Blanched Vs Unblanched Almond Flour For Macarons

Is blanched almond flour better than unblanched for making macarons? Almond flour happens to be the main ingredient in macaron hence it’s important to go with the best option.

The main difference between Blanched almond flours and unblanched almond flours is that blanched means the almond skin has been removed while unblanched has its skin intact before being processed into almond flour, ultimately this means Blanched almond flour is the better option for making macarons to get a smooth texture.

Macaron is a meringue-based cookie made from whipped eggs and a mixture of powdered sugar and almond flour is folded into it. However, almond flour is an important ingredient in making macarons but there has quite a lot of questions on if the best one to use is the blanched almond flour or the unblanched one.

The blanched almond flour is used for quite a lot of cooking and baking, unlike the unblanched almond flour.

If you are contemplating making macarons then understanding the difference between these two types of almond flour is important. So before making those macarons, find out which one you ought to be using.

Tips For Making Great Macarons

There are lots of basic ways macarons can be made and keep in mind that almond is one of the essential ingredients in it.

Macarons might e dainty cream-filled cheese we can’t help but enjoy and they are not necessarily healthy but they contain fewer calories compared to other baked goods like cupcakes. Below are tips and qualities for creating a good macaron.

  • Ensure to follow the recipe exactly the way it is written, do not skip any ingredient. This is vital if you want to create the same texture and flavor
  • Measure the ingredients by weight and not volume
  • To avoid crappy macaron, use the oven temperature
  • Make sure there is no oil residue left in your bowl before using it
  • Sift the almond flour and confectioners sugar
  • Release any bubbles and don’t over macaronage, which means not to work the batter until everything is incorporated
  • Allow it to sit in the fridge overnight before eating. This will intensify the flavor and slightly soften the texture too.

Blanched Vs Unblanched: Which Almond Flour Is Best For Macarons?

Blanched almond flours are the perfect options for making any kind of macaron. With blanched almond flour, the skin of the almond has been peeled before it was grounded and the speckles in color won’t ruin the color of your macaron.

Using blanched almonds for macaron also produces a smooth batter texture. However, both have many health benefits and uses in the kitchen.

The reason blanched almond is much better for making macarons is that it helps produce smoother and lighter pastries. Both blanched almond and unblanched flour are great for baking and can be used to add a savory taste to dishes as well.

In conclusion, both will work for making macarons but with blanched almond flour, a smooth velvet macaron is guaranteed. Check out the list of The Best Almond Flours For Macarons.

What can I do with unblanched almond flour?

There are so many things you can do with unblanched macaron and you may have come across different recipes as well. But due to the heavier weight and red-brown color, the most popular things you can do with unblanched almonds include: baking all kinds of cakes, desserts, and cookies, and can be used to enhance the flavor of dishes as well.

Why does almond flour not rise?

Almond flour is denser compared to other gluten-free flours however it can still hold together and give you the same result unless you are using the coarser almond meal. Almond meals can also be referred to as unblanched almond flour. Note that there is no gluten in almonds hence they won’t rise properly but there are lots of methods that can be used to make them rise and help the dough bind.

Is blanched almond flour better?

Blanched almond is not better than unblanched almond when it comes to health benefits but in terms of baking, blanched almond is considered better. Blanched almond is loved for its smooth, fine, and fluffy texture and since it’s white in color, it blends nicely with the appearance of your dish. Due to the heavier weight of unblanched almond flour, it can e difficult for people with digestive problems to digest too.

Can you use blanched almond flour on keto?

Almond flour specifically is a perfect replacement for flour in a keto diet. You shouldn’t hesitate to use blanched almond in your keto dishes, it is filled with numerous nutrients however if you do not mind the tiny brown flecks in unblanched almond flour then it can also be used in any keto dishes.

Final Thoughts

Almond flour generally is a popular choice for many on gluten-free and keto diets. It is incredibly nutritious and although blanched almond flour and unblanched do not have the same texture, they offer the same benefits.

The two flour have the same ingredients, one with skin intact and the other having the skin removed. So, if you don’t mind tiny flecks and a chewy taste in your macaron then both flours are worth trying.

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