What To Do If Your “Macarons Aren’t Drying”

Macarons are delicious and sophisticated treats, that many people like to bake as dessert for special gatherings or events.

They are a much classier or unique-looking dessert than many common or standard pastries we eat. Thus, they are a bit trickier to make, if you are not experienced in baking them or it’s your first time baking them. 

Hence the common question, “What To Do If Macarons Aren’t Drying?” Humidity affects macarons from drying faster, i.e dry your macarons in a dry room that’s fairly cool, or on days that are not rainy, stormy, or humid. If you own a dehumidifier, they help macarons dry faster, or simply use a fan. Also, turn off the air conditioner and try letting in natural airflow into the room. 

Extra Tip: Bear in mind, to be patient when baking macarons. Sometimes, It takes over an hour for your macaron to dry properly, depending on the recipe.

When baking your macarons, the forthcoming question on your mind is, why aren’t my macarons drying and what to do about it? Continue reading to learn all about how to fix this common problem, also, you will be able to get much better results moving forward with baking macarons and they are going to taste better! 

What To Do If Macarons Aren’t Drying? 

Macarons are classy tasty dessert treats, that can help make your occasion look much more sophisticated. Macarons have various special varieties, and the most popular macaron flavors include; vanilla, raspberry, espresso, dark chocolate, green tea, caramel, or pistachio.

They are also nicely paired with tea, iced tea, ice cream, smoothies, or any juice of your choice. 

Although Macaroons are not necessarily easy to bake, that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Many people have issues with getting the macarons to form properly, some have troubles with the macarons cracking or the skin not drying properly. 

Why Your Macaron Aren’t Forming Properly

When baking your macarons, there could be some common mistakes or omissions made that may have prevented your macaron from drying perfectly, they include: 

1. You didn’t Follow the Recipe Thoroughly

It’s normal to omit some steps in baking or you are tired and you just want to rush over the necessary steps. It is advised that you follow all procedures to the letter when baking your macarons. You can always try out a new recipe if your usual recipe is not coming out well. 

2. Using a Fan-forced Oven

Try using a fan-forced oven for baking your macaron or if you don’t have one, then you should reduce the oven to a lower temperature. It would take longer to bake, but the macarons would come out baked better. 

3. Do not Use a Runny Batter

A runny or watery batter would not produce a well-done macaroon, therefore you should beat your egg whites thoroughly before imparting them to the batter. You need to also be mindful of how you fold your macaron batter and can watch videos on how to properly fold them.

4. Use Only Pure Icing Sugar

Many people/bakers tend to overlook this tip when baking macarons. Instead of using generic icing mixtures to decorate your macarons, it’s better to use pure icing sugars. Because they are simply made from powdered sugar that goes well with macarons. This simple change could help your macarons come out brilliantly so try this trick today! 

What To Do If Your Macarons Aren’t Drying? 

Now that you learned certain mistakes to avoid when baking your macaron, let’s discuss how to make your macaron dry properly for a better outcome. Always remember patience is the key to achieving a well-dried macaron, allow them dry for as long as they need.


1. Place The Macarons on Baking Sheets and Leave them Uncovered

Macaron recipes take different time duration to dry out, some take about 20-40 minutes, others about an hour or more. Some macaron recipes even indulge you in aging the batch by freezing them for about 2-3 days for a better result.

Therefore with every recipe check how long it would take to dry out. Also, with all the varying macaron recipes, ensure you leave the batch on baking sheets carefully and leave them uncovered when drying them. 

2. Dry them in a Dry but Fairly Cool Room

Yes, for your macarons to dry properly., do not omit this step. Your going to place your macaron in a room that’s dry with natural airflow so the room also becomes fairly cool. This step is why makes the macaron batter thickens and forms that doneness you’re looking for. In simple words, dry them at room temperature. 

3. Do not dry them in a Humid Room

Some bakers advise checking the weather forecast before baking macarons because they take a longer time to dry on a rainy, stormy, or humid day. The room is also important, do not dry your macaron in a cold or humid room, it would not produce the result you are looking for.

Additional Tip: If you own a dehumidifier or fan, they help to fasten the process of drying your macaron batch. Or instead buy a dehumidifier, if you are a lover of baking macarons regularly. 

What’s the difference between macarons and Macaroons? 

Both treats are made alike with sugar, egg whites, vanilla, and a pinch of salt, but the major difference is that: Macarons are typically made with finely blanched almonds while Macaroons are made with sweetened flakes of coconuts. 

How to know when the Macaron skin forms? 

Always check to see if the skin has formed by doing a light hand-touch test, you can carefully touch the macaroon and if the batter doesn’t stick to your hands, it’s ready to go!

Can I dry my Macaron in the fridge? 

Yes, some Macaroon recipes advise, the use of aging the macaron in the fridge or freezer for about 2-3 days before serving them up. This helps with not having to check them over and over again, it is also a suitable way of storing your macarons after they are done or the leftovers. 

How can I speed up my Macaron drying time? 

The safe means of drying your Macaron faster, is by using a dehumidifier or fan, ensuring the blast is not too high and the equipment is at a safe distance, this step helps if you are in a hurry to serve up your macarons.


Macarons are a special dessert treat and they are worth every step and effort it takes into making them. This article has helped you identify cautionary steps to take when baking your macarons and solution tricks to assist you in drying out your macarons better.

Ensure you pay attention to every step of baking this delicious treat and when you do, you should get the desired result you need when serving them up.