Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Care: How Much Light And Sunshine?

Getting light is a very important thing to plants, especially houseplants. There is no end to how much we can talk about the need for our plants to get enough light.

Although there are plants that can be grown in low light/shade, they are few, when compared to their light-loving counterparts.

Fiddle leaf fig is one of the most loved plants to keep as houseplants, the plant is loved because it is aesthetically pleasing and it gives the tropical vibe wherever it is placed. However, the fiddle leaf fig can only stay beautiful as long as it is provided with all the requirements to grow healthily.

One of the essentials of the fiddle fig leaf’s healthy growth is light. The fiddle leaf fig takes its light business seriously and if you want to grow one in your home, you should take it seriously too.

While a lot of people see the need to keep this beautiful plant in the home, not many understand the lighting requirement of the plant. There have been questions raised concerning lighting for fiddle and we hope to answer them all in this article.

Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Love Sunlight?

Yes! The fiddle fig leaf fig loves light. This is evident in its natural habitat. The fiddle fig leaf is native to the tropical regions in Africa and there, the plant is exposed to a great amount of light throughout the day.

The fiddle leaf fig enjoys and thrives best in bright sunlight; however, the plant can tolerate filtered or indirect light. Preferably, it is recommended that the fiddle leaf fig is placed in an east-facing window, where it will get enough sun that will promote its health.

What Kind Of Light Does The Fiddle Leaf Fig Require?

The fiddle leaf fig requires bright, direct, or indirect light. In its natural habitat, the plant gets bright natural light; however, it is understandable that it may be hard to get natural light into the home for your plant.

In cases like this, the plant can tolerate artificial light, i.e. LED light, however, must be a low-heat producing LED.

Signs Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Needs More Light

Because of how important light is to the fiddle leaf fig, a dent in the amount of light it receives will tell on the health and overall look of the plant. There are indications that a fiddle leaf fig is not receiving enough light. They are as follows.

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig Getting Leggy

One of the most noticeable signs that your fiddle leaf fig needs light is that it becomes leggy; the leaves of the plant begin to grow and stay far from one another. A leggy plant is unattractive and is an indication that your plant needs light.

2. Slow Growth

The fiddle leaf fig is a fast-growing plant. However, the fiddle can begin to grow slowly if there is an obstruction in its care requirements, one of which is light. When you notice your plant isn’t growing as it should, then it is probably suffering from poor lighting.

3. Dull Spots

The fiddle leaf fig will show grayish spots all over it, once it has issues with lighting. You may not notice these spots from afar; however, close observation will help you identify them.

4. Yellow Leaves

Poor lighting can result in the yellowing of leaves for your plants, alongside other things such as lack of nutrients. Observe the amount of light your plant receives and adjust accordingly.

Results Of Too Much Light On Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Although lighting is important for your plant, they mustn’t receive it in excess. The following are signs that your plant may be receiving too much light

1. Sunburn

This is the most obvious sign that your plant might be getting excess light. Sunburn occurs as a result of too much light on your plant.

Your plant begins to have brown patches all around them. This especially occurs when your plant is placed in direct sunlight for a long time or if they are placed in the south or west-facing windows.

2. Fading

Fiddle leaf fig comes in dark green color, however, if you notice your plant is light green and not yellow or deep green, then your plant is sun-stressed. This can also occur when your plant is exposed to too much light. We recommend that you observe your plant and adjust accordingly.

A Few FAQs

Please let us know in the comments section if you have any more inquiries about your fiddle leaf fig plants and how much sunshine they need.

Can A Fiddle Leaf Fig Live In Low Light?

Surprisingly, yes! The fiddle leaf fig can live in low light, however, the plant may become leggy and become dull looking, however when they receive light, they become healthy again.

Can Fiddle Leaf Figs Grow In Low Light?

As regards growth, the fiddle leaf fid will not grow when it is placed in low light. This is because lighting has become an important requirement for the fiddle leaf fig; an absence of this will result in stunted growth, alongside other signs.

Do fiddle leaf fig-like LED lights? 

Yes! The fiddle leaf fig will grow well with an LED light. An LED light is an example of a grow light, which is used to grow plants indoors. Other examples of grow light include fluorescent; however, using LED for your fiddle leaf fig is better. This is because LEDs are more energy-saving and eco-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Lighting is an important aspect of the fiddle leaf fig and getting it right is essential to achieving a healthy, lush plant. Remember that the fiddle leaf fig will tolerate low light; however, they will not experience significant growth.

You can make use of artificial light during winter or if you live in a place with low light.

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