The Best Pots For Monstera, Philodendron & Pothos Plants (2022)

Philodendron, Monstera, and practically pothos plants do need the right pots. Choosing a pot for many houseplants is not considered complex but for pothos plants, you need something sturdy and large enough to accommodate their growth.

Their water abilities are also vital when choosing a pot for them and luckily there are lots of pot materials with good drainage holes you can pick for them either when repotting or planting from cutting.

Monstera and philodendron are in the same larger family and they are closely related compared to all kinds of pothos plants. You have to choose a pot for your pothos plants and this is because you have to prevent the plants from growing too large and your choice of pot can help determine that.

While most pothos plants are similar, this doesn’t mean they will thrive in similar pots. Pothos plants like spider plants and ferns tend to do better in ceramic pots and you don’t have to plant them in soil, pothos plants will still grow when planted in a container with just water.

How do you choose pots for philodendron and monstera pothos plants? Philodendron and monstera are great houseplants and pothos plants generally bring a touch of the tropical to your indoor garden. You can grow pothos plants in any kind of climate if you have the right container.

Here is a guide on how to choose the best pots for philodendron, monstera, and pothos plants generally.

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Things To Consider When Choosing Pots For Pothos Plants

There are quite a couple of things you should consider before choosing a pot for pothos plants.

There are different types of pots out there and each comes with its pros and cons, if you are going to choose any of them for your Monstera and Philodendron plants, you need to put their watering and size into consideration.

You should have an idea of what kind of pot you are looking for before choosing to shop for one. To determine the best pot material for your pothos plants, below are lists of things you should consider

1. Drainage

A good drainage hole is vital for pothos plants. If you are planting a specific type of pothos plant for the first time and you are not familiar with the watering needs then you must choose a pot with a good drainage system as this prevents you from overwatering your plants.

Monstera plants do not like their roots wet so best to choose a pot that won’t hold water at the bottom. Almost any container will do great for philodendron and monstera as long as it has a good drainage hole.

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2. Temperature And Climate

Temperature and climate are important factors to consider if you are going to choose materials like plastic and glazed terracotta pots for your monstera pothos plant. The climate and temperature of your area are going to affect your philodendron and monstera plants so if you live in a dry area, choose a pot that can hold moisture during winter.

3. Watering Habit

Philodendron watering habits are a bit different from that of monstera and the same applies to other types of pothos plants as well. If you tend to overwater your plants without planning to then you have to choose pots such as terracotta which can easily wick away water.

Type Of Pots For Philodendron, Monstera, Pothos Plants

The growth and health of your pothos plants are going to be dependent on your choice of pots. Pothos plants will rarely require replanting but to make sure they are not affected by the factors listed above, you have to go with certain pots that are specifically going to help them thrive.

We have listed some great pot types you should choose for philodendron, monstera, and pothos plants.

1. Terracotta

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Image: Envato Elements

Terracotta pots might not match your home interior design but they are great options for philodendron plants.

You can always grow your plants anywhere you want with terracotta pots and they are a perfectly adequate choice for monstera plants as well although you have to go with the large ones. Terracotta pots do wick moisture away from the soil which helps avoid overwatering of your pothos plants.

The unglazed terracotta pot is the best type of pot you should choose for monstera and philodendron plants. However, you have to ensure it has a good drainage hole. Choose this if you plan to plant monstera plants outside in a rainy area or tend to overwater your plants.

2. Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pot
Image: Nihow Flower/Ubuy Nigeria

Ceramic pots are a really great idea for any type of pothos plant and they are really pretty as well. This is a bit expensive though but sure to give your monstera plants all the care it needs to grow. There are so many designs and sizes of ceramic pots, choose one that has a good drainage hole and is large enough to accommodate your monstera plants.

3. Plastic Pots

Plastic pots
Image: The Spruce

Plastic pots are the cheapest type of pots but they will do great for monstera, philodendron, and pothos plants that don’t like soggy roots.

You will need to ensure the pot is large enough for your pothos plants and this is a great option if your yard is usually warm and that is where you are placing your pothos plants.

4. Concrete Pots

Concrete Pots
Image: The Lazy Gardener

Concrete pots are very similar to plastic pots and should be the go-to option if you live in a warm area.

You will have to ensure there is proper drainage to prevent root rot. Concrete pots are suitable for philodendron, monstera, and all tropical plants. Concrete pots are also sturdy enough to be used in windy climates as monstera can get really big and be easily knocked over.

5. Unglazed Clay Pots

Unglazed clay pots
Image: Gardening Know How

If you are growing your philodendron, monstera, or pothos plant in cold climates, they will need less water and the better pot for that is clay pots.

The porosity of the clay will allow air and moisture to penetrate through the sides of the pots and excess moisture will also be removed from the potting soil so you can worry less about root rot.

Best Pot For Monstera Plants

Concrete pots are the best type of pots for monstera and this is because they are strong enough to accommodate big and mature Monstera plants. Concrete pots are quite heavy too so they will keep your Monstera plant from falling over. The pot is also weather resistant making it easy to place your plants outside.

Another advantage that comes with using concrete pot for monstera plants is that you can have it used indoor or outdoor and monstera love being cramped in their pots. Plastic and terracotta are also great pots for monstera but the overall best is the concrete pot.

Best Pot For Philodendron Plants

While hanging baskets are often recommended for philodendron plants, you can also choose to go with a plastic pot which tends to give them maximum space to grow and thrive. Large varieties of philodendron need bigger pots and plastic pots come in different sizes.

Philodendron is a plant type that grows vigorously and if it’s grown in a container, it will need frequent repotting, and using plastic makes it easier to re-pot them. Plastic pots with good drainage holes help master the basic art of watering your philodendron faster.

Best Pot For Pothos Plants

The best pot you can plant your pothos plant in is a glazed ceramic pot. Ceramic pots allow aeration of the soil and will also prevent overwatering in your plants. To plant pothos in a ceramic pot, choose a pot that is 2 inches bigger than the current pot.

Almost any type of container will work for the pothos plant as long as there is a drainage hole but to keep the soil evenly moist, ceramic pots are highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pothos like self-watering pots?

Yes, pothos plants will thrive in self-watering pots, and it is a good way to avoid root rot as well. Pothos plants can get root rot from lack of water or too much water hence why they can benefit from self-watering pots and many tropical plants also benefit from self-watering pots.

Do Monstera plants need big pots?

Big pots are not really important for monstera unless you are repotting them. Monstera plants like being crammed in pots and it is likely to get root rot from the excess wet soil it will be open to in large pots. Monstera needs to be repotted when they are really big but not in extremely large pots.

When should I re-pot my pothos?

Re-pot pothos plants in spring or summer months when it’s in the growing season.

In Conclusion

When monstera or philodendron plants are mentioned, size and watering needs can’t be ignored which is also why your choice of pot for them is vital.

You can also plant pothos plants, especially philodendron plants in hanging baskets and when the root starts poking up from the pot’s drainage hole then you know it’s time to repot your plants.

Pothos plant is an evergreen perennial and it does enjoy its life outdoor but with the right pot and temperature setting, it should do great indoors.