Harlequin Pothos Care (How to Propagate)

Harlequin pothos plant is quite a unique variety and has often been mixed up with the Manjula variety due to the striking resemblance. This variety of pothos is an attractive one, it grows into a mix of the Snow Queen and marble while it is also highly variegated with white variegation.

This plant makes a great houseplant; one of the essential aspects of caring for it is to water it regularly.

The basic care needed for most varieties of pothos plants is easy and luckily they do enjoy a wide range of environments. Harlequin pothos plant is a popular houseplant hence its basic needs are similar to that of other popular houseplants however how you choose to propagate it can determine how fast it grows.

There have been speculations on if Manjula pothos is the same as the Harlequin pothos plant. Both are popular pothos houseplants and it’s quite difficult to tell them apart however they are not the same plant and do not tolerate the same light needs.

One of the ways you can ensure your plant collection has a harlequin plant is to have it propagated. Just like other popular varieties of pothos plants, you can easily propagate Harlequin pothos from stem or cutting. Read on to learn how to care for and propagate the Harlequin plant easily.

Basic Information Of Harlequin Pothos Plant

harlequin Pothos
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The harlequin pothos plant is regarded as a sports variety of the Manjula plant which can explain its stunning foliage. It is a really beautiful plant and makes an easy to care for houseplants as well.

It is difficult to tell the difference between this plan and Manjula hence why we have listed the basic information for you below to help you identify the plant properly.

Botanical nameEpipremnum Aureum Harlequin
OriginNative to Southeast Asia
LightLow to bright indirect light
WateringModerate watering
Temperature18 °C to 25 °C (64-77 °F).
ToxicityToxic to pets and humans
Propagation StyleIndoor and Outdoor propagation
FoodBalanced plant feed in spring and summer monthly
Humidity50% or above
Foliage colorLarge patches of white alongside some green
Common Plant IssuesLeaf burn, overwatering

How to Propagate Harlequin Pothos

Harlequin plants might not be on the top list of popular pothos plants but they make really great houseplants due to how tough and adaptable they are. Harlequin pothos however can refuse to grow if it is not propagated the right way.

Note that there are different methods of propagation for pothos plants and the one that works for pothos plants is propagation through cutting.

You can choose to root harlequin cuttings in water or soil. Follow the simple steps below to grow a whole new harlequin pothos in just a week and double the benefits.

1. Remove The Cuttings

The first step to propagating through cuttings is to have the cuttings removed from the mother plant. Get a clean pair of scissors or pruning shears or have them disinfected to avoid transferring any disease to your plant.

Use scissors to snip a part of the stem of leaves and you have to ensure the part you are cutting includes the nodes (spots on the plant where the leaves emerge from).

The pruning shears you are using have to be sharp so you don’t damage the stem. Another important rule is to choose a healthy plant to get your cutting from or your plant won’t grow. Harlequin pothos is a rare variety but you can always get the cutting online but ensure it is healthy.

Harlequin pothos care guide

2. Rooting In Water

After getting your harlequin pothos cutting, the next is to root it. To root your harlequin cutting in water, you have to cut at least 6 inches piece of a stem which has one leaf and at least one node and sticks that in a clean glass jar with room temperature water.

Place the jar in an area with bright indirect sunlight and have the water changed every few days to prevent mold from forming. It should be transferred into potting soil when there are little roots growing out of the base.

3. Plant Straight In The Soil

Harlequin pothos grows faster when rooted in water but planting straight in the soil limits the need to have it transplanted later.

Take the same size cutting with at least one node and of leaf and plant in high-quality potting soil. You can also dig the plant in hormone powder to speed up its growth and use a container with enough drainage holes.

To improve drainage, use a mixture of potting soil, perlite, and coconut coir. This mixture will ensure your plant gets a good start. Next bury the bottom half of the stem of your cutting in the soil and water thoroughly. Place the container in an area with lots of indirect sunlight.

Caring For Harlequin Pothos

Image: Reddit / r/houseplants.

Propagating harlequin pothos is quite an easy one and so is caring for it. Harlequin pothos is highly recommended for beginners who are looking for an easy houseplant to grow, it tolerates a wide range of environments however it is not a plant that will thrive when neglected.

So, below is a care guide you can follow for a healthy harlequin pothos.

1. Watering Needs

For many houseplants, the water requirement should be the first thing plant parents should know. Harlequin pothos plant is unlikely to die if you forget to water it in a week and this is because it thrives on moderate watering. Water harlequin pothos once a week or simply water only when the top soil is dry.

2. Humidity

Harlequin plant is a tropical plant so the ideal temperature should be around 50% and above. To make sure the variegated part of the leaves stays in top condition it needs high humidity so if you live in an area with low humidity, you can increase moisture by adding a humidifier or misting the plant.

3. Soil

Pothos plants are low-maintenance plants and harlequin plants are no exception too. It will do well with a simply draining mix and to avoid root rot, add perlite to it.

4. Lightening

Low light conditions can cause the harlequin variegation to fade but it does best in bright indirect sunlight. If you live in an area with low lighting, you should consider providing it with artificial lighting. Harlequin pothos will not grow if it is placed in complete darkness so ensure it is getting lots of indirect natural light.

Image: Etsy / Buy this plant.

5. Temperature

Just like humidity, harlequin pothos prefers warm temperatures. Cold temperature can cause the leaves to start falling off hence the ideal temperature range to maintain should be between 60 and 75 degrees F.

6. Fertilizing

Harlequin pothos is a lot prone to plant burn so make sure the feed you plan to give it is well diluted. Feed it a well-balanced plant feed once a month in summer or spring however harlequin pothos will still turn out okay without fertilizer.

Wrapping Up

With the harlequin plant, you do not need much when propagating or caring for it.

However, getting your hands on this plant can be quite difficult, it is a popular variety of pothos but rare to find one. You can contact expert growers or check specialty plant stores to buy them.

Harlequin pothos makes a great addition to your indoor plants and with this article, you can propagate new ones and keep them healthy.

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