Neem Oil Benefits For Houseplants: Best Options to Buy (2022)

Neem oil happens to have been around for a very long time and surprisingly, gardeners use them to get rid of pests. Pests such as aphids can destroy your houseplants and this can be heartbreaking for any plant parent.

A pest or two won’t harm your indoor plants, but an infestation needs to be avoided.

The presence of insects in your houseplants can alter their leaves and even stop them from growing. It doesn’t matter if you are growing bunches of tropical houseplants or a couple of marble queen pothos, caring for them and preventing pests is essential.

Caring for most indoor plants isn’t complicated at all and as long as you can find a natural way to get rid of those pesky bugs then your plants should be fine. Neem oil is considered the safest pesticide for houseplants.

There are no quick fixes for pest infestations and some pesticides can cause more harm than good. Instead of assuming your indoor plants are immune to bugs and insects, you should go for neem oil. Finding a safe neem oil is just as important as caring for your plants and this article contains all you should know.

Neem Oil For Houseplants – Our Top 3 Picks ?

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What Is Neem Oil, And How Does It Work?

Neem oil is made to reduce insects or bugs feeding on your plants. It is made from the neem seed, although the process of preparation tends to differ, the ends result is often the same. The neem seeds are broken, the kernels are separated, and you have to press or crush this kernel using the cold-press or infusing temperature method to get the oil.

To make pesticide spray, neem oils have to be added with other ingredients. Although neem oil alone can keep some pests away, it’s not strong enough to wade off aphids. Neem oil has a chemical effect on insects and bugs, so it’s poisonous to them.

The natural neem oil also contains antioxidants and fatty acids which can be of benefit to your skin. Neem oil is generally safe on the skin but quite potent, so you need to first do a patch test to ensure your skin is not sensitive to it.

Benefits Of Neem Oil For Houseplants

We already know neem oil works like magic when it comes to getting rid of annoying pests, however that is not the only benefit associated with using neem oil. You need to be extra careful when using neem oil, so you don’t spray beneficial insects. So, here are other benefits that should implore you to get neem oil.

  • Using neem oil on houseplants deters fungus gnats
  • Spraying it on foliage of houseplants such as Begonias, Rosemary, Pothos, Jade, African Violet or Philodendron gets rid of powdery mildew
  • Neem oil can help kill annoying critters
  • It helps control destructive gardens pests like worms, aphids, beetles and other insects that can feed on your indoor plants
  • Neem oil mixed with liquid soap can deter white flies
  • It prevents future invasion of mealybugs.

9 Best Neem Oil For Houseplants

Pests can ruin the growth of your houseplants. Although there are lots of pesticides that can get them under control, research proves that exposure to these pesticides can cause damages as well. So, to stay on the safe side of things, neem oil is the best-recommended option. We have compiled a list of the best neem oil every plant parents should go for.

1. Harris Neem Oil Spray for Plants – Best Overall

Harris Neem Oil Spray for Plants, Cold Pressed Ready to Use, 20oz

Harris Neem Oil should have all those annoying pests saying goodbye to your houseplants. This product has been around and trusted for years, according to reviews, it does exactly what it promises to do. The oil has been extracted through the cold press method, so it is ready to use, and it will not only take care of annoying insects but also improve soil texture.

This is natural and great for any indoor plant. Harris Neem oil is formulated to help your plants shine and keep all kinds of harmful pests and diseases away. The spray method makes it easy to use on your plants without using in excess.

Harris Neem Oil Spray is not just meant for keeping bugs and insects away. It is also formulated for cleaning your plants, so they stay shiny all season. Simply shake and spray, it can be used on indoor and outdoor plants.

2. Bonide Ready to Use Neem Oil- Best For Organic Gardening

Bonide (BND022 - Ready to Use Neem Oil, Insect Pesticide for Organic Gardening (32 oz.) - 2 Pack

Here is another multipurpose neem oil insecticide that can help get rid of bug killer. Bonide Ready To Use is effective for getting rid of any garden pests, and it happens to be three in one formula which is miticide, fungicide, and insecticide as well. It can help prevent the fungal attack of plant tissues.

This neem oil can offer you the perfect solution to all your garden pest issues. This neem product is effective and can be used to get rid of bugs without hurting your plants.

