Are Chipotle Bowls Microwave-Safe?

After a healthy portion of the satisfying goodness, chipotle meal bowls offer; there are leftovers, and you want to quickly reheat them for the next day. So you’re wondering if chipotle bowls are microwave safe? Will the bowl still be as delicious if you microwave it the next day, let’s find out. 

Yes, you can reheat the meals contained in your chipotle bowl the next day. However, the chipotle bowl containers do not microwave safe. Although the original packaging is made of compostable material and looks microwave safe, it cannot withstand the radio heat from the microwave, as the container may melt and transfer harmful chemicals into your chipotle meal dish. 

The chipotle bowl is the best dish to have since it’s affordable, packed with all necessary nutrients, tasty and you get more portions. Now, when there’s a chipotle bowl left over and you want to reheat it, continue reading for a simple guide on how to do so.

Can I Microwave My Chipotle Bowl? 

Are Chipotle Bowls Microwave-Safe?
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The chipotle bowl is famous for people that love burritos without a tortilla pairing, it’s an enticing burrito bowl filled with food options like rice, beans, veggies, and other binding ingredients in a disposable bowl. 

As chipotle bowls are packed with food options, it’s normal to have leftovers you want to eat at dinner time or the next day. Leaving many persons wondering if it’s safe to microwave the meal dish in its original bowl packaging.

Although chipotle bowls are disposable bowls and safe for the environment, that doesn’t necessarily mean, they withstand heat pressure. 

Some people believe you can microwave chipotle bowls without their aluminum lid, as putting metal objects in the microwave can lead to fire, whilst others suggest using a microwave-safe container instead. 

However, sticking to the side of caution and eating a healthy meal that won’t have chemicals transferred into it, it is better to not use the chipotle bowl’s original packaging, and opt for a container built for a microwave. 

In summary, most chipotle bowls can’t hold the heat from the microwave radio, and many food experts advise the use of microwave-safe containers instead. The best way to confirm this is to check if there’s a label on the container that states microwave-safe or check the manufacturer’s website for more information. 

How to Safely Reheat A Chipotle Bowl 

Reheating a meal with convenience is made possible by using the microwave. It is also safe to establish that the meals contained in a chipotle bowl can be microwaved and still taste good afterward. Now, let’s guide you on how to do this with ease; 

1. Remove All Toppings

Start with removing toppings that won’t retain their original form when microwaved or reheated, these are simply sauces, fresh veggies like sour cream, guacamole, salsa, lettuce, etc. This simply means you’d most likely be reacting rice, beans, meat, or tofu. 

2. Transfer To A Microwave-Safe Container

The next step is to transfer the remaining meal contents after you’ve removed all fresh veggies into a microwave-safe plate or container, as this can withstand the heat radio of a microwave till you achieve your desired temperature.

3. Cover The Microwave-Safe Plate

Now you cover the microwave-safe container with a microwaveable lid or Saran Wrap, then set the microwave to medium and reheat for one minute. 

4. Check The Meal

Simply stir the contents of the meal, if you notice the dish has heated well or any cold areas are still left, put it back in the microwave and reheat it for 15 seconds, and continue the process until you’re satisfied with the result. 

using the microwave
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5. Final Step

This is to transfer the dish back to a plate or good dish bowl of your choosing, and back the topping and ingredients, you removed earlier. 

Chipotle bowls are enjoyable because they are versatile, so after you’re done reheating the main food options, you can revitalize your dish and add new ingredients of your choosing, or swap some ingredients you don’t like. The rule is to enjoy your chipotle bowl as you prefer. 

Additional Ways to Reheat Chipotle Bowls

If you don’t have a microwave or the one you got is faulty, no worries. There are Igwe suggested safe ways you can reheat your chipotle bowl and still enjoy the same goodness; Here are two-way options to do so; 

1. Heating With an Oven

Although reheating the chipotle bowl in the oven might take a bit longer, it is a better way option as the result your dish comes back thoroughly and evenly heated, while still retaining its delicious taste from last time. 

Here’s an easy guideline to follow;

  • Similar to the microwave method, start with removing all fresh ingredients or toppings from the chipotle meal dish. 
  • Preheat the oven to the temperature of 350 °F.
  • Transfer the chipotle meal dish to an oven-safe dish 
  • Cover with desired foil and heat the meal for about 10-15 minutes, stir and check, or if needed be reheated again until your liking 
  • Remove safely from the oven, and transfer back to a dish bowl of your choice
  • Add back old topping, or new desired topping, as you wish. 
  • Then enjoy your reheated chipotle dish! 

2. Heating With Skillet or Pan On the Stovetop

Using a pan on the stovetop is another medium to safely reheat your chipotle bowl and still enjoy a delicious result. What makes it even better is that you can revitalize the dish and make a makeshift burrito with the leftover, after having the chipotle bowl style, the first time. Let’s show you how: 

  • Same as before, start by removing all fresh ingredients or toppings, that become soggy after being heated. 
  • Preheat the pan or skillet on medium, then back to low heat.
  • Then, add little butter or a coating of cooking spray to the bottom of the pan 
  • Wrap the remaining food contents in a tortilla wrap (optional), transfer onto the skillet, and heat for 2-4 minutes. 
  • Check that the wrap or the food contents are heated evenly and thoroughly, then place in a new bowl.
  • Lastly, enjoy your heated dish with toppings or any fresh ingredients of your choice.


Chipotle bowls are healthy dish options for everyone’s diet, however when you have a chipotle bowl left over, do not heat the dish with its original packaging, as this may melt or transfer harmful chemicals to the dish.

Instead, transfer the meal into a microwave-safe container and reheat it in the microwave, oven, or skillet, following the guided instructions mentioned above.