Thyme Companion Plants (What Not to Grow Near Thyme)

Having a garden filled with healthy plants can’t be overestimated. How much more having a garden filled with thyme herb. Thyme offers a lot of advantages that benefit the gardener and other garden plants. Thyme can only get better with companion planting 

Companion planting involves growing plants to improve their quality. In this process, they will be protected from diseases and major pests. Thyme offers more benefits to the crop it is grown with than it receives from it.

When grown with vegetables like tomatoes, brassicas, it deters worms like tomato hornworms and cabbage worms which are their major pests. The vegetables get a better yield after growing with thyme. 

Thyme is a low-maintenance herb. It belongs to the Lamiaceae which is a family of aromatic herbs like mint. It comes back every year. It thrives in hot climates and consists of varieties.

Most aromatic herbs are responsible for boosting the growth of other flowers, vegetables, and herbs too. Thyme plays this role when grown with other plants. It is best to plant it with crops that are susceptible to pests to get the best of them. 

10 Best Thyme Companion Plants

The type of plant a crop companion with is as important as growing that plant. For you to get the best of your crops. Never downplay the role of companion planting. Companion planting reveals what plants can be grown and not grown with it.

You are about to learn about the kind of crops to companion with thyme to improve its quality. 

1. Potatoes

Thyme will go well with potatoes in dishes. Plant both crops together in the garden to harvest a Better yield of potato vegetables. Potato is a crop susceptible to different pests and fungal diseases which eventually reduces its yield or destroys its harvest. Thyme can help boost its flavor and cut out these disadvantages.

Potatoes will also go well with herbs like basil and chamomile. Thyme is home to predators so pests will stay away from your potato vegetables. 

2. Shallots

Thyme doesn’t cause harm to shallots. Instead, they repel pests from this fragile plant.  Consider planting both together. Shallots belong to the family of Allium but aren’t good at repelling pests.

Most Allium vegetables release scents that keep pests away. Thus they are recommended as a good companion plant. To get rid of pests from destroying shallots, plant thyme close to it. 

3. Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes from the garden
Image: Envato Elements

Tomato’s major enemy is the tomato hornworm. For a plant whose fruits spread on the ground, it’s better to protect it by companion planting it with other crops.

Thyme is one of the best companions for Tomato. It gives it a flavor boost and deters pests from it. Though Planting thyme with tomato can’t reduce its vulnerability to diseases, it still ranks high on the list of plants to grow with tomatoes. 

4. Strawberries

Strawberry is a delicious fruit eaten by many. This doesn’t nullify its susceptibility to pests. However, pests can be kept at bay by planting thyme. Thyme also acts as ground cover for strawberries and conserves their moisture. Plant thyme with strawberries to prevent weeds from growing. 

5. Eggplants

If you are looking for the best plants to companion with eggplant, choose aromatic herbs. Aromatic herbs are like the best companion plants for eggplant. Thyme is an example of this herb and it repels dangerous moths from this nightshade plant. Grow thyme to serve as a natural pest repellent for eggplant. 

6. Roses

Thyme will always be one of the recommended options for flowers. Flowers naturally deter pests but roses are vulnerable to aphids. You already know that thyme is a great companion so you shouldn’t hesitate to plant it with a rose. 

7. Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet offers therapeutic benefits. It is also perfect for dishes. It has a beautiful scent that gives your garden a beautiful fragrance. To improve the yield of this plant, grow it with thyme. It enhances its flavor and makes it more suitable for dishes. 

8. Blueberries

Blueberries harbors pollinators. Blueberry and thyme have similar soil requirements. They both grow in acidic soil just that the levels of acidity differ. To invite more pollinators to your garden, you need blueberries to thrive.

Thyme is the best plant to grow with blueberries for a successful harvest of juicy fruits. The thyme can be used as a spice to prepare soups. 

9. Cabbage

Freshly harvested cabbage
Image: Envato Elements

Brassicas enjoy the company of thyme. These vegetables benefit from thyme by enjoying pest-free growth. Cabbage worms, moths, and aphids are the most dangerous pests that should not be found around brassicas.

The beautiful leaves which are the edible part of these vegetables Could get destroyed by these pests. Not to worry, thyme is the perfect herb to put these pests in their place. 

10. Lavender

Lavender goes well with hardy, Mediterranean herbs like thyme in the garden. If put in the same environment and under similar conditions with thyme will thrive well. Grow them together in the garden for maximum results.

Lavender also has a nice fragrance and can be used to make perfumes

What Not To Grow Near Thyme

Thyme is a hardy plant that doesn’t require much care and attention. It offers benefits to many plants. Nevertheless, not all plants will thrive well when grown with this beneficial herb. 

1. Chives

One of the factors that nullify plants from being compatible in the garden is the growing condition. Once the growing condition of a plant differs from the plant you want to companion it with, that automatically disqualifies it.

