10 Marjoram Companion Plants (How to Grow Marjoram)

Marjoram is a good friend to many garden plants. It is a warm, spicy herb that goes well with other herbs in dishes and the garden. It grows well with aromatic herbs and kiwi fruit. It can help other plants from in the garden and has a pest repelling attribute. 

This annual herb blends well with vegetables like eggplants, tomatoes, beans in dishes and on the patch as well. You will barely find it on the list of bad companion plants. It tastes like lemon and releases a flowery fragrance. 

Dried marjoram still retains its flavor and taste like dried bay leaves. You can pick the plant after its flowers. Unlike some herbs, marjoram will do well when you start cultivation indoors before transplanting.

It loves warm climates so when frost arrives, simply take the pot inside to avoid danger. Marjoram’s proximity to a plant endows the plant with pollinators and deters pests from it.

Marjoram comes in varieties of colors. Marjoram loves to grow in neutral soil yet it has a pack of flavorful nutrients. It does great when grown with stinging nettle. When planted with other fruit crops and vegetables only give them a flavor boost but never attract pests to them.

10 Best Marjoram Companion Plant

Find out how many garden plants will benefit from marjoram’s companionship.

1. Rosemary

Rosemary is an aromatic herb with a pungent scent. It can enhance the flavor of any crop grown with it. Although marjoram doesn’t get infested by pests, Rosemary also possesses pest repelling attributes. Grow plants that are always disturbed by pests with marjoram and rosemary herbs. 

2. Pumpkins

Pumpkin Companion Plants
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Cucurbits are good companion plants for marjoram. The taste of this vegetable can get better when you grow marjoram with it. Marjoram is one of the best herbs to situate close to your pumpkin plant. It will protect its leaves from being destroyed and help it retain its nutrients. 

3. Oregano 

This herb belongs to the same family as Marjoram. It can be confused with marjoram if care isn’t taken. Both plants have similar properties and will make a good pair in the garden. Grow them close to each other so they can benefit from each other symbiotically. 

3. Corn

Corn is vulnerable to aphids. It produces delicious fruits that are used for different purposes. Corn is versatile and can be used to prepare salads, can be eaten raw or cooked. The best way to protect this crop is by cultivating it with a pest repelling plant. Marjoram is a good plant to grow with corn. It will not only help in repelling aphids but will also enhance the taste of your corn. 

4. Eggplants

Eggplant Companion Plants
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Eggplant is also known as aubergines will benefit from the proximity of marjoram. Eggplant is plagued with aphids and spider mites that can destroy its beautiful purplish fruit. Situate some marjoram herb close to it. The scent will deter these pests from coming close to your eggplant. 

5. Onions

Onion is a natural pest repellent. However, marjoram can’t be infested by pests. It will benefit the onion by adding to its flavor. Onions will also benefit this herbaceous plant by enhancing its flavor too. Both plants are good companions for each other. 

6. Peas

Marjoram thrives in neutral but fertile soil. It will appreciate the presence of nutrient-fixing plants like peas. Peas is a cover crop that fixes nitrogen in the pool. It provides the soil with nutrients that marjoram will benefit from. It can also serve as a living mulch and help conserve moisture. Marjoram attracts pollinators to your peas too. 

7. Potatoes

Potatoes are a root crop. There are several nematodes and diseases that can infect potatoes in the soil. Potatoes can get infected with fungal diseases. Marjoram can’t protect potatoes from diseases but pests will be kept at bay. 

8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are susceptible to pests that suck up their juice. Protect your tomato fruit with marjoram close to it. It will repel aphids and other dangerous pests from destroying it.

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9. Thyme

Thyme is one of the best companion plants to grow in your garden. It boosts the flavor of other plants and repels pests from them using its strong scent. Marjoram enjoys being close to thyme as both plants are herbs and benefit each other in the garden. 

