Variegated Neon Pothos: Care And Propagation Guide

Popularly known as Devil’s Ivy, the pothos originated from South East Asia, and have beautiful foliage that can be used for aesthetic purposes. They especially look stunning when planted in groups, in a hanging basket, or in beautiful plant pots.

The Pothos is a fast-growing plant that requires little or no expertise to grow but will require attention and the right guide to grow properly.

This Variegated Neon Pothos care and propagation guide have been compiled to grow this plant from scratch to a lovely full-blown houseplant.

Variegated Neon Pothos Explained

This variant of the pothos is a native of French Polynesia. The variegations of this plant extend to the stem. The colors include light green which rarely appears on the leaves, white and bright golden yellow. 

Common NameJade Pothos
Scientific NameEpipremnum aureum 
Plant TypePerennial
Plant FamilyAraceae
LightPartial sunlight
Soil Type Well-drained moist soil
Foliage ColorGolden yellow with white or green stripes
Temperature    55° C
Soil ph   Acidic
Native French Polynesia

The leaves of this plant are heart-shaped and can be grown either in soil or even in water. With proper care and when placed in a suitable location, they will flourish and produce a ravishing beauty.

 A mature variegated neon pothos can grow to 20 inches, but will hardly grow that large indoors because the neon pothos grows better and faster outdoors than indoors.

Variegated Neon Pothos
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Variegated Neon Pothos Propagation

Like other pothos plants, the plant will be propagated via the stem cutting method. Propagation is a good way to create fuller-looking plants and also to share new plants with family and friends.

Who can resist the beautiful variegated neon pothos anyway? We know no one can, and propagation is a great way to outlive this plant. follow these steps to propagate the pothos plants like an expert, and have fun while doing so.

  1. You should cut the stem from a mature plant that features the root, stem, and leaf and has at least 4-5 nodes each. 
  2. Cut that part off for propagation, and remove the leaves at the bottom, but retain some at the top of each cutting.
  3. plant directly in garden soil in a smaller pot, ensuring that the nodes at the cutting are immersed in the soil, while the leaves stay above the soil.
  4. Allow the plant to grow by placing it in a place filled with bright indirect sunlight. Roots should form in a week.
  5. A hanging basket can be a good option or place the plant in a bigger soil pot as it begins to grow. You should water daily after about two weeks. 

Needs For Propagation:

  • A healthy and mature plant
  • Sterilized knife or scissors
  • Well-draining pot
  • Garden Soil mix

Complete Care Guide For The Variegated Neon Pothos

One of the advantages of the variegated neon pothos is that it is very easy to care for, either for beginners or experts. The pothos plant is a low-maintenance plant that should e cared for as often as possible, but might not require intensive care, except if it is diseased.

1. Light

To achieve a golden yellow color, expose the plant to a well-lit environment with indirect sunlight. to keep the plant from leggy growth (this is when the leaves begin to look scanty) and keep the foliage looking splendid, make sure the sunlight is adequate but never excessive.

Excessive direct sunlight will scorch or even burn the leaves of the variegated neon pothos and leave them looking unattractive and damaged.

2. Water

The variegated neon pothos, like other varieties of the pothos houseplants, will flourish when it is watered regularly, but not too much. allow the top 3-4 inches of soil to dry out completely between the watering times, and then water thoroughly.

This type of watering will be healthy when the pothos is planted in a pot that drains water well, to ensure that the plants and soil are soaked.

Yes. The leaf, sap, and stem of this plant are poisonous and cause damage to the human body and skin. It is also toxic to pets and should be placed far from both pets and children.
Source: The Spruce

3. Soil

Loamy soil works well for neon pothos. It is not so picky on soil type, but the soil should be moist and should never be dry or waterlogged. When the soil is dry, it causes the plant to droop, and if waterlogged, the roots of the plant will rot, and cause a foul odor. You could also purchase or make a good soil mixture for the plant.

4. Humidity

During summer, the typical household humidity is sufficient for the plant. Providing the plants with extra humidity, either by placing the plant pot on a pebble tray filled with water or by using a humidifier will make the plant flourish.

5. Temperature

As tropical plants, the variegated neon pothos grows in a warm environment. the ideal temperature for the pothos should be between 55 to 90 degrees Celsius. Be wary of extreme temperatures, as they can cause damage to the plant.

6. Fertilizer

The pothos is not a plant that particularly needs fertilizers to grow, because it is a fast grower, that also climbs and spreads fast. If you however choose to fertilize the pothos to encourage strong and healthy plants, fertilizing bi-monthly from early spring to late summer will make the plant flourish.

Do not fertilize during the winter, and we would advise that you fertilize during the active growing period.

Variegated Neon Growing Tips

As with the other varieties of the pothos houseplants, these growing tips should be noted to help you achieve a healthier and stronger plant, and possibly, a fancier style of growing your plant.

Growing the variegated neon pothos plant upwards makes the foliage larger. You could try out the moss poles to grow your variegated neon pothos. The beauty these moss poles add to the plant when it grows around it is second to none.

The neon pothos ought to be pruned regularly, to curb the spread of this climbing houseplant. while pruning, remember to sterilize your instruments to avoid the spread of disease.

Avoid placing the plant near enclosed windows or patios to prevent brown tips, and also watering the plants often will also prevent the tips of the plant from becoming brown.

Can I plant my Variegated neon pothos on a moss pole?

Yes, you can plant your variegated neon pothos on a pole. The plant is a climbing plant and will do well with a pole in between the pot, with the soil. be sure to place it in a bright area with the penetration of indirect soil. This is however not a compulsory process for the growth of the pothos

Is the Variegated Neon Pothos Toxic?

Yes. The leaf, sap, and stem of this plant are poisonous and cause damage to the human body and skin. It is also toxic to pets and should be placed far from both pets and children.

Final Thoughts

Variegated Neon pothos is a good option for the aesthetics of a home and also a garden. It is however necessary that to keep this plant healthy and beautiful, it is cared for the right way, as has been explicitly provided in this guide.

A moss pole is a good option that we advise you to try out, for the additional beauty it gives and also for giving the pothos plant a different shape.

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