Chives is one plant that seems as though it will benefit from thyme but has different requirements from thyme. Never place the two together as chives will thrive better in moist soil

2. Basil

Basil herb

Basil thrives well with vegetables. Some herbs don’t accommodate other herbs. Basil is such a plant and should be kept away from thyme to avoid disaster. Instead grow basil with cabbages, lettuce as it helps deter pests. 

3. Cilantro

Cilantro is a home for beneficial insects. Just like chives, cilantro also requires sufficient moisture to grow. Thyme thrives in a dry environment and will grow well in sandy soil.

Thyme Companion Planting Guide

  • Before growing thyme, make sure to choose a sandy and dry environment for it
  • The best season to grow thyme in spring
  • Choose an area exposed to direct sunlight
  • Thyme grows well in acidic soil. A soil pH of 6-8 is the best for thyme herb
  • Mix the soil with fertilizers, compost, or manure before planting as thyme prefers a slightly fertile soil
  • Plant thyme cuttings 12-24 inches apart in the garden
  • Thyme does not need much watering. Only water plants when the previous water has dried
  • A soil temperature of 70°F is perfect for thyme
  • Plant thyme gerb before frost
  • Start planting indoors before transplanting it outdoors.

Is Rosemary the same as thyme?

Although both herbs are aromatic and belong to the family of mint, they are different. They have different features but are used for culinary purposes and serve therapeutic benefits

Does thyme last through winter?

Thyme thrives best in a dry environment but will also survive the winter season. To make it grow well in winter, make sure the soil is well-drained. Also, provide it with a mulch if need be. The goal is to keep it as dry as possible.

Is lemon thyme annual or perennial?

Thyme is naturally a perennial herb. Lemon thyme, a variety of thyme herb is also a perennial crop. 

Where should I plant thyme?

For a better yield, it is advisable to grow thyme in Sandy soil and a drought-resistant environment. Ensure your thyme receives at least 8 hours of sunlight with little moisture.

Is thyme an indoor plant?

You can start by planting your thyme indoors before transplanting it outside but note that it needs sufficient sunlight. Thus, the spot indoors must be exposed to direct sunlight. 

Do parsley and thyme go together?

Thyme companions well with other herbs and Parsley isn’t an exception. Thyme will go well with Parsley on the same patch.

How much cold can thyme tolerate?

Thyme can grow during winter provided the soil is well-drained. Your thyme plant will also need a mulch to survive in cold climates.

What can thyme be planted with?

Thyme thrives well with vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Growing it with rosemary, tomatoes, brassicas will benefit them and deter pests from those vegetables listed. Rosemary is a natural pest repellent. Growing thyme with it boosts its yield. Thyme can also be planted with fruits like blueberries and strawberries to keep pests at bay. 

Is thyme a good companion plant?

Thyme companions with most garden plants. This includes vegetables, flowers, and herbs but cilantro, chives, and basil are exceptions to this.

Can you plant thyme with vegetables?

Of course, thyme will do great when grown with vegetables like brassicas. The major role thyme plays when planted with vegetables is to boost their flavor and repel pests from destroying their leaves. Planting thyme with your vegetable will give you a great harvest

What other herbs can I plant with thyme?

Basil is an herb but doesn’t companion well with thyme. It’s therefore important to know the type of herbs that will grow well with thyme. Not all herbs possess similar growing conditions with thyme but the herbs that will thrive well with thyme are rosemary, lavender, sage. e.t.c.

Can lavender be planted next to thyme?

Lavender grows well with Mediterranean herbs like thyme. To give your garden a great fragrance, grow lavender. It can also be used to make soaps and perfumes after harvesting your thyme. 

Can thyme and cilantro be planted together?

Cilantro is the worst companion you can plant with thyme. One of the rules of companion planting is to grow crops with similar growing conditions. Cilantro does well with moisture while your thyme herb will struggle in a moist environment. 

Will thyme take over my garden?

Mint is invasive. It possesses rhizome roots and spreads underground. Thyme belongs to the mint family and possesses this feature too. Thyme roots will be difficult to get rid of after harvesting them. 

Can you plant thyme and mint together?

Both herbs belong to the same family and possess rhizome roots. They can hinder each other from growing by extending their roots and fighting for space.

Where does thyme grow in sun or shade?

Thyme needs full sun to grow well. Giving it some shade could accumulate some moisture which thyme doesn’t tolerate. Make sure it receives at least 8 hours of sunlight

What should not be planted with thyme?

Cilantro, chives and basil, and herbs not to be planted close to thyme. They require moisture to do well while thyme loves dryness. 

Does thyme like the full sun?

Thyme grows better when exposed to enough sunlight.


Thyme is a herb that tastes delicious in dishes. It is also a beneficial plant that contributes greatly to other garden plants. Nonetheless, it is important to take note of details like the plant it will struggle with on the patch.

With these details discovered, you should be rest assured to have a good yield with this age-long practice known as companion planting.

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