The Best Pot For Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants (2022)

The best pot for fiddle leaf fig plants

The Fiddle leaf fig, also known as Ficus lyrata has become and trendy plant and a favorite for a lot of people. The fiddle leaf fig is not only a lovely indoor plant, but it also has several advantages.

Here are the best pots for fiddle leaf fig houseplants – at a glance

Aveyas ceramic planter pot with drainage hole & saucer for fiddle leaf fig Aveyas Ceramic Planter Pot with Drainage Hole & Saucer For Fiddle Leaf Fig
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  • Free Pot Stand
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La jolie muse flower pot large garden planters La Jolie Muse Flower Pot Large Garden Planters
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Kante 16 Kante 16″ Square Concrete Planters
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Songmics ceramic plant pot, white SONGMICS Ceramic Plant Pot, White
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Elly décor 12 inch plastic cylinder planter pot Elly Décor 12 inch Plastic Cylinder Planter Pot
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9 inch plant pots with drainage holes & saucer 9 Inch Plant Pots with Drainage Holes & Saucer
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It is well known that the fiddle leaf fig plant can improve emotions, raise the humidity, soothe the nervous system, lower blood pressure, and do other things.

Despite being a plant that is relatively simple to grow, the fiddle leaf fig pot is one of the most crucial aspects to consider.

The growth of your fiddle leaf fig plant is significantly influenced by the pot you choose. finding the right pot for the fiddle leaf fig can be a lot stressful for a lot of people, considering the many specifications required. 

What To Look Out For In A Pot For Fiddle Leaf Fig

There are many different pots available, but because the fiddle leaf fig is a unique plant, only particular types of pots are appropriate for it. The fiddle leaf fig is a particularly delicate plant; therefore, it needs the ideal balance of moisture and dryness.

Because of this, the drainage system in a pot is the most crucial feature to check for. The drainage system is a crucial element that might affect the health of your plant, even if the fiddle leaf fig can be kept in any type of container.

How much light does a fiddle leaf fig plant need?
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The fiddle leaf fig and many other indoor plants are susceptible to root rot, which occurs when there is too much water at the root of the plant.

As a result of this, the plant requires a pot that allows water to drain almost immediately after it is watered. Using a pot with drainage holes, allows the water to escape, as the plant takes just the amount of water it needs.

The Best Pots For Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

QUICK TIP: If you’re in search of a pot for your fiddle leaf fig, ensure it has at least two drainage holes in it.

1. Aveyan Ceramic Planter Pot

Aveyas 10 inch ceramic planter pot with drainage hole & saucer, glazed mid century modern large cylinder plants pot for indoor outdoor decorative flower fiddle leaf fig pots (10

The Aveyan ceramic planter pot is specifically made for the fiddle leaf fig and this is why we love it. The pot is made of ceramic and fully glazed, both inside and the outer part of the body.

This makes it shiny, attractive, and lovely. With the fiddle leaf fig in mind when it was made, this planter pot is made with the finest of materials. It is also suitable for use outdoor, as it is strong and fit to withstand any harsh weather temperature.

The pot comes with a stand, which is made of high-quality bamboo material. alongside the stand, it also comes with a ceramic saucer, rubber plug, drainage net, and 300g planter filler to help your fiddle leaf fig live happily and healthily.

2. La Jolie Muse Flower Pot

La jolie muse flower pot large garden planters 11. 3 inches pack 2 outdoor indoor, outdoor planters w/ drain hole (marble)

La Jolie muse flower pot is a favorite for our fiddle leaf fig plant. Everyone loves a plant pot that makes a statement anywhere it is placed and La Jolie muse flower pot is that statement pot. It adds to the aesthetics of your home, regardless of where it is situated.

This pot will be not only suitable for indoor use but will also sit well outdoor i.e., on your balcony, patio, or porch, irrespective of the weather. The la Jolie pot is strong enough to withstand any type of weather condition, hence you don’t have to worry too much when placing it outdoors.

La Jolie flower plant is made of recycled plastic and natural stone powder; hence it is lightweight and easy to lift. The pot comes with 4 pre-drilled drainage holes, giving your plant room to drain water properly.

However, it requires a saucer to hold the draining water.

