, and healthy. You will enjoy the longevity and beauty of the pothos plant when it is properly taken care of. Stick on, to discover how to rightly prune your favorite pothos houseplant. 

Hawaiian pothos
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Why You Should Prune Pothos Plants

Pothos plants are a popular houseplant used in many homes because it grows easily, it is sturdy, have a luscious natural way of decorating your home, and are easy to care for especially for owners that are a bit forgetful when it comes to watering plants. 

However, if left unattended, a pothos houseplant grows bushy, and large, and spreads quickly, giving your home or office a disorganized atmosphere.

It is also essential to prune pothos plants because, it helps the plant be healthier, grow fuller, and for shaping the plant. 

When To Prune Pothos Plants 

Although pothos plants are sturdier than most houseplants, it is better to wait and prune them during the active growing season, to avoid stressing your houseplant. Therefore, pruning your pothos plants at the wrong time leads to bare stems and vines. 

As the plant would also be actively growing, it would be the best time to recover from the pruning process and grow new leaves. Most pothos plant varieties actively grow during spring and early fall. Hence, there’s time and space for 1-2 easy trims on your houseplant. 

How To Prune Pothos Plants Correctly 

The Tools Needed: The tools needed for pruning houseplants are simple and easy to get. What you need is pruners (pruning shears or a sharp pair of scissors), and a few sheets of newspaper or paper towels to place under the plants, to prevent you from making a mess during pruning. 

Your pruners must be clean and sterile because pruning is an easy way to spread disease among houseplants. You can clean your pruners by rubbing alcohol or with hot soapy water. 

Before we get down to the pruning process, let’s explain what a Node is. This is the spot where the stem and the leaf meet. It is also a small visible swelling on the stem where new growth forms. Technically, you should prune close to the nodes, because it encourages new growth as well. 

Now to the pruning process: The first step is to examine carefully your pothos plant. You need to locate all damaged, sick, dead, darkened, or dangerous leaves and stems you can find on your plant. You should do this first, before trimming or pruning overgrown healthy leaves or stems. 

Next, to prune out affected leaves, find a spot where the stem is sturdy or strong. This helps for continuous new growth and to maintain your plant’s health. While pruning, ensure to cut the stem below a healthy leaf node. This means the node on the plant should be left. 

You should prune out, at least an inch of a healthy stem, along with the unhealthy or affected stem or leaves. This would help prevent the issue from occurring again with the newly cut end. 

Now that you’re done with tending to the damaged parts of your pothos plant, you may also need to care for the overgrown sections of the healthy plant as well. You prune the healthy vines or stems, in the same manner. But you should plan first, how you want your plant to look after it’s been trimmed. 

Jade Pothos care guide

You can trim and style your pothos plants, to decorate and beautify your home or office. You may browse up ideas or pictures of how you want the plant to look, as to fit the setting of your home, office, or garden. 

After that is done, you can start trimming by cutting the stems and shaping the plant to the general shape of the idea you desire. You should ensure not to over-trim any particular area firsthand, so you can still finalize the look later. 

Apart from trimming and styling the shape of your plant to your desire, you may decide to prune out whole, healthy vines or stems. When doing this, you should trace each vine back to the soil, and cut it out from two to four inches from the soil surface. It is best to prune it, just after a leaf node. 

Lastly, pruning is also a great avenue to check or examine your plant leaves for pets, fungus infections, or other issues. Then you can solve the affected area with pesticides, pruning, or cleaning out the leaves with soapy water.

Now your pothos plants will be free from sickly plants or leaves, and they would keep looking neat and styled to your liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to cut pothos plants so it keeps growing?

You should cut the vine 1/4 inch above the leaf node. This means you should prune closely to the node of the leaf because it promotes new growth. 

How do you trim a pothos plant? 

You should carefully trim the node or stems of the plant. You shouldn’t overdo trim it at a go, so you can easily go back and style it till you reach your desired result.

How do I make my pothos plant grow thicker?

The best way to make your pothos plant grow fuller is by pruning it twice a year during spring or early fall, this encourages new growth and a healthy plant.

Will my pothos keep growing if I cut them? 

Yes, your pothos plant will have new leaves when it is pruned out or the leaves fall off. However, pothos plant can’t regrow their leaves.


Pothos plants are easy to care for and sturdy houseplants to have in your home or office. Pothos plants are a favorite to have in your home, but just like any houseplant, it needs care and proper pruning. 

Avoid over-pruning your plants, to avoid stressing them. Instead prune it during its growing season, using sterile pruners, and ensure do it correctly.

This article has identified and discussed the right way to prune your pothos plant, now you came easily care for, trim and style your pothos plants to your liking.