9 Pot Ideas For Houseplants | Top Containers For Plant Parents

Which plants are best for your indoor plants? This is a question every plant parent needs answers to and this is because not any pot or container will do for your plants. While outdoor plants will tolerate being planted anywhere, most houseplants will not do well anywhere.

Ceramic pots happen to be the most popular type of pots for houseplants and luckily, you will find them in all colors, shapes, and sizes. These are the best based on research and our own personal experiences.

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Choosing a pot & container for your houseplants is not complicated but can be a bit overwhelming especially if you would like to beautify your home with it. Your babies deserve the best house, so you have to carefully consider what container they will thrive best in.

A chance to choose a well-designed pot that suits your home decor is also another interesting reason to get one.

Investing in a good pot & container for your plants is not only for decoration, but is also a necessity. You have to consider the drainage situation of your houseplants to pick one that can promote air circulation and stop you from overwatering your plants. This might not be necessary for nursery plants since they are already housed in plastic nursery pots.

Shopping for pots for houseplants can be lots of fun if you have the right guide.

Some plants are more forgiving and will tolerate any type of pot while some are not. Hence, to prevent you from searching for containers for hours, we have rounded up the best list of pots & containers with an ultimate buying guide to further help you.

Types Of Pots & Container For Houseplants

It’s not surprising that they are different types of pots & containers which can explain why many people are confused when picking one. Knowing the different types of pots for houseplants help you choose one however as a plant parent, we implore you to first familiarize yourself with your plant’s cultural conditions and characteristics, this will make it easier to choose a container for it.

Below is a list of the types of pots & containers you should know, to help you choose the best material for your houseplants.

1. Fiberglass Containers

This is a popular type of container for houseplants, it is made by mixing fiberglass fibers with resin which is used in making a lightweight container. This container can be placed indoors or outdoor as it can withstand adverse weather, UV rays, foot traffic, and many more. This pot comes in different sizes and shapes, and it can hold moisture longer than some plastic pots.

2. Ceramic Pots

Traditional ceramic pots are perfect for any type of plant, and they are made of denser and less porous earthen material. This also comes in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. The soil in ceramic pots doesn’t dry as fast as that of terracotta pots, and it is also very stable and heavy.

3. Terracotta Pots For Houseplants

If your plants prefer dry, well-drained soil then terracotta pots are considered a more suitable option. This type of pot is made from a variety of clay-based products, and they have sizes that can accommodate larger plants. The classic terracotta pots are typically unglazed and somewhat porous. The warm reddish-brown color compliments any decor and blends well with any plants.

4. Plastic Pots

Plastic pots are manufactured to suit any type of plant and there are so many colors and sizes for you to choose from. It is suitable for any home decor and happens to be a popular option for colorful houseplants.

Best Pots & Container Ideas For Plant Parents

Each pot & container has its pros and cons, so you have to choose one that has pros that outweighs the cons. There are also some essential things your pots & container need to have before they can be viable for planting which is why choosing the right planter can be confusing to some plant parents.

But not to worry, after careful evaluation, we have rounded up 11 of the best pots & containers for houseplants you can go choose from.

1. POTEY Ceramic Plant Pot Flower Planters- Best Overall

This planter does look beautiful and delicate at glance, but it is made from ceramic which means it is sturdy and stable enough for any type of plant.

POTEY is one of the best ceramic planters you can get for your flowers, this is made with premium material that formulates a beautiful design that can beautify your garden and help your plants thrive as well. The ceramic material can tolerate extreme temperatures, so you can have plants that love the full sun in it.

Another interesting feature of this container is that it comes with a drain hole, so you don’t have to do that yourself, and it is also accompanied by a saucer to catch any excess water before it drops to the floor. This can be placed anywhere around your home.

What We Like About This Pot
  • Made with a drain hole at the bottom
  • Adds a modern elegant look to any home decor
  • Has thick walls to protect plants from sudden temperature change
  • Can withstand the weight of growing plants
  • Comes with a removable saucer.
What We’d Change
  • Not for plants that thrive in well-drained soil.

Why we recommend it

POTEY plant pots come in different sizes, so you can choose one that best accommodates your plants. The drainage hole gives you a chance to water your plant often and more overwater them either. Another reason this is highly recommended is the stability of the potting material and the matte black finish is ideal for resisting dirt or scratches. This makes the perfect gift either for decorating or planting.

2. MyGift Modern Small Indoor Plant Pot- Best Pot For Flowers

Your followers can also be very picky when it comes to pots, so it’s best to choose one that suits their requirements just fine.

MyGift Modern is a small indoor plant pot made with ceramic material, you get a set of 2 mini white geometric pattern pots which can be used to adorn your homes. This is not suitable for flowers alone, but you can also plant cacti, herbs, succulents, or any type of small plant in it.

This is a fashionable container any plant parent will love for their plants. It comes with a drainage hole, so you don’t overwater your plants and a bamboo saucer to catch the water leaking out.

What We Like About This Pot
  • A small size that can be displayed on a desk, table, shelf, windowsill, or countertop surface
  • Keeps dirt out and easy to move around.
What We’d Change
  • Not for all plant sizes.

