Can You Microwave Undercooked Chicken?

Can I microwave undercooked chicken or raw chicken? Undercooked chicken usually still looks dense and jiggly, it’s the type of chicken that still needs to be cooked better. Most times, it has this shiny appearance and is slightly rubbery.

With the convenience that the microwave offers, do you simply want to finish up the cooking of the undercooked chicken with the use of the microwave, or just reheat it for preservation? Let’s find out if safe and healthy to microwave undercooked chicken in the microwave.

Yes, Undercooked chicken can be microwaved. There’s no problem with microwaving undercooked chicken as long as you remember, it is not the same as reheating a cooked one, you must make sure the chicken reaches an internal temperature of at least (165 °F) to kill the food-borne bacteria in the chicken.

Here’s a simple write guide on how to microwave your undercooked chicken and some safety procedures.

Is It Safe To Microwave Undercooked  Chicken? 

Chicken is one of the most popular, versatile proteins around, it is healthier white meat to consume than red meats like beef or lamb. Considering it has less saturated fat, making it an easy everyday protein source for many people in the U.S. and beyond.

Undercooked chicken is more like a raw chicken that needs to be cooked better, microwaving it is not a bad idea, it saves you the time and energy normally required to prepare a meal.

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Leaving an undercooked chicken out overnight is not a good idea, instead, take it to the microwave to finish up the cooking because any bacteria present would not have been destroyed. So, it is safe to partially microwave it immediately before the next process of cooking. 

While microwaving undercooked chicken, there are a few things you can do to ensure a yummy final dish. But you should take note that it is impossible to get the crispy golden skin associated with roast chicken in the microwave, instead, you’ll achieve a pale-like and rubbery texture.

How To Microwave Undercooked Chicken

If you are set on microwaving undercooked chicken, it might be cooked in certain parts while other parts may remain undercooked. So, you have to be very careful how you place the chicken in the microwave.

Step By Step Guide: On Microwaving Undercooked Chicken

1. Prepare the chickenplace them in a container or the microwaveable dish to get started.

2. Place the chicken in the microwave: place the chicken in a microwave-safe dish. place the largest places on the outside of the dish to ensure that it is fully cooked. Add half a cup of water to the inside of the microwave.

3. Next, cover the dish lightly:  with a lid to allow for breathing and avoid an explosion if the pressure builds up in the pot as it cooks.

4. Cook the chicken in the microwave: do this, on medium heat for 5-8 minutes per pound. Because microwaves cook at different rates, you’ll need to keep an eye on the chicken to ensure it cooks very well.

5. Turn the chicken to the other side of the dish: to turn the chicken, carefully remove the dish from the microwave and use a spoon or tongs to flip the uncooked side of the breast to the bottom of the dish.

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6. Be safety-cautious: to prevent your fingertips from being burned, don’t touch the hot dish with bare hands. Instead, take the dish off the stove and set it on the counter using a kitchen towel. Place the chicken back in the microwave for another 6-8 minutes.

7. Check the internal temperature with a food thermometer: it is important to ensure that your microwaved chicken has reached a safe minimum internal temperature by using food thermometer. That is if you’re microwaving the chicken unsliced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to partially cook chicken and then finish later? 

No, it is advisable, to never brown or partially cook the chicken to refrigerate and finish cooking later because any bacteria present, wouldn’t have been destroyed. However, it is safe to partially pre-cook or microwave chicken immediately before transferring it to the hot grill to finish cooking. 

Why is my chicken raw in the middle? 

If the heat is too high when frying or cooking chicken if the heat is too high, the result would be a burnt exterior and an undercooked interior. Getting the perfect cooking temperature is key. 

How long should you microwave cooked chicken? 

You can reheat your chicken for 2-5 minutes, flipping the sides once. If it’s a single serving, begin reheating for 1.5 minutes. However, if it is a large serving start reheating with 2-3 minutes of microwaving under supervision. 


To a reasonable extent, microwaving undercooked chicken is safe, if it is under supervision as well as following the proper procedures.

It is one of the easy ways to get your undercooked chicken prepared in a short period.

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