13 Best Evergreen Shrubs For Your Front Lawn

Your front lawn needs to look just as great as your home decor. While there are so many evergreen shrubs out there, choosing one that suits your front lawn can be overwhelming. Every front lawn deserves an evergreen shrub, and it does have a way of providing color and privacy to one home and garden.

To add instant appeal to any front lawn, an evergreen shrub might be a perfect choice. To choose an evergreen shrub for your lawn, you need to ensure it is less than fifteen feet in height, easy to maintain, and responds well to pruning.

The advantage of planting an evergreen shrub on your front lawn it highlights your house structure making it look more flamboyant and appealing.

Evergreen shrubs especially the flowering ones do have a way of making your house look and feel fresh. Your front lawn will be happy with a shrub, and it makes your landscaping look less boring.

What Is An Evergreen Shrub?

Botanically, an evergreen shrub is simply a plant that has foliage and remains evergreen.

Evergreen shrubs also mean they retain all through the year and follow their growing season as well. Evergreen shrubs are not difficult to find but not all respond well to pruning. If you are a gardener or landscaper, the evergreen shrubs can help create everlasting seasonal gardening plantings.

Top 13 Evergreen Shrubs For Your Front Lawn

Evergreen plants are one of the ideal ways to add colors to your front lawn. No matter how the architecture of a home is or where you live in the country, an evergreen shrub can help spice things up. So, let’s take a look at some top evergreen shrubs for your front lawn.

1. Winter Gem Boxwood (Buxus microphylla var)

Wintergreen Boxwood Evergreen Shrub
Image: @wintergreenshrub // Instagram

There are various types of boxwood variety and the one that is sure going to make the front lawn look aesthetically pleasing is the winter gem boxwood which is also known as the green beauty. Winter gem boxwood is an excellent evergreen shrub, and it’s a dwarf shrub hence it won’t block the entrance of your lawn completely.

This type of evergreen shrub is easy to care for, and it does tolerate winter and cold better than other types of boxwood shrubs. This will do well in full sun and partial shade as well and since it grows and can grow up to 4 feet, it makes a great foundation plant for any house.

2. Smooth Hydrangeas (Hydrangea arborescens)

Source: HGTV

Another popular evergreen shrub is the hydrangeas. This evergreen shrub is also known as sheep flower or seven bark, and it’s more known as smooth hydrangea. Smooth hydrangea is an excellent front lawn evergreen shrub and it can grow up to 10 feet tall and wide too.

Hydrangea is a widely known evergreen shrub, and it has long-lasting blooms. There are various types of evergreen hydrangea shrub to go for, and it doesn’t require much to care for it. Smooth hydrangeas do not need moist soil need well-drained soil and full sun to prevent root rot.

3. Densa Japanese Yew (Taxus cuspidata)

Densa Japanese Yew
Source: Gardening Know-How

Densa Japanese is a dense type of shrub that turns reddish-green during winter, and it’s an excellent choice for both the garden and front lawn. This evergreen shrub can tolerate full shade and although it’s grown as a low shrub, it can be grown as a tree as well. They do great in full sun and thrive in well-drained soil.

This shrub needs to be watered regularly, but just like every evergreen shrub, it won’t do well in well-drained soil, and it needs to e pruned carefully. It bears small red seeds, but this is harmful to humans and pets when consumed.

4. Red Tip Photinia (Photinia × fraseri)

Red Tip Photinia Evergreen Shrub
Source: Guter Buden

If you want something more colorful, then the red tip photinia evergreen shrub can provide that. To care for this evergreen plant is quite simple, and it will thrive in sunny and partial shades. This shrub variety is characterized by its compact ability it grows fast.

This shrub is a hybrid between Photinia glabra and Photinia serratifolia. The red tip tends to turn green as it grows, but it is evergreen and keeps your front lawn beautiful.

5. Roses(Rosa)

Roses evergreen shrub
Source: MyDomaine

Shrub roses are not only the easiest type of shrub to plant, but they are evergreen and there are so many varieties for you to try. Roses are low maintenance, and they are ideal for adding some appeal to your front lawn if especially if you are planning to sell your house.

Roses often need pruning and lots of maintenance, but they are evergreen and once they start blooming, they will need spraying and fertilizer. But the efforts rewards you with colorful flowers from spring until frost.

