Where to Find Crystals In Your Backyard (2022)

Have you ever wondered where you can find crystals? Surprisingly, these gemstones are not only found in mountains, there are a good number of places you are likely not to consider but crystals can be found there and one common place to look is your backyard. There are various types of crystals and minerals, so identifying them is difficult.

The term crystal is widely used in describing rough or polished rocks, tumbled stones, or minerals. Typically, crystals are supposed to be found in rocky places like the mountains and when it comes to locating a specific crystal, it is region dependent.

Nearly every piece of rock found on Earth is made from minerals while crystals are the outer form of a mineral order or arrangement which includes atoms, ions, or molecules. There are quite a lot of misconceptions about crystals and one vital one is based on where they can be found.

Many people consider crystals to be found in far-off lands or grown in jewelry laboratories but it tends to vary, it can be naturally occurring precious gem like quartz or everyday substance like snowflakes or salt crystal.

Where you find crystals is going to depend on where you live however below the place you find them in your backyard.

Types Of Crystals You Can Find In Your Backyard
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Fiona Storey

Types Of Crystals You Can Find In Your Backyard

Before you go searching for all kinds of crystals in your yard, note that there are specific types that you are likely to find. When we hear of crystals, colored materials are often what come to mind but it’s not the only type of crystal.

Your geographical location also plays many roles in the kind of crystal you will find. To guide your search, below are the types of crystals you can find in your backyard.

Types Of CrystalsCharacteristics/Color
AgateWhite, gray, red, lilac, brown, pink, yellow, black
TopazOrange, blue, green, orange, red, pink, and yellow. It occurs in large crystals.
AmethystRich purple shade
ObsidianBlack, green, tan, and occasionally brown
QuartzCitrine is yellow, purple, pink, and white. Cool glassy appearance.
OpalGray, black, brown, white, yellow
TourmalineBlack, bluish black, deep brown
PeridotYellow-green to blue-green, variation of greens. It’s a relatively abundant precious stone.

Where to Find Crystals In Your Backyard

The most widely found crystal stone across the United States is the Quartz crystal. So if you do live in regions like Arkansas in the USA or Brazil, this should be the perfect one to look for in your yard. Crystals can be sitting right in your backyard but you might not see them on the surface crystals so you might need to hunt for them.

Crystals can be discovered anywhere on your landscape and not in dirt alone but in a rocky environment so the first place you should start digging is around rocky places in your yard. If you have water like a creek, river, or Oceanside near your property, it’s another place that has the potential for finding crystals.

To search for crystals near rocks in your yard, use your sifter with a pan to search through pebbles. You should bring a pickaxe along in case you have to chip away at any hardened rocks.

Generally, places that have their soil built or dug up have high chances of having crystals which is why your backyard is the place to search. When it comes to finding crystals in your yard, it all depends on luck and the area you live in so find out what crystals are popular in your area first before searching.

Where is The Best Place to Find Crystals?

Crystals tend to form through a process called the hydrothermal process. The formulation takes place beneath the ground and can be brought to surfaces sometimes near hot springs locations which can explain why they can be found in some backyards.

The common type of crystals you will in rocks or anywhere near water are agate, opals, and amethyst. If you can’t find crystals in your yard, here is the list of places you can be sure to find crystals in the backyard.

  • Emerald Hollow Mine, North Carolina
  • Jade Cove California
  • Craters of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas
  • Wegner Quartz Crystal Mine, Arkansas
  • Graves Mountain, Georgia
  • Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine, North Carolina
Where to Find Crystals In Your Backyard
Photo: Croppy Peace Sign / Wikimedia Commons.

Tools And Methods For Finding Crystals

While you might get lucky and find crystals lying around in your yard, you might also need to do some digging to find some or more. Crystals can be mixed up in the gravel or found within a rock area however you will need some methods and tools to find them.

Below are the basic tools you will need to find crystals:

  • Tweezers – This is for picking up crystals that can be hard to pick with your hand or if they look rough around the edges.
  • Garden Spade/Shovel – For exploring and digging for dirt.
  • Pickaxe – T-shaped tool for prying the soil.
  • Trowel – For digging deeper into the soil.
  • Classifier – This is for removing small gems, it is used to sift out smaller pieces of crystal stones from the larger stones and also remove unwanted debris.

Cleaning And Storing Of Your Crystals

Finding your crystal is not the only thing you have to consider but cleaning and storing is of importance as well. Use fiber cloths to wipe off the dirt before placing it in a container or clean with a gem cloth if you have one.

Rub the stone gently between your fingers to clean off any dirt, dust, line, or oil and some might need to be sanded by a professional jeweler if it looks dull.

If you are looking to have crystals displayed throughout your home, it’s only ideal to have it cleaned properly. To identify your crystals, you should make references to a book or the internet to help you.

Crystals can be very fragile hence why you have to store them carefully. Treating them with love and care is quite essential and exposing them to prolonged sunlight can cause them to fade. So, store it in a pouch or wrapped in a silk scarf.

Wrapping Up

Early historical notes show that crystals were and are used for healing in traditional Chinese healing which makes it even more worth finding. Crystals are not just great for making Jewelry but as stated earlier, they are used in practices for their metaphysical properties.

Lastly, if you have any limestone deposits nearby then it’s where you should consider searching for your crystals or gemstones first.

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