3. Kante Square Concrete Pot

Kante 16" square concrete planters for outdoor outdoor patio garden, lightweight modern planter pots slate gray

If you are looking for a pot with a modern look and style, then the Kante square concrete pot is your best option. This square concrete pot complements its environment.

The pot is made of concrete and has visible pores, which further enhances the elegance of the pot. It comes in sizes that are just right for your fiddle leaf fig.

The material of this plant is harsh weather resistant, which makes the pot suitable for outdoor use. It is long-lasting outdoor and will not change its color. The Kante square concrete pot is suitable for your fiddle leaf fig as it comes with drainage holes to keep your plant from root rot.

4. SONGMICS Ceramic Flower Pot

Songmics ceramic plant pot, 11. 8-inch, flower pot with drainage hole and removable plug, white ulcf004w01

The songmics ceramic flower plant adds the summer vibe in whatever space it is placed. The lines on the pot make it a match for the fiddle leaf fig as it makes it more elegant.

This pot is made of ceramic, making it not only easy to clean but also durable, strong, and capable of withstanding harsh weather for outdoor use. The plant pot comes with drainage holes, making room for water to properly drain, while also retaining moisture for your plant.

This pot gives you the chic elegance that you need in your room or space. It also comes in a color that easily blends and fits your home décor.

5. Elly Décor Plastic Cylinder Planter Pot

31gcjphmvol. Sl500

An attribute of a good planter pot is its weight. The Elly décor plastic planter pot is that lightweight pot you need for your fiddle leaf fig. The pot is made of the finest and high-quality plastic material, which adds to its lightweight and durability.

We love this planter pot as it comes in a color that adds to the overall aesthetics of your home. Whether you place it indoors or outdoors, the Elly décor planter pot matches and fits the space beautifully.

Most especially, it comes with drainage holes that help your fiddle leaf fig live healthily. It also comes with a self-watering saucer, which keeps the drained water away from the root of the plant.

6. Wine Barrel Plant Pots

9 inch plant pots with drainage holes & saucer,2 pack decoration flower pots canbe used for indoor outdoor. Resin whiskey barrel planters imitation wooden barrel design,lightweight,no fade. ( brown)

We love planter pots with unique designs and we know this is the same for you too. The wine barrel plant pot is all you need to get that unique design into your home.

As you can tell, the plant pot is designed to imitate a wine barrel and is made with the best materials. Giving your space the rural feel that you want. The planter pot is suitable for the fiddle leaf fig plant as it comes with drainage holes and a saucer, which collects the drained water.

The entire pot is designed to ensure your plant is healthy and happy. do you intend to place your pot outside? This wine barrel is made with the best material to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is long-lasting and doesn’t fade, hence it is suitable for outdoor use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Shape Of A Pot Matter?

No. the shape of a pot doesn’t matter to the health of a fiddle leaf fig. they can accommodate living in different pot shapes, colors, or depths. What matters to your plant is the drainage system, the size of the pot, and how well it holds enough soil for the plant.

What Size Of The Pot Is Suitable?

Your fiddle leaf fig wants to grow in a small pot. However, the pot shouldn’t be smaller than the plant. If you are repotting, we suggest you purchase a pot that is 1-2 inches bigger than the previous one. Getting your fiddle leaf fig, in a big pot can lead to overwatering and eventually root rot.

Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Like Small Pots?

Fiddle leaf figs enjoy living in a snug environment, which makes a fairly small pot perfect for them. However, the pot should not be too small to not accommodate growth. Ensure that you purchase a pot that is neither too big nor too small. Getting a big pot can lead to overwatering and a small pot can hinder the growth of the plant. The right size should be 1-2 inches bigger than the former (for repotting).

Will My Fiddle Leaf Fig Do Well In Terracotta Pots?

Yes, Fiddle leaf figs will grow successfully in terracotta pots. However, because terracotta pots tend to absorb moisture more quickly than pots made of other materials, you will need to take extra care of your plant. Your terracotta pots’ soil may dry out more quickly, which could cause infections in your plants.

Final Thoughts

Having a good pot is important to the fiddle leaf fig. as this can determine the amount of water it takes in as well as prevent the plant from diseases and pests.

We have provided a list of the best pots that you can choose from, all of which have drainage holes to help your plant grow better. If you find a pot that doesn’t have a drainage hole but you love it, you can drill some holes underneath it and make the drainage holes for your plant.

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