Bonide Neem Oil comes with a spray nozzle that makes dispensing of the oil easy. This oil can be used on herbs, fruits, vegetables, shrubs, roses, and your houseplants.

3. Pure PetraTools Neem Oil-Best For Leaf Polish

Pure PetraTools Neem Oil, 100% Cold Pressed, Ultra High Azadirachtin Content, Essential Oil for Skin, Hair and Nails, Leaf Polish, (No Additional Additives), OMRI Listed (34 Fl Oz)

Pure PetraTools Neem Oil is another cold-pressed neem oil that is not just for plants but your skin as well. This neem oil has not been mixed with other insecticide ingredients hence it might not be potent enough for some pests and bugs. This is made without any chemical additives or heat, so it can be safely used on your skin.

It offers you the perfect solution to getting rid of any insects that can feed on your houseplants, and it can be used to polish your plants while helping them retain the nutrients needed for staying healthy. If you are planning to use this indoor, ensure you can bear the smell.

This neem oil has a really strong smell and gardeners who have bought this claim this can protect your plants from fungal diseases and pests as well.

4. Emily’s Naturals Neem Oil Plant Spray-Best Budget

Emily's Naturals Neem Oil Plant Spray Kit, Makes 48oz | Natural Spray for Garden and House Plants | Safe and Biodegradable

Emily’s Natural Neem Oil Plant Spray is another popular neem oil that can help get rid of bugs and insects. This product can be used to get rid of gnats. It comes with specifications that can help you use it safely, this is a neem oil kit which means it contains all you need to care for plants.

This neem oil is natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable. This product is made with just two ingredients which include cold-pressed neem oil and castile soap. This can be your all-purpose oil for treating your plants. It is also very affordable compared to other neem oil.

5. Monterey Ready To Use Insecticide Neem Oil- Best Neem Oil For Fungal Diseases

Monterey LG 6148 Neem Oil Ready-To-Use Insecticide, Miticide, & Fungicide, 32 oz

Here is another effective pest control for your plants. Monterey Neem oil is another ready-to-use insecticide with a nozzle that makes it efficient and time-saving. The active insecticide ingredient in this is perfect for killing bugs that won’t leave your plants alone.

This neem oil has lots of gardening uses. This insecticide can help get rid of beetles, whiteflies, aphids, spider mites, and other annoying insects.

6. Garden Safe Home-Pest Control Sprayers-Best For Organic Gardening

Garden Safe HG-83179 Fungicide, Pack of 6

Garden Safe Home Pest Control Sprayer contains specially selected soaps that can ensure pests don’t take complete control of your plants. This neem oil is ideal for both indoor and outdoor plants such as whiteflies, mealybugs, mites, and other annoying insects that are feeding on your plants.

This is a ready-to-use spray and all you have to do is have it spray it on all plant sides. This neem oil contains salt and fatty acids which are safe for your plants but effective against pests.

7. Dyna-Gro Neem Oil- Highly Rated

Dyna-Gro NEM-008 Neem Oil, 8 Ounces

Most neem oil is formulated for cleaning your plants and the bonus is when it can get rid of pests as well.

Dyna-Gro Neem oil is a really popular product getting natural shine on plants without clogging the stomata. This is quite affordable, and it doesn’t contain any other ingredient that can harm your plants.

You can use this purely as a leaf gloss but to make it effective on spider mites and other pests, you should add dish soap or Castile soap to it.

8. Safer Brand Insect Killing Neem Oil-Best Neem Oil For Bugs

Verdana USDA Organic Cold Pressed Neem Oil 32 Fl. Oz - Non GMO Certified - Unrefined - High Azadirachtin Content - 100% Neem Oil, Nothing Added or Removed - Leafshine, Pet Care, Skin Care, Hair Care

Bugs can be quite annoying and also have a way of destroying some houseplants in weeks.

Safer Brand Insect killing neem oil is an effective neem oil for killing any type of bugs and insects. It can also control black spots, spider mites, rust, turf diseases, and other harmful pests.

When dealing with Japanese beetles, scale insects aphids, and other types of bugs, this might be a great insecticide to go for. There are instructions to help you apply this neem oil according to the insect you are trying to get rid of.