6. Redosier Dogwood Shrub (Cornus sericea)

Redosier Dogwood Shrub
Source: BrighterBlooms

Redosier Dogwood shrub is a species of flowering plant, and it belongs to the Cornaceae family. This evergreen shrub is just as colorful and easy to care for as roses, although it can become invasive. Redosier is popular for its deep beautiful red stem and a compact habit as well.

This is a fast-growing shrub, and its white bloom in spring can add more beauty to your front lawn. This can grow up to 7 or feet tall and once a year printing is enough which makes it the perfect low maintenance evergreen shrub to go for.

7. Skip Laurel Evergreen Shrub (Prunus caroliniana)

Cherry Laurel Evergreen Shrub (Prunus caroliniana)
Source: Standard house design

Skip Laurel’s evergreen shrubs are really attractive, and they work for gardens and front lawn. This shrub provides a dense screen, and it’s an attractive shrub that can be used to create a hedge. It can be trained as a hedge or simply have it pruned as a gorgeous front lawn landscape.

8. Evergreen Hostas Shrub (Hosta)

Evergreen Hostas Shrub
Source: Flickr

Hostas shrub is a perennial plant, and it is an evergreen shrub with beautiful flowers. This evergreen shrub always looks good, and it also mixes well with other shades, so you can have it paired with other evergreen shrubs. It grows best in warm climates hence it will do well in zone 3 and 9. This evergreen perennial keeps its foliage all year round.

9. Colorful Azalea Shrub (Rhododendron)

Colorful Azalea Shrub
Image: @fishtailcottage // Instagram

Azalea is another colorful evergreen shrub to go for if you are not so into roses. This is a low-growing shrub and some varieties grow well in pots. It is also easy to care for and maintain. This is suitable for gardens and the front yard. Azalea shrub offers bloom in pink, orange, purple, red, white, and lavender.

This evergreen shrub grows best in well-drained soil with acidic content. Azalea is a flowering plant that belongs to the Rhododendron family, and it’s not cold tolerant, so you need to offer it protection during winter.

10. Dwarf Black Spruce (Picea mariana ‘Nana)

Dwarf Black Spruce
Source: Pinterest

Dwarf black spruce is a low-maintenance evergreen shrub, and you only need to trim back the new growth of the current season when you need to prune it. It’s a perfect choice if you don’t have the time to prune your front lawn shrub regularly. You only need to remove any dieback and maintenance is quite easy.

11. Sea Green Juniper Shrub (Juniperus chinensis)

Sea Green Juniper Shrub
Image: @greenshrubs // Instagram

Sea green juniper shrub can get as tall and 4 feet, and it’s another easy to care for evergreen shrub. This shrub tends to grow at a slow pace which also makes it suitable for your front lawn. This is a dance evergreen shrub and under ideal conditions, it can be expected to live for 30 years. Best planted in full sun location.

12. Little Giant (Dwarf arborvitae)

Little Giant
Image: @Littlegiant // Instagram

Little giant is considered small to other types of shrubs hence the name little giant. This evergreen shrub doesn’t need any major trimming or pruning since it naturally grows into a medium-sized shrub. It grows really slow too, it can grow up to 4 feet, but this will take 10 years.

13. Bird’s Nest Norway Spruce (Picea abies ‘Nidiformis)

bird's nest norway spruce
Source: Peter Hugh’s Landscape

Bird’s nest Norway spruce is another evergreen shrub and as the name implies, it does have a nest-like appearance. This evergreen shrub is quite a popular one, and it’s an excellent choice to compliment any yard design. It is easy to care for, but it’s a slow grower.

Bird’s next Norway spruce should be planted in moderately acidic and well-drained soil. This only needs care and moisture when it’s young, it tends to handle all conditions when it’s mature. It can be an accent or container shrub.

Wrapping Up

Front lawn landscaping has some interesting appeal to it, but it’s more interesting when it is adorned with one or more evergreen shrubs to make it more eye-catching.

Foundation plants add some modern and classic design to your home, this foundation plants can be shrubs, bushes, or dwarf trees. But evergreen shrubs provide you with all-year bloom which is why they are the much-preferred option for your front lawn.