Why we recommend it

The small beautiful aesthetic design makes it stand out no matter where you placed it. This is a small version of regular pots, and you can have your cacti or succulents displayed in it without suffocating them. The bamboo tray also looks good and reviewers find it a perfect complement to the white ceramic pot. This is also one of the highly-rated ceramic pots for flowers.

3. Goodman And Wife Natural Terracotta Pot- Best Pots For Succulents

This natural terracotta pot comes with a shallow design and drain hole to ensure you don’t overwater your plant and this has amazing reviews from customers. Reviews love it from the sleek and modern finish. This is one of the well-made and sturdy pots & containers you can go for.

Natural terracotta pots are made for any kind of plant and are even more suitable for succulents as they require a special watering method. The tray that comes with this is glazed so the soil won’t dry as fast as it would with regular terracotta pots.

What We Like About This Pot
  • Easy to carry around, nice smooth finish
  • Glazed tray to prevent soil from drying out fast
  • Safe for succulent propagation
  • Shallow design to keep the soil moist.
What We’d Change
  • None we can find.

Why we recommend it

The natural terracotta pot has smooth sides, and it is sturdy and stable enough for any kind of soil and plants. This happens to be one of the highly considered pots for flowers, herbs, and generally plants that prefer moist soil. This is made with quality terracotta material, so you can worry less about breakage, and not only the bottom drains water but moisture is removed from the sides as well.

4. Greenaholics Ceramic Plant Pots- Highly Rated Glazed Ceramic Pot

Greenaholics Ceramic plant pot is another decorative planter your flowers will sure love. This beautiful pot is sure going to lighten up anywhere it’s placed, and it comes in sizes of 6 and 5 inches, so it can meet the needs of large, medium, and small potted plants.

Houseplants need careful consideration when choosing pots for them however this pot is suitable for any type of plant.

This container can be used for planting indoor vegetables, and flowers, you can as well lighten your summer garden with this pots collection.

What We Like About This Pot
  • Made from high-quality durable ceramic
  • Suitable for medium, large and small potted plant
  • Prevents overwatering of your plants
  • Functional, sturdy, and affordable.
What We’d Change
  • Doesn’t come with any tray.

Why we recommend it

This set comes with two ceramic pots with one small planter which makes it a great choice for the price it offers. This is one of the most recommended containers for plant parents who are caring for houseplants of all sizes. This flower pot can meet all your indoor needs and the ceramic material used in making this can withstand high temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about it fading or cracking.

5. Novelty Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot- Best Lightweight Houseplant Pot

Looking for a lightweight but large houseplant container? Novelty Full Depth Round Cylinder pot has been around for a while and many plant parents trust it to take care of and promote the healthy growth of plants.

This is made with sturdy plastic material, so you don’t have to worry about cracks.

The plastic container comes with a built-in tray to prevent it from leaking water on any surface you place it on. This has deep space suitable for any houseplants which can also stimulate the root growth of your plants and keep it safe.

What We Like About This Pot
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Bottom tray to protect the indoor floor, patio, and deck
  • Durable plastic finish
  • Available in five great sizes.
What We’d Change
  • Expensive for a plastic container.

Why we recommend it

This is another highly-rated container for house plants although this is plastic, it does the job of promoting plants and preventing you from overwatering them too. This is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. It’s a great pot option for many houseplant types, and it can be used as a hanging plant pot too.

6. Bamboo Blooms 7″ Self Watering + Self Aerating- Best Self Watering Plant Pot

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Need an efficient self-watering pot? Bamboo Blooms Self Watering + Self Aerating watering pot is an eco-friendly plant container that can take care of all your houseplant needs. This is zero plastic, and it is petroleum-free as well. This is quite stylish and perfect for beautifying your plants and home.

The self-watering feature that comes with these keeps your plants properly watered without overwatering them either.

This pot is made from all-natural sustainable fiber so there is no risk of toxic getting into your plants. The deep reservoir allows the soil to draw more moisture hence lifting your plants above the standing water.

What We Like About This Pot
  • Provides plants with ample water needs
  • The pot’s hollow let goes into the tank to enable the soil to absorb moisture
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Minimizes the risk of mold, rotting, and fungal growth.
What We’d Change
  • Plastic might crack under intense temperatures.

Why we recommend it

If you are not always going to be available for watering your houseplants regularly then getting this self-watering plant pit will sure come in handy. This is made from an eco-friendly formula and the material is all-natural sustainable bamboo fiber. This container is designed to allow plants to draw water naturally thereby providing air circulation to the soil.

7. Mid-Century Plant Stand With Pot- Best Pot For Large Houseplants

Want a classy pot $ container for your houseplants? Mid-Century Plant Stand is made with ceramic with modern legs which makes it qualified as a pot and a planter as well. The bundle provides you with a 10-inch that will look in any home decor and can promote healthy plant growth as well.

This is a handcrafted planter where you can showcase all types of houseplants and the plant stand is made from durable American walnut which also makes it sturdy enough for small and large plants. This also comes with a drainage hole to keep your plants thriving.

