6 Cool Tricks To Get Brownies Out of Pan Neatly

Brownies are the easiest and most versatile treats to bake. Are you a brownie lover but mess up this delicious treat by not neatly getting them out of the pan? Have you researched many different recipes for baking your brownies, but are worried about trying them out due to pan disasters. 

Not to worry, just as brownies are easy to bake, they are equally easy to neatly remove from the pan. These cool easy tricks would help make your brownie baking or any type of baking experience, much easier with your treats coming out nice.

The key is doing a bit of prep work, this includes: greasing your baking pan with butter or baking spray, sprinkling in cocoa powder for extra grease, line your pan with parchment paper with a bit coming out of the pan on both sides for easy lifting and putting a wet towel underneath the pan to help cool it. 

Brownies are easy-loving desserts, that can be paired with ice cream, toppings, chocolate sauce, or with your cookies. Let’s help make your brownies come out fancy by reading through the article. 

Baking Great Brownies Starts With Using the Right Pan 

It is interesting to note that, you have to use the right-sized pan and the right type of baking pan, to have perfectly baked brownies, and to neatly remove them from your pan. 

1. The Right Sized Pan

t is recommended to use a pan that’s about 8-9 inches. Using bigger pan results in quicker baking and over-cooked brownies. Whilst using a smaller pan would result in under-baked brownies that would quickly stick to the pan. 

2. The Right Type Of Pan

It is most enjoyable to bake brownies using the metal aluminum 8×8 inch pan, the heat is distributed evenly with the center and outside baking at the same pace. You can use 9×9 inch non-stick pans but ensure to grease and use the baking spray before using.

Glass pans are not usually ideal to use when baking brownies unless there are greased and floured up very well. The brownies come out a little drier and cakey than moist/chewy, but some people prefer it that way. 

Methods to Getting Brownies Out Of Pots Neatly

Not to worry, there are quick and easy steps to get the brownies out of your pan neatly and without crumbling. They are your everyday steps when baking, let’s get into it.

1. Greasing Your Pan

Greasing up your pan is the most essential step after using the right sized and right type of pan. You have to grease the entire pan with either butter, cooking/baking spray, or shortening. 

2. Flour up Your Pan

With the non-stick pan or glass pans that need extra greasing, this method is solid. Sprinkle some flour or cocoa powder on the bottom of your pan, for the extra grease. Cocoa powder helps to add that chocolate flavor to your brownies so that’s a bonus. Shake off the excess into the sink, just an appropriate amount is needed. 

3. Line Your Pan with Parchment Paper

The next step is to cut out enough parchment paper and use it to line up your baking pan with enough sticking out at the ends. This helps to easily lift up your brownies without crumbling. 

4. Aluminum Foil as an Alternative

Well if you are out of parchment paper and you need to get a move on with baking your brownies, you can substitute it with aluminum foil. After spreading it out on the pan, use butter or baking spray for grease, pour out your batter, bake your recipe and pull the foil out after it has cooled for about 20 minutes. 

5. Allow Cool on Wet Towel

When your brownies are out of the oven, a nice trick is to wet a large towel and place your baking pan on it for about 30 minutes. This allows 

for cooling properly and for easy removal. Do not let it stay for long, for it would absorb too much moisture. 

6. Using Rubber Spatula to Remove Sticky Crumbs

Sometimes, you may be having a bad baking day and none of your tricks are working or you’ve omitted a step. Simply use a rubber spatula to remove sticky brownies or crumbs left from your baking pan. 

Extra Tip: When there’s a stubborn square out of the fold that refuses to budge out, or you forgot to grease your pan/ or didn’t grease it properly. You can alternate by using a stove burner on low heat, then place your pan for about a minute and let it heat. It works best if the pan was greased during prep up. 

6 Cool Tricks To Get Brownies Out of Pan Neatly
Image: @MPstockart via Twenty20

How To Jazz Up Sticky Brownies

Well, maybe you made a mess and your brownies were too sticky and came out all crumbled up. Do not fret, there are simple ways to revitalize your crumbled brownies and make them look all fancy and yummy. 

You can make a Brownie Fruit Dessert: Take broken pieces of your brownies and layer them up in a serving bowl. Add strawberries or any fruit of choice and add whipped cream on top. 

Additionally, you can also make them into; interesting truffles, or pair them up with ice cream,/ chocolate sauce, or brownie s’mores with your favorite filling, cream, or topping in between the sandwich. 

How to store my brownies? 

You can simply store your brownies in an airtight container and eat them later. They can be stored for about 2 days in an airtight container. 

Can I add nuts to brownies?

Yes, you can add nuts or toppings of your choice, ensure to chop into small pieces and disturb evenly. 

What’s the difference between brownies and chocolate bars?

Brownies are denser than chocolate bars, with more of a chewy texture. Chocolate bars are more crispy and contain chocolate or chocolate chips, while brownies are made from cocoa powder. 

Why are my brownies sticking to the pan? 

You didn’t grease them or didn’t apply enough grease on all corners of the pan. You should also sprinkle flour or cocoa powder, especially when using glass pans. 


Now you can enjoy your favorite dessert without it sticking to the pan, or crumbling.

Always remember to grease with butter or baking spray, add extra grease with flour or cocoa powder, line up with parchment paper and allow to cool on a wet towel before removing them. 

Serve up your brownies by cutting them with a bread knife or a plastic knife. Don’t forget your whipping cream, chocolate sauce, or fillings to give it a unique taste.