Can You Microwave A Pizza Box?

Can I microwave cold or leftover pizza in its container? Pizza is one of the most commonly purchased and eaten fast food in the world, because it’s affordable, filling, and convenient to buy. 

With this said convenience; do you simply want to fix your pizza box in the microwave, reheat and just eat it after a long day. Let’s find out if safe to microwave your pizza in its pizza box. 

Yes, pizza boxes can be microwaved. However, the box should be heated at a low degree for 30 seconds under supervision. Pizza boxes are generally made of corrugated cardboard that is made of recycled materials and paper layers merged together, to make them very strong and burn-proof. 

Here’s a simple write guide, on how to microwave your pizza box and the safety factors to keep in mind while microwaving a pizza box.

How to Microwave A Pizza Box

Pizza is one of the most purchased food in the world, with over 30 million purchased daily across the world and over 3 billion yearly. The high rate of pizza purchases also directly increased the demand for pizza boxes.

With this, pizza boxes are made so strong that they can withstand the heat from the microwave and they do not contain toxins that could lead to a fire incident. The corrugated cardboard allows air to pass into the pizza ensuring longer heat retention.

When microwaving a pizza box, ensure the temperature and time of the microwave wave should be set at a temperature low enough so the pizza box can withstand the heat. 

Can You Microwave A Pizza Box?
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Pizza boxes should be safely heated at 140-150 °F while the pizza itself can maintain heating of 200 °F. This way, you won’t have to be concerned about the boxes igniting at such a low temperature.

Lastly, microwaving a pizza box longer than 1 minute is not advisable, because pizza boxes are made from recyclable materials, that if heated for too long can absorb steam and explode or become flammable.

Thus, it’s best to heat on low degrees for a short period of time. 

Factors To Consider When Microwaving A Pizza Box

Here are some key things in mind when microwaving your pizza box.

1. The Temperature

Considering the temperature at which the microwave is set is very key in deciding if the pizza box will be safe or it will be harmful. If the temperature is set at the lowest the pizza box can withstand it but when set very high it could be harmful leading to the destruction of the pizza box and the pizza itself and could go as far as causing a fire incident.

2. The Pizza Box

The quality and how strong pizza boxes are made differently. Some pizza boxes are made very light while others are made strong. Check that the pizza box is firm enough to handle the heat radio from the microwave, if not, opt for a paper plate or a microwave-safe plate instead. 

3. Safety Procedures

Be sure your pizza box isn’t wet or has moisture when reheating in the microwave, as this could lead to a steam explosion. Always remember to microwave the pizza box under supervision, and be quick to turn off the microwave when you hear a spark. 

4. Timing

The timing of the microwave is also key as there’s a limit to which the pizza box could take the heat and pressure from the microwave. Microwaving a pizza box should take seconds, anything above seconds getting to a minute could make the pizza box get burnt.

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5. Type of Box

The type of box from which the pizza box is made is key. A pizza box made from corrugated cardboard has proven to be very efficient and preserves the pizza in the microwave. Pizza boxes made of parchment papers are also safe to be used in the microwave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you heat up a pizza box? 

Yes, you can heat the pizza box by placing it in the microwave and heating it under low heat for about 30 seconds under supervision.

Can you microwave a frozen pizza box?

Simply take the pizza out of the freezer and remove all packaging, allow it to thaw, then place it on a microwave-safe plate or paper plate, and set it to heat up at intervals.

Can you put a cardboard food box in the microwave? 

Yes, you can microwave food in a cardboard box, however, you must do it for a short period under supervision. This simply means reheating has to be done for a limited time. 


To a reasonable extent microwaving a pizza box is safe if it is under due supervision. i.e. It isn’t left in the microwave for long unlike when we are microwaving our other food in plastic.

Depending on the kind of pizza box it is necessary to check the label to be sure the pizza box has been put in the microwave to be on the safer side.