Is Fabuloso Toxic? (What You Should Know)

Is it safe to inhale or ingest fabulous? Does it pose any health hazard when I boil Fabuloso cleaning product to make my house smell fresh? Cleaning products such as fabuloso are made with chemical formulas that are not advisable for one to inhale, ingest, or boil on a stovetop.

Do you question if fabuloso is toxic? Although it states on the company’s website in the Fabuloso safety data sheet section that the cleaning product is not a hazardous substance or mixture, and the product doesn’t contain hazardous ingredients.

Experts recommend being careful when using any cleaning product, it is important to cover your nose and wear gloves. Should you have inhaled or ingested this product, you are advised to immediately move to a well-ventilated area or contact your local poison control center. 

Here’s an article that helps to identify how to make proper use of the Fabuloso cleaning product, whilst discussing if this product is toxic and what to do after inhaling or ingesting this product. 

Fabuloso In Your Toilet: The Risks & Everything You Should Know
Source: Apartment Therapy

What You Should Know About Fabuloso Cleaner 

The Fabuloso cleaning product is a multi-use cleaner that leaves surfaces, living areas, and facilities clean, fresh, and fragrant. This cleaning product is effective in removing tough stains, dirt, grease, or molds on any soft or hard surface. 

This is a fantastic product that offers a wide variety of cleaning solutions for your floors, bathroom, kitchen, restrooms, surface areas, and food service areas.

This product is great because it has no visible residue, thus there’s no need to rinse after application, it also applies during floor cleaning applications as well. 

How To Fabuloso Cleaner Effectively

Simply apply to the affected spot or surface and allow to stand for up to 5 minutes. 

  • For cleaning floors, mix 1/4 cup in a gallon of room temperature water and use clean generously.
  • For bathroom & walls, use a sponge or microfiber cloth and clean all surfaces, allow to stand for up to 5 minutes.
  • For fabrics, apply on a pre-moistened fabric and rub the area generously. It is best to test on a hidden area on the fabric first.
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Is Fabuloso Toxic?

Fabuloso is an all-purpose cleaning product, that is popularly known for its fresh scents like lavender, citrus, or ocean breeze.

Sometimes, we may use it for more than cleaning surfaces and spots around our home and have turned it into a local DIY home fragrance by boiling the product on a stovetop to make their home smell fresh. 

By doing so, we may inhale a substantial amount of chemicals vaporized into the air, which isn’t healthy for us as it could irritate people, especially with breathing problems like asthma and COPD. This is because cleaning products have chemicals in them that shouldn’t be boiled or ingested. 

Experts also advise to be some meters away when spraying the product on affected dirty or greasy spots, this is because the chemicals in the cleaning product can be lately inhaled when one is too close to the applicator. 

One is always advised to cover their nose and wear gloves when using Fabuloso and toe snide to properly wash their hands and body when done with the cleaning. 

Additionally, it is not advisable to take a cleaning product out of its original container, especially if it’s in a look-alike food container, as it may be mistaken for something edible. For instance, liquid cleaning products like Fabuloso could be mistaken for Kool-Aid or juice and a person could mistakenly drink it. 

Lastly, when cleaning products like Fabuloso are ingested or generously inhaled, it could cause stomach aches or a burning sensation in your esophagus, so it is explicitly advised not to ingest this product.

Also, should the product be removed from its original packaging, the new container should be labeled accordingly. 

Safety Procedures Should You Ingest Fabuloso 

The company’s website, under the section titled “First Aid Measures,” says that, if the product is accidentally inhaled, “you should to a well-ventilated area or a place with fresh air”. This is done to clear your system and lungs from any infection.

Also, experts don’t recommend using cleaners or chemical products for anything other than their intended use. Thus, instead of boiling Fabuloso on a stovetop to make your home smell nice, simmer water in a small saucepan and add citrus slices and herbs like lavender or mint. 

You can decide to make your fragrances, inside a bottle mixed with simmering water and dried apples or cinnamon sticks. other alternatives include placing candles around your home, clipping deodorizer to vents, spraying your home with air freshener, and placing plants like jasmine or eucalyptus in your home. 

Lastly, should you accidentally ingest Fabuloso cleaning product, you are advised to move to a well-ventilated area immediately, and contact your local emergency services, or your local poison control center. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How poisonous is Fabuloso?

Fabuloso is a household cleaning product that can cause minor gastrointestinal irritants when ingested and is unlikely to cause any major morbidity or mortality. 

Is Fabuloso safe for carpets? 

Fabuloso, which is a cleaning product used on different surfaces, also works especially well on carpets. You can use Fabuloso to treat carpet stains and return your carpet to a nearly new condition. Always remember to allow the carpet to dry completely before use. 

Is Fabuloso toxic to inhale? 

There are no adverse effects recorded when you accidentally inhale Fabuloso. Although it may cause skin irritation upon prolonged contact, cause eye irritation on direct contact with the eyes, or may cause stomach irritation when swallowed in large quantities.


Multi-use cleaning products such as Fabuloso are a simple solution to most cleaning difficulties in our homes, living areas, and facilities. Fabuloso has proven to be very effective in battling tough stains, grease, bacteria, and germs laying around on surfaces. 

However, experts advise being careful while handling cleaning products as they contain strong and sensitive chemical formulas. Remember to use your gloves, cover your nose, and stay away from inhaling the chemicals. 

Should you inhale a large quantity of the product or have ingested it, move to a safe, well-ventilated area immediately, and if you have any problems breathing, contact your local emergency center, or local poison control center.