Hawaiian Pothos vs Golden Pothos: What’s The Difference?

Every type of pothos plant happens to always stand out and this is due to how basic their needs can be. However, two popular pothos plants are always going to have a space in many parent plants’ gardens, and that is Hawaiian pothos and golden pothos.

These plants happen to enjoy a wide range of environments but if you are going to choose one of these then you have to understand their differences and requirements.

Pothos plants tend to have similar requirements but this doesn’t mean they are all the same. However, it’s hard not to find pothos plants that look similar and that is the case of Hawaiin and golden pothos. You must be able to tell one pothos plant from the other, to decide what the plant needs.

The main difference between Hawaiian and golden pothos is the leaves. The Hawaiian pothos has larger leaves than golden pothos which are also light yellow and green. Golden pothos has leaves that are brighter and more intense than that Hawaiian leaves. These two plants are very different in terms of appearance and while golden pothos leaves are glossy and mid-green, Hawaiian pothos has large green leaves with yellow variegation.

You have to carefully consider these two notable pothos plants. Pothos plants generally are the attractive trailing vine and happen to be the easiest houseplants to grow hence why identifying them and their differences are also vital.

Golden pothos and Hawaiian pothos are very popular plants among expert gardeners and beginners. So how do you distinguish between these two? Read on to learn about the differences between golden pothos and Hawaiian pothos.

Basic Information About Golden Pothos

Golden pothos
Source: Michler’s

Golden pothos is also known as devil’s ivy, money plant, pothos, and many more.

It is a hardy foliage plant and it is best planted indoors. This plant is arguably one of the easiest pothos to grow and care for, they are also known for purifying the air. Below is the basic information you will need to care for devil’s ivy the right way.

Common NameDevil’s ivy, Money plant, Golden pothos, and pothos
Scientific NameEpipremnum aureum 
Plant TypeEvergreen perennial
Plant FamilyArums
LightBright, indirect light
Soil Type Well-drained potting mix or soilless mix
Foliage ColorGreen and yellow heart-shaped leaves
Temperature    65-85° C
Soil ph   Slightly acidic levels between 6.1 – 6.5
Native Southeastern Asian
Source: USDA

Basic Information On Hawaiian Pothos

Hawaiian pothos
Source: Greg

Hawaiian pothos plants are a cultivar of the same species as the golden pothos.

It is a fast-growing plant with very little to no effort from the gardener. Hawaiian pothos is a medium leaf indoor pothos plant and it is known for providing consistent heart-shaped leaves throughout its growth. Check the table for its basic information and needs.

Common NameHawaiian pothos, Pothos
Scientific NameEpipremnum aureum 
Plant TypePerennial
Plant FamilyAraceae
LightBright, indirect light
Soil Type Well-drained soil
Foliage ColorDark green, yellow and white streaks
Temperature    65-85° C
Soil ph   Slightly acidic levels between 6.1 – 6.5
Native Southeastern Asian and Western Pacific

Hawaiian Pothos vs Golden Pothos: What’s The Difference?

It is obvious from the basic information above that Hawaiian pothos and golden pothos have few differences and since they are from the same plant family, they have similar needs as well.

These plants are closely related and the main visible difference is the color of the foliage and stem. Golden pothos has bright foliage while Hawaiian pothos has a variegated pattern that is dark green, white, and yellow color.

Each has different colors too when all their needs are met. Golden pothos loves low light while Hawaiian prefer high to medium light. However, note that both will thrive in similar conditions as they are both pothos cultivars. While the leave is the easiest way you can tell the difference, below are other ways to tell them apart.

Differences Hawaiian PothosGolden Pothos
ColorIntensely yellow and develops a green stem.Mid-green leaves and sometimes lime in color. Yellow vine
LeafHeart-shaped leaves with pointed tipsHeart-shaped pointed leaves develop fenestrations.
Growth and Height30 feet or more in height outdoor. Not more than 10 feet indoors.Long trailing vines, not more than 10 feet.
SizeBigger and larger leaves than any other pothos plants.More than 12 inches under optimal conditions.
LightPrefers low light conditions.Prefers bright light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there such a thing as Hawaiian pothos?

Hawaiian pothos does exist and it is a cultivar of the golden pothos. The similarities between Hawaiian pothos and golden pothos can’t be missed as the stem is also yellow but the stem will grow longer than that of golden pothos with time. Hawaiian pothos has light yellow and green leaves.

Is Giant pothos the same as Golden Pothos?

Giant pothos is not the same as golden pothos. Golden pothos will not turn into giant pothos while giant pothos as the name implies turns into a giant monster plant. Giant pothos can grow about 40 feet tall.

How do I know what kind of pothos I have?

Their leaf variegation should tell you what kind of pothos plant you have. Some pothos plants have dark leaves while some tend to change leave colors all season or have bright lemon and lime-colored leaves. There are over a dozen types of pothos plants and the only way to distinguish them is their stem and leaf variegation.

What is the rarest type of pothos?

The rare type of pothos is known as the Harlequin pothos. It is similar to the manjula pothos but you can touch this type and it happens to be very beautiful. It also looks like a mix of marble and snow queen pothos.

Can I grow Hawaiian pothos indoors?

Yes, you can grow Hawaiian pothos indoors and they make wonderful houseplants. It is a great indoor plant and just like most pothos, it handles the indoor heat well but does not tolerate cold. It requires the same temperature and humidity as the tropical jungle condition since it’s a tropical plant.

In Conclusion

Generally Hawaiian and golden pothos plants are different from each other.

However, they do have some similarities as well, one is that they both need a lot of space to grow strong and develop their roots properly, both need lots of sunlight, will not tolerate sitting in water for too long, and have the same pointed heart-shaped leaves.

Differentiating between these two can be a bit confusing, nonetheless, you can’t go wrong planting any of the two in your indoor garden as they do make wonderful houseplants and add a nice touch to any house design.