Can You Microwave Yogurt? (Guide)

Although yogurt is usually preferred cold, do you need to heat your yogurt, or does the cooking recipe call for it? Let’s find out if yogurt can be microwaved. 

It is better to enjoy yogurt cold and not microwave it. However, for cooking proposes, or you’re trying out a new recipe, you may need to heat the yogurt. With this, you can microwave yogurt in a low heat setting, and for about 20 seconds. 

Although microwaving yogurt can curdle the milk and kill off the good bacteria that aid digestion, we still get curious if yogurt can be microwaved. This article will discuss it yogurt can be microwaved and what happens when you try it. 

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Is It Safe To Microwave Yogurt?

Yogurt is an enjoyable savory drink, popular for its versatility and packed with numerous proteins, vitamins, and probiotics. Although yogurts are not usually served warm, the three types of yogurt (regular, Greek, or frozen yogurt) are microwave safe also. 

There are some useful tips to remember when microwaving yogurt; you have to be present to monitor it during the healing process, also it’s best to allow frozen yogurt to thaw before heating it in the microwave, to achieve better results.

Can You Microwave Yogurt?
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It is still worth noting that yogurt frozen or cold, still retains all necessary proteins, and vitamins and can be enjoyed as is. 

Yogurts are advised not to be microwaved unless necessary because, it contains good living bacteria called active cultures, that are killed off along with their digestive health benefits, during the heating process. Also, high heating changes the thick fatty consistency of yogurt to semi-liquid. 

General Guidelines For Microwaving Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains higher proteins, fatty consistency, and proteins, and is more likely to overly curdle or separate when heated or microwaved. Thus, it is generally advised to opt for regular or frozen yogurt when eating yogurt. 

Here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind when you want to microwave yogurt;

1. Use Microwave Safe Containers

This step helps to protect and shield the yogurt from the heat blast in the microwave. Although yogurts come with packaged bottles or containers, use ceramics or microwave-approved containers instead.

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2. Portion Control

If it’s your first time microwaving yogurt, do a test run and observe how the results come out. If you’re okay with the taste and its consistency, you can opt to do more. Also, it’s better to do limited portions at a time, to discourage uneven melting, and for better results.

3. Timing

Yogurts do not need to be heated for long, an average of 15-20 seconds on a low heat setting, is enough to warm your yogurt. However, if it’s not to your satisfaction, you can heat it again for an extra 10 seconds. 

4. Pay Attention

Yogurt doesn’t take long to be heated, it is best to present as you microwave your yogurt, that way you can observe the process and ensure nothing goes wrong. 

5. An Alternative Option

Instead of microwaving yogurt, you can mix them up with already warm sauces, soups, or dishes for warmth, extra thickness, and richness to your diet. 

Greek yogurt
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Frequently Asked Questions

 Is yogurt still healthy when cooked?

Yes, it is. Some nutritional benefits of yogurt used in cooking will be retained after cooking, although some vitamins may be destroyed by heating.

How do you heat yogurt without curdling?

To heat yogurt, without it, curdling can be done by placing small portions in the microwave to avoid uneven heating, and heating for about 20 seconds at intervals. Also, you can simply stir it into an already warm sauce, drink or dish, for heating up.

Why do people cook with yogurt?

The enzymes in yogurt help break down proteins, which tenderize meat or fish. Also, yogurt helps to add extra healthy richness, flavor, or thickness to your meal or diet.


Yogurt is a sweet or savory drink that is enjoyed by all age groups. It is versatile and can be added to your drinks, smoothies, and dishes, or taken as a stand-alone.

However, we want to enjoy warm yogurt instead of cold or frozen and are curious about what happens when you microwave yogurt or is it healthy.

Yes, yogurts can be microwaved. It is also safe and healthy to do so, just bear in mind to microwave small portions in a microwave-safe container, and heat it on low setting for about 20-30 seconds for excellent results.