What We Like About This Pot
  • Made with drainage hole and rubber plug
  • Immaculate matte glaze
  • Suitable for large plants
  • Fits into any home decor.
What We’d Change
  • Very expensive.

Why we recommend it

This is a very expensive large ceramic pot however it is considered worth the value it offers, and it can be used as a planter as well. This is quite an interesting pot for houseplants, and it is not just easy to use but also very sturdy for large plants. The drainage hole with a plug also helps keep your plant healthy which is one of the many reasons why it is recommended.

8. Mkono 3 Pack Self Watering Planter- Best Indoor And Outdoor Pots

Self-watering planters are fast becoming the ideal choice for most plant parents.

This is a classic decorative pot for your indoor and outdoor plants, and it’s a great choice for displaying African violets, herbs, golden devil’s ivy, and ocean spider plants.

This comes in a double-layer design that allows excess water to the bottom of the pot. It is made with a plastic material that also makes it lightweight. The classic black shape of this pot brings some natural beauty to your home decor.

What We Like About This Pot
  • Lightweight and very durable
  • Helps take care of plants watering needs
  • Decorative and functional design
  • Enables optimal root health.
What We’d Change
  • The edges of the pot are rough.

Why we recommend it

This is a great option for many homeowners who don’t remember to water their plants regularly or have to travel for up to 10 days. Mkono self-watering planter is made with material that is suitable for any type of plant and flowers. The self-watering feature also ensures it takes enough water for a couple of days while the excess water is stored at the bottom of the pot.

9. Tebery Marble Pattern Resin Flower Pots- Best Container For Indoor Herbs

Tebery Marble Pattern Pot is made from natural stone powder which is known as resin and durable recyclable plastic material, so you can worry less about cracks. This can withstand any harsh temperature, peel, or damage hence you can use it outdoor as well.

These pots come in retro colors that make them perfect for beautifying any living space.

Each pot in this set comes with a drainage hole at the bottom to get rid of any excess water. This pot is not just for your houseplants but can bring a stylish appeal to your office, balcony, study, living room, or kitchen. This is a breathable planter that is suitable for your spider plants, ivy, pothos, and ferns.

What We Like About This Pot
  • Drainage hole promotes plants breathing
  • Material can withstand frost and harsh temperature
  • Modern minimalist design, Lightweight.
What We’d Change
  • Kinda expensive.

Why we recommend it

Tebery Pot has an interesting appeal to it and if you are a plant parent looking for something stylish and classy then here is an interesting container to shop for. This pot ensures you create a healthy environment, not with your plants alone but in their housing as well. These stylish pot matches any home decor and makes wonderful gifts to friends and families.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Pots And Containers For Houseplants

Pots and containers for houseplants need careful consideration and this is because most are not made with all types of house plants in mind. You can’t just pick any pot and have plants in it so here are factors that should guide every plant parent when shopping for pots & containers for houseplants.

1. Pot Weight

The total weight of the pot or container you are choosing to plant your pot has to be considered since you are still going to add soil, water, and the plant to it. Choose pots & containers that are made of lightweight material, so you can easily move them around. However, heavy pots are more beneficial than lighter ones, they can withstand harsh temperatures and won’t tip over easily.

2. Drainage Holes

It is vital to choose pots & containers with a great drainage hole. There should be a sufficient amount of drainage holes to prevent overwatering or drowning your plants.

3. Porosity

This is another very important factor you have to consider. Porous containers will allow air and moisture to circulate through your plants. Porous containers to go for include; unglazed terracotta or clay, paper pulp, timber, and other natural materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put in the bottom of a planter without drainage holes?

If your planter doesn’t come with drainage holes, not to worry, experts suggest using a layer of pebbles as a sort of drainage inside the pots. Water can easily flow into the space of the pebbles instead of staying in excess at the root of the plants.

What kind of pot should I use for indoor plants?

Ceramic happens to b the best type of pot for indoor plants, it is the most popular option. You can find ceramic in all sizes, styles, and colors. Other preferable pots to get include plastic, fiberglass, and terracotta.

Do houseplants stay in plastic pots?

Yes, houseplants can thrive in plastic pots, and it is an excellent material for promoting the plant’s health. Plastic pots are also cheaper and more durable than some plant pot materials.

Can plants be potted in metal pots?

Metal pots are very interesting, and you can use them for any indoor plants however it is not exactly safe as it is prone to overheating which can damage and stress the roots of your plants.

Are glazed ceramic pots good for plants?

Yes, glazed ceramic pots are great for plants, especially tropical plants. Tropical plants like their soil to stay moist and since glazed ceramic pots hold more moisture than other types of material, they are good for plants.

Final Thoughts

Your budget and time are going to play an important role in the pots & and containers you decide to go with.

Regardless, your choice of pots & containers should be suitable for the houseplants you are growing. While some houseplants are not picky and will do well in any container, some are not.

Another reason to carefully select a container is that it can promote healthy plant growth which is why we have some of the best options listed for you above.

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