Does Rosemary Grow Back Every Year?

Rosemary is an evergreen perennial shrub and due to its versatile use in the kitchen, it happens to be one of the most popular plants you can grow in the garden. Rosemary will not survive cold winter hence it is grown as an annual plant and, you have to take extra care of it.

There are lots of advantages attached to planting rosemary in your garden and due to how fragile rosemary roots often look at first, many beginners often wonder if it does grow back every year.

Studies have shown that the rosemary plant has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties which will explain why it can be found in many homes. Planting rosemary in your garden can also help feed and stabilize the soil life, and it happens to be a great companion plant for many crops. It has powerful aromatic oil and the smell is known to deter some pests and attract pollinators as well.

Yes, rosemary is one of the herbs that will grow year after year if you live in zones 7-10, but it will not survive extremely cold weather. Many culinary herbs are perennial and the rosemary plant is one of them, and it will continue to grow year after year but note that the plant will go through a cold period during winter. Rosemary will only survive winter if you have it pruned or grow it indoors during that period.

Rosemary will thrive under the right condition but just like every other plant, you have to know how to care for it properly. Gardeners are hesitant about planting rosemary outdoor, especially during winter. So, stick with us to find out if rosemary truly grows back year after year and how to rejuvenate it.

Guide on Planting And Growing Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the easier herbs to plant and care for however this doesn’t mean you don’t need a guide on its requirement. Rosemary is a great perennial plant, but it can be a bit stressful to ensure it keeps growing back which is why some gardeners have it planted as an annual crop. Rosemary can be cultivated, and it will finalize its life cycle in a year.

Rosemary is a really attractive plant that can beautify your garden. However, rosemary plants are naturally invasive and this can be a source of concern for gardeners. But not to worry, here are a few tips that can guide you when planting and growing rosemary.

  • Propagate new rosemary from cuttings, this tends to grow faster when planted indoor
  • Plant the seed or cuttings of the rosemary plant indoors for 8 to 10 weeks
  • Choose a planting site with fun sun and well-drained soil
  • Rosemary’s are invasive plants so make sure to give it enough room
  • Plant with companion plants such as beans, carrots, sage, and cabbage
  • You can transplant them outdoor once they are 3 to 6 inches tall, but you should also ensure to bring them inside during cold winter weather.
Does rosemary grow back every year?
Source: The Morning Call

Does Rosemary Grow Back Every Year?

Rosemary will grow back every year if it is planted in a container, and you can easily move it inside during winter. Rosemary planted in the ground during winter won’t survive the weather, it tends to go dormant, but it will survive if it stays indoors during winter. Rosemary thrives in warm weather hence why it won’t survive winter.

There are two options, you can either grow rosemary as a perennial plant or choose to grow it as an annual and bring it back yourself. While rosemary is good at taking itself, especially when planted in the pot, you have to prune rosemary shortly before or during the harsh cold weather.

So, to ensure your rosemary grows back every year, you have to move it inside during winter.

How do You Keep Rosemary Alive In Winter?

Rosemary is very vulnerable to cold so if they do go dormant during the cold season, there are simple ways you can rejuvenate it. Harsh cold weather is not the only reason your rosemary might have to be revived, it can also go dormant if there is persistent moisture around the root or if it stops growing due to regular running or lack of sun.

To keep your rosemary alive during winter, you should bring it indoors if it’s planted in a container however if this can’t be done then you have to provide an extra layer of protection for it. You can cover them with a floating row cover and gentle misting after winter is important too.

Prune and mulch your rosemary plant right before the temperature changes to freezing, this way they can stay alive in winter. After winter, snip off any damaged frost stem and improve the drainage of your soil to prevent root rot. Lastly, you should consider transferring the herb to a large new pot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my rosemary plant come back after winter?

You might have to revive it after winter, and has to be pruned in winter before it comes back. Rosemary is a hardy plant, so it can withstand harsh temperatures including freezing weather, but this has to be a short period, they won’t survive extremely cold conditions but can be revived after winter is long gone.

How long does a rosemary plant live?

Rosemary is low maintenance plant but its life cycle is dependent on the temperature level in your zone. Rosemary is a hardy perennial hence it can live up to 15 years or more as it’s going to keep regrowing itself.

Can I leave potted rosemary outside in winter?

It’s best to bring potted rosemary indoors during winter, or you can have it placed on your balcony or patio. If the weather is really bad, have it moved to the garage or basement. Potted rosemary plants will only survive if you bring them indoors before the arrival of freezing winter weather.

What is the lowest temperature that rosemary can tolerate?

Rosemary generally has strong heat tolerance but most varieties won’t survive temperatures below 30 degrees outside. Rosemary prefers temperatures between 55 degrees and 80 degrees outside and your growing zone determines their tolerance for low temperatures as well.

How do you prepare rosemary for the winter?

To make sure your rosemary bush survives winter, have it pruned to about 3 inches and mulched. Note that it will respond perfectly to hard running during winter. If you are growing rosemary in at least zone 8 then you can grow it all year round without worrying about preparing it for winter.

Wrapping Up

Winter is the only time you have to worry about rosemary, it tends to grow itself with less requirement from the gardener.

Rosemary is vulnerable to some fungal diseases during winter, so it’s always best to have it moved indoors or add some layer of protection. Rosemary completes its life cycle in 3 or more years and with the right care, it will grow back year after year.