10. Squash

Squash belongs to the family of cucurbits. Cucurbits are susceptible to dangerous pests, squash bugs being the major pest amongst them. Marjoram is a natural pest repellent. It keeps these pests at bay and saturates your garden with a beautiful fragrance. Marjoram also attracts beneficial insects like pollinators to pollinate your flowers. 

Marjoram Companion Planting Guide

Marjoram is a Mediterranean herb that accompanies almost all garden plants like oregano, its cousin. It is a nutritious and flavourful herb to include in your dishes. Growing it isn’t as strenuous as planting oregano.

Although oregano is a low-maintenance crop and isn’t difficult to plant, some precautions have to be taken to ensure it comes out well. Carefully observe the few guidelines to follow to produce a great Marjoram herb. 

1. Choosing a site

  • It is important to know that Marjoram loves the company of full sun. It will thrive best in sunny areas 
  • Make sure the soil isn’t acidic or basic, it has to be neutral for your Marjoram to germinate
  • You can add or mix some manure or compost with your soil for quick germination
  • Adjust the soil pH to 6.7-7.0 pH.

2. Time to plant

  • Grow Marjoram during spring season before frost approaches.

3. Planting requirements and care

  • Bury seed at about a quarter-inch into the soil
  • Water the plant with an inch of water per week
  • Give your marjoram seedlings a spacing of 12 inches apart
  • Mix the soil with fertilizers or manure
  • Grow marjoram in pots if need be
  • Provide your marjoram with a mulch to conserve its moisture.

Can I put sweet marjoram in the same pot with other herbs?

Marjoram is the opposite of fennels. It goes well with many garden plants. Herbs like; Rosemary, Parsley, basil will companion well with this Mediterranean herb even in a confined spot. Sweet marjoram will improve the flavor of these herbs and give them a sweet taste in your planting them together.

What can you not plant near marjoram?

Marjoram can be planted with almost all garden plants. However, fennels, a plant that doesn’t go well with so many plants, can hinder the growth of marjoram by releasing some chemicals. This condition is known as allelopathy and fennel is allelopathic to so many garden plants. Although it keeps pests at bay from any pest-plagued plant, it won’t promote their growth as well as the growth of your marjoram. Also, avoid growing cucumbers and rue with marjoram. 

Can you plant marjoram with tomatoes?

Tomatoes need a flowering plant beside them to pollinate their flowers and increase the production of fruits. In a case where you are out of options, pick marjoram. Marjoram although an herb will boost the flavor of tomatoes. It will also deter aphids and other dangerous pests. Fungal diseases carried around by tomatoes will not infect your marjoram herb as its immune to diseases

Can marjoram be planted with other herbs?

Marjoram can be planted with varieties of herbs ranging from aromatic to the Mediterranean, and other kinds of herbs. Its proximity to these herbs will benefit them greatly. Marjoram is recommended for herbs like thyme, basil, rosemary.

What is marjoram good for in the garden?

It is a good companion for many garden plants. It deters pests from your garden plants and improves their yield.

Can marjoram be planted with basil?

Basil doesn’t go well with many herbs but marjoram is an exception. Marjoram blends well with basil in the garden and enhances its taste. It doesn’t compete with it for sunlight. Although basil requires more moisture than marjoram, their companionship is symbiotic.

What can you plant with zucchini?

Marjoram can be grown with zucchini if you want your zucchini plants to be pest-free. It will assist this vegetable plant in deterring pests that plague it. 

Can I plant marjoram with oregano?

Marjoram and oregano belong to the same family and can be considered cousins. Oregano has some similarities to marjoram. Oregano is barely found on the list of poor companion plants. It goes well with many garden plants and benefits them. It was received from them. The same applies to marjoram in the garden.


Will you like to have a plant that companions well with all plants in your garden? Then, marjoram is your best bet.

If you are confused about what plants to grow with any vegetable, herb, or flower in your garden, choose marjoram.

 Companion planting seems stressful for some gardeners because they will have to get new seeds for other plants, measure the spacing, and consider other factors. You can save yourself by growing marjoram, an herb that goes well with all garden plants. 

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