9. Horticultural Oil Concentrate Insecticide/Pesticide-Best Neem Oil For Fruits And Trees

Monterey LG 6299 Horticultural Oil Concentrate Insecticide/Pesticide Treatment for Control of Insects, 32 oz

Your gorgeous flowers are not the only one that needs to get pests under control, fruits and vegetables do as well. This Monterey horticultural neem oil is formulated for a variety of plants and trees.

It can help get rid of insects like scales, whiteflies, leafhoppers, spider mites, aphids, leaf miners, and trips.

It is a product designed to keep your plants safe during the dormant and growing season. Furthermore, this can be easily mixed with water, and you can have it sprayed using a pump-up or trigger spray. It does control the eggs of all insects, so you don’t have new ones breeding.

What You Should Know Before Buying Neem Oil For Houseplants

Buying Neem oil is not complex and if you can’t make up your mind on the right insecticide, you can always buy the pure oil and have it mixed yourself.

Neem oil can help eradicate pests and insects’ eggs before they can ruin your plants. This is why experts recommend buying the oil concentrate and diluting it yourself, so you can ensure it kills the pests alone and no damage is done to your plants.

Most diluted neem oils are known to have low concentrations of neem oil, and you might just be spraying your plants with harsh chemicals. To know you are buying the right stuff, this article contains some pure neem oil you can dilute at home and also neem oil that has been mixed with insects repellent that is safe.

The smell of the undiluted neem oil can be really strong so keep that in mind, if it’s not the case then it likely contains less neem oil. In addition, a few drops of liquid soap mixed with pure neem oil is all you need to get rid of indoor houseplants.

Neem Oil For Houseplants FAQs

Every plant parent needs neem oil to keep those annoying pests away and below are FAQs to help you get the right one and use it safely.

Is neem oil good for houseplants?

Neem oil has been used as an insecticide for plants for quite a very long time, and it does have a record of being effective. It is a natural method of controlling pests in your garden, and you simply have to mix it with Castile or dish soap to get rid of any insect. Natural neem oil can be used to shine your plants as well.

What plants should you not use neem oil on?

Neem oil is considered safe for all varieties of plants, but excess can burn plant foliage. It is best to also not use it on stressed plants or new transplants. Lots of plants can benefit from neem oil but watch out for any reaction that states otherwise in your plants.

Can I spray neem oil on the soil?

Yes, spraying neem oil on your soul can help with maintaining the soil and preventing any soil diseases. Spraying neem oil on the soil is also effective against below-ground pests and drenching your soil with it rather than the plants can prevent harming beneficial insects.

Is neem oil safe to use on vegetable plants?

Yes, neem oil is safe to use on vegetable plants, however, you will have to wash your vegetables thoroughly before eating. Also, ensure to water your vegetables and edible crops very well before spraying with neem oil. Avoid spraying on distressed plants of any kind.

How often can you use neem oil on houseplants?

If the purpose is to prevent pets from spreading, you should spray houseplants with neem oil every 14 days. This can help prevent any fungal disease and control pests. However, if a serious case of infestation is noticed, you should use neem oil on houseplants every 7 days.

What happens if you use too much neem oil on plants?

Too much neem oil can harm your plant foliage. Too much neem oil can cause sunlight to burn your houseplants so best not to use an excess of it. If you use too much neem oil on your plants, wash it off immediately.

How toxic is neem oil to humans?

Pure neem oil is generally safe for humans provided it is used on the skin or hair however ingesting this can be potentially toxic. The ingestion of neem oil can lead to OEM serious conditions like a seizure, metabolic acidosis, kidney failure, and in infants, it can be severe brain damage.

Wrapping Up

Your houseplants are going to be less happy with bugs hovering over them and using chemical pesticides is not considered safe for all houseplants.

Neem oil is listed as the best option for any kind of pets and insects, even those who have built long-time resistance against pesticides.

You might need to increase the strength of your solution if the pests are not going, but it is quite potent.

Note that strong neem oil can also burn your indoor plants so don’t dose your plants with too much of it. Hence, mix two spoons of neem with 1 gallon of water, but ensure to check the directions on the bottle to guide you.

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