Why Is My Toaster Tripping The Electronics?

Why does my toaster trip the electronics? A lot of people may have encountered a situation where their toaster is unable to perform its function efficiently making them ask the question “why is my toaster tripping the electronics”.

A toaster is a small electrical appliance that can function as an oven or a toaster. It uses electric power in order to function. Hence, a toaster is said to trip the electronics when there is a break in the circuit.

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Possible Reasons Why Toasters Trip The Electronics?

Replicating to this objection, do you simply want to figure out what causes the issue of your toaster tripping the electronics? We’ll outline the possible problems that can cause the toaster to trip the electronics as well as provide the solutions to the problem.

1. Bad power cable supply

A bad or faulty power cable supply can cause your toaster to trip the electronics. This cable goes into your toaster and makes it function as required. 

However, to discover that this is the problem you have to carefully remove the plug, and check the cable for any split.

2. Faulty outlet

If nothing is wrong with the cable supply, then the fault would be with the outlet. If the outlet smells like it is burnt and you can see a change in color on it, then you would have to change it.

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3. Incorrect size electrical breaker

If the outlet and cable are in good shape, then you can check the electrical breaker. Normally, all toaster uses about 110 volts of electricity and also uses an average of 110W energy. The problem could be that you are sharing the electrical breaker with an appliance that consumes a lot of power.

4. Defective electronics in the toaster

the toaster has different electronics that were in-built into it. These electronics include; heating cables, LED lights indicator, crumbs trays, heating detector, controlling knots, regulating rod, revolution board with a panel, and timing apparatus. 

All of these features work hand-in-hand to produce a good result. Using a fork or any other utensil can damage the electronics, and make your toaster trip the electronics. So, if any of these are damaged it would cause your toaster to trip the electronics.

Possible Solutions For A Toaster That Is Tripping The Electronics

After discovering the reason why your toaster trips the electronics, you need to find the solution to them. This would help to stop the tripping of electronics from your toaster.

However, I would provide the solutions to each problem. Thus, once you know the reason why your toaster trips, you can easily get the solution here;

  • If you discover that your toaster has a bad cable power supply, you can purchase a new toaster cable and reconnect it or repair it.
  • If the outlet is faulty, use a voltmeter to check the volts of the outlet to be sure if it’s still active. If the outlet doesn’t have enough volt to run your toaster, you can easily purchase a new outlet.
  • If the electrical breaker is damaged, you have to purchase a new one. You can also bring down the load you place on the electrical breaker to stop the toaster from tripping the electronics.
  • If your toaster’s electronics are defective, you can always repair it, but that is if it worth it.
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Added Tip: How To Replace A Damaged Toaster Circuit Breaker

Replacing a damaged circuit breaker is very easy and safe to do in your abode.

But before you can take that step, you need to have experience or follow some safety precautions, or better still, you can call on an engineer for help. Below are the steps to replace a damaged circuit breaker.

  • Switch off all the connected breakers one after the other.
  • Turn off the major breaker.
  • Read the cables with a voltmeter to make sure they do not have life in them.
  • Evacuate the breaker panel lid.
  • Detach the cables from each terminal on the damaged circuit breaker.
  • Bring out the damaged circuit breaker from its dock.
  • Purchase a new circuit breaker and connect it to the empty dock.
  • Join the circuit breaker’s cable to the current terminal.
  • Change the circuit breaker’s panel.
  • Switch on the major circuit breaker.

Then, switch on all the circuit breakers you turned off. Ensure you check if it’s working perfectly and you should also connect the breakers well.


With all the aforementioned, always ensure you make use of safety materials when using your toaster, also make sure you put off the socket or unplug it when you’re not using the toaster to avoid it tripping the electronics.

Lastly, make sure you are able to figure out the original issue before attempting to repair it.